Ajax series tutorials, from reading, modifying, adding, to cool Delete effects!

The purpose of this tutorial. this is to popularize Ajax technical knowledge. I want to share my courses with more people. in the spirit of learning, original attitude, and progress. over the past few years, I have been active in small Ajax business

After Ajax Association

Today, the Microsoft Project team encountered a problem and all the IT staff began to discuss how to solve it. The problem is that, when the region and city are linked, select the corresponding value and query it, as shown in the following figure.

Ajax module processing-Analysis of Sina Weibo open source 2

Because Weibo is a system with frequent frontend and backend interactions, Ajax development must also be standardized. * This system is developed by Asp.net MVC. First, create two models (one of which is used for paging) Public Class

Upload files without refreshing pages through Ajax-simulating IFRAME is extremely simple

Some time ago, I had a hard time uploading files through Ajax. It is certainly no problem to directly upload text information using $. Post. However, direct upload of images through $. Post is not feasible. Later, I saw some solutions on the

Learning: jquery uses ajax to retrieve the WebService display table)

In jquery instances, Ajax data retrieval is mostly concentrated on the page for retrieval, but WebService data retrieval is rarely introduced.CodeIs also an example of the nature, the background according to your own situation for more detailed

Microsoft Ajax Control Learning 1: accordiondemo

In fact, this control is similar to the former Atlas and the current Ajax collapsiblepanel. The two applications have some differences: When the accordion application has multiple panels and only one panel is displayed at a time; Collapsiblepanel

A simple example of how Ajax works

I read the. NET component development series (ii) of the. NET component development series (ii) of the martial arts series Taijiquan development Ajax controls. I did not think that the golden ocean (jyk) was "Dizzy". I felt quite well written, that

View Ajax from readystate status

Details about five states of readystate InPragmatic Ajax a Web 2.0 PrimerThe introduction to readystae status is displayed by chance. I feel that this introduction is very practical. The excerpt is as follows: 0: (uninitialized) The send ()

My Ajax Learning Series

  My recent Ajax notes Ajax learning notes [1] Simple Asynchronous Communication Example Ajax Study Notes [2] examples of Ajax test code I have compiled Ajax learning notes [3] differences between get and post Modes Ajax Study Notes [4]

Microsoft's Ajax Control 2: collapsiblepanel

This control is relatively simple. It has been available since Microsoft released the Ajax predecessor Atlas, and its functional applications are also quite common. This example has already been implemented, now I am not busy with my work and send

Makes Ajax more friendly and displays the background processing progress in real time.

  There are more and more Ajax applications. Most of the Ajax processing is to display a "loading..." on the front-end, and then submit the data to the server for processing. After the processing is completed, the "processing completed" is displayed

I got that AJAX out today, so happy.

I haven't been here to write anything for a long time, so my heart is itchy. Recently, due to busy work, I have never had time to summarize what I 've done recently, the new demand discussion for this morning's work this week has not yet begun, and

Use JSON to transmit data in Ajax [ZT]

JSON is a technical means for JavaScript objects to interact with server objects.Using function to build function classes, using JSON class library parsing on the. NET ServerThis JavaScript function class is used to transfer data between JavaScript

My first Ajax Program

Myfirstajax.htm: my first Ajax   Data. xml: Nanjing Suzhou Wuxi Changzhou Zhenjiang Nantong Yangzhou Xuzhou Hangzhou Ningbo Wenzhou Shaoxing Jiaxing Huzhou Fuzhou Xiamen Guangzhou Shenzhen Dongguan Zhuhai

Today's new discovery: There is something to note when using event verification in Ajax.

Working today is still aimed at Ajax applications of the company's projects, because this technology is not used by two colleagues in the company, and the technology is not very mature, I dare not apply everything to the project. I can only change

Experience in accordionpane controls in Ajax

This control is no stranger to everyone, that is, when there are multiple panels, you only want to display one panel at a time and use this thing for control. I will not talk about the simple use of this thing, how can I add events to a panel of

In Ajax, does the hovermenuextender control mean Microsoft intentionally or a bug ??

I will not introduce the hovermenuextender function. It is relatively simple to use, but I found a small problem: The code is nothing special: Code in the source file Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)http://www.

I started using Ajax.

I have been learning Ajax for one year. From Atlas to Ajax 1.0, Ajax is also used in the middle. DLL is used to achieve the Ajax effect. I like it very much. Now, it is used in the company's projects. ^_^, of course, it cannot be described as happy,

JQuery Study Notes [Ajax News Comment function] (6-3)

  News Comment function latest reviews comment sending data request... User name:

JQuery Study Notes [Ajax] (6-1)

1). Implement Ajax functions using traditional JavaScript methods Var objXmlHttp = null; // declare an empty XMLHTTP variable function CreateXMLHTTP() { // Returns the object of the Variable Based on the browser. if

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