Ajax core Trilogy

Javascript"> // Create an objectFunction createxmlhttprequest (){If (window. activexobject ){XMLHTTP = new activexobject ("Microsoft. XMLHTTP ");}Else if (window. XMLHttpRequest ){XMLHTTP = new XMLHttpRequest ();}} // Functions called by

Ajax Chinese garbled characters

Solve the problem that garbled characters may occur when Ajax transmits Chinese characters. // If the transfer parameter is directly assigned, garbled characters are generated! Http_request.open ("Post", URL, true ); Http_request.setrequestheader ('

Ajax browser support

The main point of Jax is the XMLHTTPRequest object. Different browsers use different methods to create XMLHttpRequest objects. Use the IE browserActivexobjectWhile other browsers useXMLHttpRequestJavascript built-in objects.

Multiple tag columns implemented by Ajax

My friends who visited my website over the past few days may have seen that there is a multi-tab bar implemented by Ajax under the right side of my blog (figure 1)  (Figure 1) ThisCodeI went down from a website and studied it for a while. I found

Simple debugging method for sending binary post data using XMLHttpRequest (Ajax) in firefox3

It is still common for xhr (XMLHttpRequest) to send post text data. You can directly call "xhr. Send (data. However, the processing of binary data is a little complicated.   However, in firefox3, you can use the following method to debug ajax to

Flexible Use of Ajax beforesend to improve user experience

We know that there is a beforesend method in the open-source framework jquery API -- jquery. Ajax, which is used to add some processing functions before sending requests to the server. This is an Ajax event that is triggered before the Ajax request

Ext. Ajax. Request Synchronization

Ext. ajax. this parameter is not synchronized in the request parameter. However, many requests need to be synchronized to provide data in componnet without the add method. For example, the dynamic check option in checkboxgroup should be modified.

Native Ajax framework

Ajax framework Data.html {'Username': 'objeck '}

DWR (II) -- reverse Ajax

The previous article (DWR description 1) mentioned that DWR allows JavaScript to access the Java method on the server, which makes Ajax easier to use, dwr2.0 adds a very powerful function-reverse Ajax, that is, the server-side Java method can obtain

Which JavaScript/ajax framework is most favored by famous websites?

Masterpiece of the world's first jquery book, the father of jquery Amazon's five-star reputation is currently the most in-depth JS book Pingdom, a Web Monitoring Service Company, collects statistics on the use of JavaScript/Ajax frameworks by top 100

Two JQ calls to Ajax errors

In the last two days of projects, Ajax is often used to Create Ajax objects using normal Js. Since my brother became obsessed with jquery, he wrote things and found kung fu with JQ, but he still made mistakes. There are two errors in calling the

Qtp waits for Ajax Testing

Ajax has been widely used. When using qtp to test Ajax applications, you often encounter the need to wait for Ajax operations to complete data loading. Relevantcodes.com's "qtp: synchronization for Ajax Applications" article describes how to

Recommended books on Web Service and Ajax Performance

Java performance Chapter 11 performance of Web Services Spring Web Services 2 cookbook Chapter 3: testing and monitoring web-Services describes spring web service testing methods, including unit testing, integration testing, tcpmon monitoring, and

Ajax (User Registration)

HTML code: Username:   Dispost. aspx background code: Protected void page_load (Object sender, eventargs E) { User user = new user (); If (user. checkname (resquest. querystring ["name"]. tostring ())) { Response. Write ("

Simplified Ajax encapsulation that imitates prototype

Prototype was used for projects some time ago. JS later found some complicated situations, sometimes with memory overflow, and simply needed it. To ensure program compatibility, it implemented a simple Ajax encapsulation based on the prototype

Use Ajax + XML to implement multilingual web applications

Text: Use Ajax + XML to implement multiple languages on the browser side I. Introduction The first question to answer is whether it is necessary for us to implement such a function. At present, most websites (such as forums and blogs) are usually

Understanding Ajax, Part 1: Ajax introduction (zz)

Understanding Ajax, Part 1: Ajax IntroductionAn effective method to build websites by understanding Ajax and its working principles   Level: elementaryBrett McLaughlin (brett@oreilly.com), author, editor, O 'Reilly and

Cross-origin request methods using Ajax (XMLHttpRequest) (1)

Note: The following code should be tested in Firefox 3.5, chrome 3.0, and Safari 4. The implementation method of IE8 is different from that of other browsers. Cross-origin requests, as the name implies, are resources in one site to access resources

Ajax requests return 200 but do not enter success-2

Java code After the previous Ajax operation using jquery, the program request was successful: 1. Status Code 200 is returned, indicating that the server has responded to the client request normally; 2. The httpwatcher of firebug and IE shows

Application and summary of Ajax technology

Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a web development model that integrates Java technology, XML, and Javascript. It allows you to build Web applications based on Java technology, this solves the problem of page overloading frequently

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