IE8 will use Ajax navigation technology-HTML5

Introduction Ajax ---- "Asynchronous JavaScript and XML" (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a web page development technology used to create interactive web applications. One of the development directions of IE, the version evolved from IE8

Ajax toolkit Control Learning Series (5) -- Use of calendarextender

  Toolkit provides us with a very beautiful calendarextender, and we can also customize its display style through CSS. Today, I will briefly learn how to use this control. Check the effect first. First, you are prompted to enter the

Jquery mobile Chinese manual Ajax development edition-initialization

Initialization Jqm automatically initializes the default configuration items during loading, so that we do not need to spend a lot of time learning and configuring these parameters, greatly improving the development efficiency. However, in some

Ajax toolkit Control Learning Series (9) -- popupcontrolextender

The example is still simple. textbox and related controls are used. After you Click Textbox, a panel is displayed with three linkbuttons. I don't think it's good for me. It makes me feel like dropxxxextender. In general, it is a bit similar. Not

Experience the new Ajax toolkit control: autocompleteextender

The autocompleteextender control, fixed name setting, can help the Textbox Control to automatically input, such as Attributes of the autocompleteextender control:1. targetcontrolid: ID of the control that will be

Ajax toolkit Control Learning Series (10) -- alwaysvisiblecontrolextender is always visible

The alwaysvisiblecontrolextender control can be used for advertising. Those annoying websites always add links to images we don't like, and always appear in areas we don't like. Of course, in that old age, only a bunch of troublesome JavaScript

Ajax toolkit Control Learning Series (13) -- filteredtextboxextender controls Input

This control is used to filter and control the content to be input by textbox. Filter according to your needs. You can customize them, or use the defined method. See the results. The effect is not very prominent. Note that only uppercase

Jquery Ajax () method summary

Definition and usage The Ajax () method loads remote data through an HTTP request. This method is implemented by jquery underlying Ajax. For easy-to-use high-level implementation, see $. Get, $. Post, and so on. $. Ajax () returns the created

Ajax toolkit Control Learning Series (14) -- scriptmanagerproxy

Usage: When masterpage or custom control is available Reason for use: a page has only one scriptmanager. If masterpage or custom usercontrol is used, multiple scriptmanagers may exist on the page after the page is introduced, which is not allowed.

Ajax toolkit Control Learning Series (1) -- Environment Configuration

  Today, codeplex saw a good open-source Ajax project. Let's take a look. I found that many Ajax statements are required. So I plan to review the relevant content and summarize the previous knowledge. To put it bluntly, let alone the ins and

Ajax toolkit Control Learning Series (2) -- a test of confirmbuttonextender

After ajaxtoolkit is successfully installed, a simple example is provided to verify whether the installation is successful. First read the results. The confirmbuttonextender control is a pop-up window that controls other controls. It must

Jquery implements Ajax timed partial page refresh

From time to time, I need a mechanism to constantly refresh the webpageProvideA Real-time dashboard.If I can only refresh a part of a specific page, it will be very large. For example, the traffic light on the dashboard shows the system status. It

Ajax toolkit Control Learning Series (3) -- textboxwatermarkextender

Textboxwatermarkextender controls a textbox. You can set CSS to change the style. For example, it looks like at the beginning, and it looks like after the input. Before the data is processed, the default attribute value is controlled. When the

Ajax toolkit Control Learning Series (7) -- hovermenuextender

The hovermenuextender control can be triggered when a linkbutton or textbox is suspended. Check the effect first. At first, the system prompts you to enter a textbox for the user name. Then, This control is triggered when you move the

Ajax toolkit Control Learning Series (6) -- use autocompleteextender

I wonder if you have noticed that when you enter a letter or a Chinese character at the beginning of googel or other search engines, there will be subsequent prompts. Of course, I do not dare to rashly guess the technology used by Google, but today

Jquery's Ajax program is simple

An example of understanding Ajax, JSON, and ashx is that when you enter the user name, it is very simple to compare the request page. However, it allows beginners to better understand Ajax in query. Javascript: Javascript Code function

Ajax toolkit Control Learning Series (15) -- roundedcornersextender

Roundedcornersextender enables the panel to be rounded around the corner. You can define the color and background color of the Panel, and define the circle angle. You can customize the parameters as needed. Let's take a look at the results first.

Performance optimization methods that can be attempted for Ajax without refreshing new pages

Ajax does not refresh new pages. It is already a familiar thing, probably because there is a js method on the Web Front-end page to request the paging data interface on the server through Ajax, after obtaining the data, create an HTML structure on

Ajax toolkit Control Learning Series (12) -- passwordstrength as its name

I think you will be prompted about the strength of your password when you enter your password in some forums or when a website needs to change your password. The Ajax control also has something to implement this function, namely passwordstrength.

Ajax toolkit Control Learning Series (4) -- two panel-related controls

It mainly refers to the usage of two dropxxxextender under the name. Let's look at the effect first. In the above example, A textbox is in a panel, while dropshadowextender controls the panel, so targetcontrolid is indispensable.

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