Original Ajax method call example

Recently, I am more interested in Ajax. I tried it using the vs08 method, which is more convenient. however, it must be a static method. the vs05 method also needs to register the class type, which is troublesome. if you write a method to simulate

. NET + Ajax + jquery. form implements simple batch upload of images with demo source code download

The intern company has never done any web-related projects, but is afraid of missing web-related knowledge. If there is no time, it will flip through the previous projects, record some functions to facilitate future queries. In some projects, you

Use reflection + jquery in ashx to easily process Ajax with demo source code

Due to the emergence of jquery, compile JSCodeIt has become abnormal and common, and now the Web is full of Ajax. You can write a web without Ajax on your own. Of course, in. the development of the control mode in net has become more universal:

Ajax call background datatable

Previously encountered problems were not implemented using the ajaxpro method. Later, the jquery. Ajax method was used to call the datatable returned by the webmethod in the background. If you have any questions about converting a able into a JSON

Microsoft Ajax library browser type judgment

Microsoft ASP. NET Ajax has a browser compatibility layer, which provides browser compatibility and supports the same encoding method and Code Implement the same functions in different browsers. In the ASP. NET Ajax framework, you can use the

Microsoft Ajax library browser compatibility

Http://www.asp.net/AJAX/Documentation/Live/BrowserCompatibilityForASPNETAJAX.aspx Supported browsers 1) Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later versions. 2) Mozilla Firefox version 1.5 or later versions. 3) Opera version 9.0 or later

Work Summary (16)-Ajax. netframework3.5 sys undefined Solution

Problem description: Initially192.168.168.17TheProjectCannot be accessed on the Internet. Later I found thatIE6But inIE7Normal access. The error message is Microsoft.AjaxFramework error"SysUndefined" For example: Solution: 1.CheckWeb.

MVC learning-Ajax implementation response after submission

Whether the user has replied You can access the/dinners/details/[ID] URL to view the details of a specific dinner. The implementation of the details action method is not described here. The first step to implement RSVP support is in the dinner

[Experience sharing] Ajax Control Toolkit practical series

Ajax is widely used in practice due to its excellent user experience. after reading suiqirui19872005's Ajax series tutorials, I also made some attempts to use a series of Ajax controls. seriesArticle. In the series, if there is a ready-made

Integration of Ajax with MVC Learning

Below is an example Program To make the application more visualized. In this way, you can view the geographical location of a banquet when creating, editing, or viewing banquet information. Create map partial View We plan to use the map function

Ajax Learning Website memorandum [reposted]

Ajax Learning Website memorandum [reposted] I. Resource websites 1. Chinese website1) Ajax China (recommended)A professional Ajax technology website with clear categories, a large number of electronic tutorials, and Ajax source code

Ajax ie-only problem: unkown runtime error

When I use $. Get (URL, Data, callback) to obtain an HTML segment and add it to the container issuereportiner iner, my callback is written as follows: Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)http://www.CodeHighlighter.com/-->

MVC Ajax helpers

There are many ways to implement Ajax in MVC. Microsoft's microsoftajax can also be implemented using jquery's Ajax. If you are familiar with other JavaScript frameworks, you can also use other implementation schemes, such as prototype. The

MVC uses jquery to implement Ajax

When I introduced the Ajax Implementation Method in MVC in the previous article, I mentioned that jquery is another method to implement Ajax besides Ajax HTML helper. Ajax request via get Method View Script Type = "Text/JavaScript"> Function

After easyui form Ajax submit, the system prompts the solution for downloading content in IE.

  When the easyui form plug-in is used in IE to create or edit data (A Piece Of JSON is returned after the operation is successful), the callback function cannot be run, but the download content is prompted.The prompt in ie9 is as follows: To

A simple Ajax Encapsulation

var Ajax = function (o) {/* * @ O. URL request URL * @ O. method set to post or get * @ O. async set async or not * @ O. data parameters to be sending * @ O. success callback function for success * @ O. fail callback function for fail * @ O.

Jquery Ajax effect implementation

JSCode: HTML code enter email subscription: Id = "dingyue"> Subscription Id = "feng01"> Click me single single2 multiple multiple2 multiple3 The poset. ASPX page directly uses the response. Write (

How to Use Ajax for paging in MVC Mode

List homepage action content: PublicActionresult helplist () { Entity. commons. vpredication Vp =NewEntity. commons. vpredication (); Entity. commons. pagingparam pp =NewEntity. commons. pagingparam (1, 10 ); Entity. pagedlist List = _

Error in jquery Ajax IE

Used to debuggingProgramIn ff, the project was finished, and I thought it was a success. In IE, Function buydish (did, dnum ){ VaR Data = { " Did " : Did, " Dnum " : Dnum }; $. Ajax ({ URL: ' ' , Data: data, Type: " Get " ,

[Experience sharing] Ajax Control ToolKit Practice 3: confirm the application of the prompt box (ConfirmButtonExtender)

This document describes how to use the ConfirmButtonExtender Control in Ajax Control ToolKit.   Main function: Add a prompt box for the button. This function can also be implemented using javascript, but it is more convenient to use directly. Start

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