Implement regular page refresh without screen swiping through Ajax

The home page (the page to be refreshed) requires that the system time be refreshed every minute // create an httprequest object // display the platform system time Getsystemtime. jsp // obtain the current system time,

The new WebService cannot be called by Ajax.

Symptom: The system always prompts that the object cannot be found. Solution: the default WebService introduces the following namespace: UsingSystem; UsingSystem. Data; UsingSystem. Web;

Ajax problems caused by IIS Compression

Recently, I tested on my computer and found that two normal software (B/S structure software developed by run in various environments, and there was an inexplicable script error, an error occurs when a directory or user is added to the

Ajax for beginners

The so-called Ajax is (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) Asynchronous JavaScript and XML: First, let's talk about the problems we encounter if I don't feel like Ajax is available. For example, when we watch a video, let's take a look at the following

Terminate an Ajax request in jquery

terminate Ajax in jquery request

12 Ajax pop-up layers

12 Ajax pop-up layers   12 Ajax pop-up layer effects JS Code And has powerful functions.   Thickbox-Based on jquery, supports Ajax, lightweight and efficient. Supports image and HTML content. It is about 40 kb in size and can be used as a

Ten common errors when using Ajax

I read an Ajax document about dflying Chen.ArticleIt's like practicing English. Due to your limited level, please criticize and correct me. The author of this article is Michael Schwarz, a well-known. Net Ajax framework Ajax. net Professional

Cross-origin access to web resources through Ajax in Firefox)

Access web resources through Ajax cross-origin in Firefox   I. SolutionFirefoxCross-origin access failure in AjaxIn essence, naming is used.XMLHttpRequestComponent to send to the serverHTTPRequest, please receive the corresponding information.

Jquery entry (9): Ajax (call the page method and WebService)

Call the PAGE method andWebService Note: In web. config, you must specify that the Web service can be called. It must be called in post mode. The Web service returns an XML string, so the client needs to convert it to JSON for further

Jquery entry (10): Ajax (using WebService To Call User Controls to generate HTML)

Note: This articleArticleRefer to Lao Zhao's article "user control generation html! UsingSystem; UsingSystem. Collections. Generic; UsingSystem. LINQ; UsingSystem. Web; UsingSystem. Web. UI; UsingSystem. Web. Services; UsingSystem. IO;

Ajax is not mysterious

There are too many Ajax controls and class libraries now. Without knowing it, the mystery and complexity of Ajax have been added. Many people in the version are puzzled and worried about this, I decided to post this post to talk about my views on

How to Use ajax to develop Web applications (3)

Author:Jonathan fenocchiTime:2005.10.25Translator:SheneyanOriginal English:Http:// In the third part of the Ajax series, we will learn how to use Ajax and server to write and how these

Demonstration and source code download of 70 Ajax applications

This article summarizes 70 popular Ajax application demos and source code downloads for reference. Ajallerix: Ajax, simple, fast Web image gallery demo; at NovellAjax-microlink pattern Tutorial: A microlink is a link that opens up content below

How to Use ajax to develop Web Applications (1)

Author:Jonathan fenocchiTime:2005.10.25Translator:SheneyanOriginal English:Http:// In the past, web applications had to reload web pages (or load other pages) to obtain new

Real-time Ajax verification of "User Name/Email Address"

CodeFree:Ajax real-time verification of "User Name/Email Address (Contains Database SQL files) A website uses Ajax technology, which not only improves the user experience of the website, but also greatly saves valuable bandwidth and reduces

Please note: The onsuccess in prototype. js Ajax calls public member functions.

  1 VaR Person = Class. Create (); 2 Person. Prototype = { 3 Initialize: Function () {4This. Name="Boy";5} , 6 Getname: Function () {7Alert (This. Name );8} , 9 Ajaxquestion: Function () { 10 VaR Option

How to Use ajax to develop web applications (2)

Author:Jonathan FenocchiTime:2005.10.26Translator:SheneyanOriginal English:Http:// In the previous article, we discussed how to use javascript to retrieve data from a remote XML file. In this

Use jQuery to implement simpler Ajax cross-origin requests

Author: Yang Guo from the bodhi tree Source: blog Park Release Date: Reading: 371 Original article links [favorites] A while ago I sent an article using ExtJs ScriptTagProxy to implement Ajax cross-origin request

Use Ajax to maintain sessions

In a project, you need to make the session variable exist in the whole cycle before the page is closed, and try to implement it using ajax. The Code is as follows:On the. aspx page, tag: Client JS Code:Function KeepActive (){PageMethods.

Ajax persistent link-pull implementation

In most cases, you need to use the persistent link technology to display data on a webpage in real time. The simplest implementation is ajax polling, that is, pulling. The following is a simple example: display the server time in real time on the

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