Ajax ie-only problem: unkown runtime error

When I use $. Get (URL, Data, callback) to obtain an HTML segment and add it to the container issuereportiner iner, my callback is written as follows: Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)http://www.CodeHighlighter.com/-->

MVC Ajax helpers

There are many ways to implement Ajax in MVC. Microsoft's microsoftajax can also be implemented using jquery's Ajax. If you are familiar with other JavaScript frameworks, you can also use other implementation schemes, such as prototype. The

After easyui form Ajax submit, the system prompts the solution for downloading content in IE.

  When the easyui form plug-in is used in IE to create or edit data (A Piece Of JSON is returned after the operation is successful), the callback function cannot be run, but the download content is prompted.The prompt in ie9 is as follows: To

A simple Ajax Encapsulation

var Ajax = function (o) {/* * @ O. URL request URL * @ O. method set to post or get * @ O. async set async or not * @ O. data parameters to be sending * @ O. success callback function for success * @ O. fail callback function for fail * @ O.

Jquery Ajax effect implementation

JSCode: HTML code enter email subscription: Id = "dingyue"> Subscription Id = "feng01"> Click me single single2 multiple multiple2 multiple3 The poset. ASPX page directly uses the response. Write (

How to Use Ajax for paging in MVC Mode

List homepage action content: PublicActionresult helplist () { Entity. commons. vpredication Vp =NewEntity. commons. vpredication (); Entity. commons. pagingparam pp =NewEntity. commons. pagingparam (1, 10 ); Entity. pagedlist List = _

Ajax garbled Solution

Many beginnersAjaxAll of your friends will meetAjax garbledWhy Is Ajax garbled? How can we solve the problem of Ajax garbled characters? Are we looking at it?Ajax principlesWhat about it? Don't worry. Let's first look at the cause of Ajax garbled

Verify the existence of the user name using Ajax

During registration, the user name is often verified. If the entered user name already exists, a prompt is provided immediately instead of waiting for verification after the information is filled in. If there is a lot of input information, not only

Error in jquery Ajax IE

Used to debuggingProgramIn ff, the project was finished, and I thought it was a success. In IE, Function buydish (did, dnum ){ VaR Data = { " Did " : Did, " Dnum " : Dnum }; $. Ajax ({ URL: ' ' , Data: data, Type: " Get " ,

Browser cache problems encountered when implementing Ajax in ashx

Recently, a function is provided to record the clicks of a user button when a user clicks a button and determine whether the clicks exceed a certain value. Because the page cannot be sent back when you need to click the button, the combination of JS

Notes for asynchronous and synchronous Ajax requests.

When I was working on a project, I used a table control and its data was asynchronously loaded. I used some business processing in the function of Binding data to this table. When I ran the page, I used a browser to place a breakpoint tracking on

MVC series (repository mode, LINQ, EF, IOC framework Castle, jquery, Ajax) (2) models (ORM)

 Learning MVC series (repository mode, LINQ, EF, IOC framework Castle, jquery, Ajax) (1) Database ModelingMVC series (repository mode, LINQ, EF, IOC framework Castle, jquery, Ajax) (3) models (ORM, repository mode, paging) We will focus on

Lightweight, pseudo-Ajax file upload.

JS file:       Document. writeln (" "); VaR uploaddemo = " & nbsp; Update " $ ("# Answerupfilediv"). append (uploaddemo );   // $ (Function (){// $ ('# Fileup'). Change (function (){// Encode ('uploadlog'upload.html ('loading .

Turn: dynatrace Ajax edition: IE browser Performance Analysis Tool

Dynatrace Ajax is a free page performance analysis tool running in IE browser. It supports mainstream IE6, IE7, and IE8 browsers. This tool was released by dynatrace to enter the front-end performance analysis field. You can use it to analyze the

Learning MVC series (repository mode, LINQ, EF, IOC framework Castle, jquery, Ajax) (1) Database Modeling

MVC series (repository mode, LINQ, EF, IOC framework Castle, jquery, Ajax) (2) models (ORM) MVC series (repository mode, LINQ, EF, IOC framework Castle, jquery, Ajax) (3) models (ORM, repository mode, paging) I haven't updated it for a long

Jquery's Ajax auto-completion Function Control

Automatic completion of jquery AjaxAllows you to easily create text input fields in the auto-complete/auto-Prompt box.It indicates that each query cache is cached from the local cache with the same duplicate query results.If no specific query

240 jquery Ajax plug-ins

File Upload) Ajax File UploadJquploaderMultiple File Upload pluginJquery file StyleStyling an input type fileProgress bar plugin Form validation) Jquery ComboBoxJquery controlled dependent (or cascadign) select listMultiple selectsSelect Box

Ajax debugging method under jquery

Introduction This article introduces the Ajax debugging method under jquery. Many debugging methods can be used at one point. However, they will be confusing before they can be used; AJAX can provide users with a richer user experience. Jquery

Binding Ajax Treeview to a database (1)

Treeview ControlThe Treeview control displays the Hierarchy Structure of the Node object. Each Node object contains a label and an optional bitmap. The Treeview control is usually used to display document headers, entries in indexes, files and

In-depth introduction to Ajax technology

Ajax Full name: (Asynchronous JavaScript + XML) Representation Based on the Web Standard (Standards-based presentation) XHTML + CSS; It mainly includes the following technologies:Use dom (Document Object Model) for Dynamic Display and

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