Springside Development Combat (vi): AJAX, walking in the hell

Speaking of Ajax, everyone is not unfamiliar, after all, these two years it is too popular. However, where Ajax is really needed, not everyone can handle it well. Using AJAX, you can develop a luxurious browser-based rich client interface, but the

Jquery.form Ajax No Refresh upload Error resolution method

Today, when using Ajaxfileupload, Firebug reported a "jquery.handleerror is not a function" error. Since the previous use of Jquery.form has not been the problem, I compared to the previous project to find that the use of jquery in this project is a

Js AJAX Call code behind Web method

Js AJAX Call Web method Js: $.ajax ({ type: POST), URL: "customerpersonaldetails.aspx/searchaddress", data: "{' Searchparam ': ' abc '" } ", contentType:" Application/json; Charset=utf-8 ", dataType:" JSON "

Introduction to Ajax XMLHttpRequest Overview

Before you can use the XMLHttpRequest object to send a request and process a response, you must first create a XMLHttpRequest object with JavaScript. Since XMLHttpRequest is not a standard for the consortium, there are several ways to use JavaScript

Developing AJAX applications with GWT

First, the introduction If you are a Java software and Ajax developer, then Google Web Toolkit (GWT) should have caught your eye. Google has released this free development kit under the Apache License agreement in May 2006. GWT was designed to

Implement AJAX-Style portal

Objective This article is written for developers who have experience with the BEA WebLogic portal. Help them apply Ajax technology to the BEA WebLogic portal, allowing users to get a better experience. I hope the author's experience in the portal

Ajax programming in the BEA WEBLOGIC Portal-part 1th

Summary Portal applications are ideal for extracting information from multiple sources and providing application services for portlets that contain portal Web applications. For users, the Portlet application is a stand-alone entity, similar to a

Getting Started with Ajax programming

1, through the appropriate AJAX application to achieve a better user experience; 2, some of the previous server burden to the client, to facilitate the client idle processing capacity to deal with, reduce the burden of server and bandwidth, so as

Ajax & Xmlhttprequset

12345 6 Ajax_exam17 8 9 One 79Bayi 838586Please look at a simple example above, through which we can initially recognize the working mode of the AJAX structure! This example contains only a div tag, which is used to display the final result and a

Combining Ms Ajax to compile a JS file into a dynamic link library

To keep JavaScript code from being stolen, we can compile the JS file into a dynamic-link library (DLL) file. The following is a control that is created to demonstrate this functionality. Program code:

Write a simple photo album with Ajax

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a technology that uses JavaScript and Extensible Markup Language (XML) to transfer or accept data between Web browsers and servers. It is mainly used in the development of RIA (Rich Internet applications).

An informal discussion on the use of Ajax in. Net

Ajax is not a short time to come out. Although it is controversial in some respects, it is afterward. Ajax cannot say which language it belongs to, but the intersection of any language with Javascript,xml. I think it's more appropriate to say that

Correcting the method of using Ajax to realize no refreshing value of IE tree

Some time ago wrote an article, is about using AJAX technology to achieve IE tree without refreshing method.Original: http://bliss.cnblogs.com/archive/2006/03/15/350695.html In the original I said in JavaScript syntax, when IE tree is onclick, get

Using Icallbackeventhandle to implement an AJAX-like non-refresh page

See this example on MSDN Library 2005 first!------clientcallback.aspx------ Callback test --------clientcallbacp.aspx.cs -----------//ClientCallback.aspx.cs Using System; using System.Data; using System.Configuration; using

Using AJAX to deliver XML documents

Client Server Side (Test.cs) System.IO.Stream Stream = Request.inputstreamSystem.Xml.XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument ();Try{Doc. Load (stream); Load the XML document sent over}Catch{byte[] buffer = new Byte[stream. Length];Stream. Read (Buffer,

Solution of ResponseText Chinese garbled in get back in Ajax

With Ajax to get back to a page, responsetext inside the Chinese will probably appear garbled, this is because XMLHTTP in the process of returning responsetext, is the resposebody by UTF-8 encoded into the decoding test formed, If the server is

10 errors that are often made using Ajax

Read Dflying Chen introduced an AJAX article just like practicing English translation, because of their limited level, please criticize The author of this article is the author of the well-known. NET Ajax framework Ajax.NET Professional (Ajaxpro)

Using AJAX technology to create a blog without refreshing search engine

Now the blog is very popular, I believe that the Internet should be a little longer time friends will be here or there is a blog. For some friends who have some abilities, they may prefer to download a blog program to set up their own blog instead

Is Ajax technology about to decline?

In Meng's November 21 blog (http://blog.csdn.net/myan/archive/2006/11/21/1402346.aspx), he said he was amazed at Microsoft's newly launched Interface development tool expression, And it predicts that the interface development technology based on web

XMLHttpRequest and Ajax crouched Web application development

First, the introduction While XMLHttpRequest objects and Ajax bring great benefits to users and developers, there may be some problems you don't consider-but it's time to get everyone's attention. Even the most annoying people like XMLHttpRequest,

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