An Ajax Effect of lightbox

The so-called lightbox is, for example, when you look at a photo album and click a photo to highlight the cool effect of the photo, In fact, prototype, scriptaculous, lightbox. js and other class libraries are used. A small demo

$. Chinese garbled characters passed in by Ajax in Google browsers

Some operation personnel reported that a Chinese display name edited in the background had garbled characters on the foreground ~~ First lookCodeWhether the GET request is not transcoded: $. Ajax ({type: 'post', URL:

Helloworld program for Ajax to read XML data

The first small example of learning Ajax We often use JavaScript to dynamically change the content in the DIV, especially when using Ajax. As the saying goes, it is easy to say that it is easy to do. It seems easy to compile on programming. Although

Ajax achieves Tab switching

The helloworld of Ajax will be written, and I will enter the door. Let's take a look. This time I am going to write a tab switch effect. It used to be the first time the page was loaded, so I will read all the frames, then, an event is triggered to

Ajax analysis and learning

Ajax is called Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). It is a Web page development technology used to create interactive web applications. It uses: XHTML + CSS to represent information; JavaScript to operate the Document

According control in ASPnet Ajax 1.0

In the extension package of ASPnet Ajax 1.0, we found that there is a good control according, which actually means to fold the control. For example, a page has three parts to be displayed, because the page The size of the toolbar ). The code is

Two Chinese open-source Ajax framework founders reveal the mysteries of Ajax framework Selection

Ajax has been popular for two or three years. Today's so-called Web 2.0 websites have more or less Ajax shadows. However, new Ajax frameworks are still being developed, and new versions of existing frameworks are also being released. Why? First,

Jquery/formvalidator Ajax: the most reasonable solution to Chinese Garbled text

Recently, jquery encountered Chinese garbled characters. In fact, its Chinese garbled characters are because contenttype does not specify encoding,You only need to search for contenttype in jquery. js.Then add; charset = UTF-8 after

Ajax Study Notes 01

Ajax Study Notes 01 Course: Deploy the first Ajax Program Learning steps:   1. Create a Java Web project -- ajax_01:   2. Create servlet, package name test, class name ajaxservlet, dopost () code:   Request.

Ajax development framework

Javascript script dom-drag.js can achieve drag and drop Function Browser-based development framework (Application Frameworks)1. bindows www.bindows.net2. backbase www.backbase.com3. dojo Open Rico

Small case of jquery Ajax request partial refresh

  The parameters passed in the request's Ajax path (data) will be received by a variable with the same name (with the set get method) in the action. The returned data is a jquery array object, the data variables involved in the called action will be

Dropdownlist error in Ajax when the server control is submitted "event verification is enabled if the sending back or callback parameter is invalid

  The multi-level interaction in the drop-down list is used in the project, and no Ajax server is used for processing. Later, the refreshing is too slow and Ajax (Ajax. dll) is used, and the result is Error: The callback parameter is invalid. Use

Solve Chinese garbled characters in Ajax

Ajax does not support a variety of character sets, its default character set is UTF-8, so the application of Ajax technology in the program should be timely encoding conversion, otherwise Chen Xu appears in the Chinese characters will become garbled.

Response. Write () in Ajax updatepannel

I encountered this problem again today. I searched and sorted it out. There are three ways to solve the problem in the West: Protected void button#click (Object sender, eventargs E){1. response. Write (" "); 2. scriptmanager. registerstartupscript

Ajax-use JSON to send data to the server

Send data to the server using JSON After doing so much, you can use JavaScript more easily. Maybe you are considering putting more model information on the browser. However, after reading the previous example (using XML to send a complex data

Small jquery Ajax app-mobile phone number attribution Query

To test whether jquery calls a third-party WebService, it uses jquery's $. Get (URL, Data, callback) to call a WebService that can be queried locally on a mobile phone.PS: website provides a lot of useful

Ajax technology will become an important technical source driving Web2.0

Zimbra, a small software company, recently announced that it had received $16 million in risk funding. An open-source version of email server software based on AJAX technology will be released next month. The most influential Ajax applications come

Simple Ext. Ajax. Request usage

  // Obtain the selected row. The grid is Ext. grid. gridpanel instance VaR _ records = grid. getselectionmodel (). getselections (); If (_ records. length! = 1) { Ext. msg. Alert ('modify', 'is required and can only be selected! '); } Ext. ajax.

Simple debugging method for sending binary post data using XMLHttpRequest (Ajax) in firefox3

It is still common for xhr (XMLHttpRequest) to send post text data. You can directly call "xhr. Send (data. However, the processing of binary data is a little complicated.   However, in firefox3, you can use the following method to debug ajax to

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