IIS ASPnet HTTP compression and Ajax

Recently, I am working on the IIS ASPnet project, which requires a high access speed on the homepage. By configuring the apppool, You can effectively improve the IIS response speed. After HTTP compression is enabled for IIS Program Processing and

Ajax should pay attention to whether there is. ashx extension in IIS

Ajax should pay attention to whether there is. ashx extension in IIS A local web Program Put it in the server . The web program uses ajax to round-trip data. check the generated HTML statement. Code & lt; script type =& quot;

A piece of Ajax Request Code sent by jquery

ClientCode: Ajax post content   Server Ajax. php: Echo'My name is XXX ';

How to submit a checkbox Array Using jquery Ajax

Put the checkbox value into the array and connect it to a string: VaR Selecteditems = New Array (); $ ( "Input [@ name = 'itemselect [] ']: checked"). Each ( Function () {Selecteditems. Push ($ ( This ). Val ());}); If (Selecteditems. Length = 0

Use of Ajax request Load Method

Using jquery's load method, you can easily and quickly initiate Ajax requests. You can use the load method to insert the completed text to any element contained in the package set. Load Method syntax Load (URL, parameters, callback)

Use of Ajax request $. Post Method

The $. Post method of jquery can be used to initiate Ajax requests to the server in the form of post. $. The post method is a practical tool of jquery. $. Post method syntax $. Post (URL, parameters, callback) Parameters

Use of Ajax request $. Get Method

You can use the $. Get method of jquery to initiate Ajax requests in get mode. $. Get is a utility function of jquery. Get method syntax $. Get (URL, parameters, callback) Parameters   URL (String) The

Use of Ajax request $. getjson Method

The $. getjson method of jquery can be used to asynchronously obtain the JSON string returned by the server. $. Getjson method syntax $. Getjson (URL, parameters, callback) Parameters   URL (String) the

Use of Ajax request $. Ajax Method

The $. Ajax method of jquery can be used to control Ajax requests in more detail. It applies fine-grained control to Ajax requests. $. Ajax method syntax $. Ajax (options) Parameters   Options An

Download files using Ajax

Jquery Ajax functions only return the XML, text, JSON, HTML, and other types, and do not have the "stream" type. Therefore, we need to implement Ajax download, the corresponding Ajax function cannot be used for file download. However, you can use js

Report statistics (10) access to the database using Ajax to interact with the data control space

View code 1 Public Partial Class Webform4: system. Web. UI. Page 2 { 3 Protected Void Page_load ( Object Sender, eventargs E) 4 { 5 If (! Ispostback) 6 { 7 Createchart (); 8 Bindgrid ( "" ); 9

Full-text translation web service implementation based on Google Ajax language API

Full-text translation web service implementation based on Google Ajax language API Li jianfu (School of mechanical engineering, Hebei University of Technology, Tangshan 063009, China) Abstract To: In the process of developing application

Report statistics (9) Access Database pie diagram Ajax Interaction

View code 1 Public Partial Class Webform3: system. Web. UI. Page 2 { 3 Protected Void Page_load ( Object Sender, eventargs E) 4 { 5 Createchart (); 6 } 7 Public Void Createchart () 8 { 9

Use of Microsoft's built-in Ajax

First downloadAspajaxextsetup,TheAjaxcontroltoolkit. dllPut inUIInBinFolder.Now you can use. Asp : scriptmanager id =" scriptmanageruser " enablepagemethods =" true " runat =" server " /> ASP:Updatepanel ID= "Updatepanel1" Runat=

Accumulated [JS]-Ajax value transfer (Layer 3) Notes

Ajax value transfer (three layers ): 1. Write in front-end page js to obtain the page data, pass the value to. CS, and return the value to determine whether the page is successful. Code: 1 Script Language = "JavaScript" > 2 VaR

Deploy ajax.net

Step 1: Installing ajax.net is simple, but before installing the ajax.net extension package, make sure that we have installed vs. NET 2005 or visual web developer 2005 express edition and. Net frameworks 2.0 correctly. Log onto the official

AJAX pop-up window message class

Using System;Using System. Collections. Generic;Using System. Linq;Using System. Web;Using System. IO;Using System. Text;Using System. Web. UI;Namespace WebApplication{/// /// Message class///////// Public class Message{ /// /// Message method

All Ajax functions in a project are implemented on a single page.

Ajax Asynchronization is used in a project. The pageload event of An aspx page needs to be used to read background data. If there are many ajax functions, it is not advisable to write many pages, the Code is as follows: ajaxPage. aspx page

How AJAX works

In the past, I did not focus much on the principle. As long as I could finish the function in the shortest time, maybe it was a matter of time, you can sort out the previous items, haha;   The core of Ajax is the JavaScript Object XmlHttpRequest.

Ajax Asynchronous Communication

User Name password & nbsp Test JS    

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