Getting Started with jquery [5]-ajax

jquery provides very rich support for Ajax, see Ajax One of the most basic is $ajax (), through different parameters, this method can be recorded to support a variety of AJAX application scenarios. Such as: $.ajax({ url: "test.html", cache: false,

The Dojo of Ajax Framework (II)

Currently, Dojo has been upgraded to version 1.0.1. As the version of the upgrade, the location of the various packages of dojo, functions have changed greatly. This is very bad for our developers. Still, the power of dojo is a shock to me again and

Ajax Simple Client Login verification

Server-side ease of operation I do not blow, the Earth people know, it is the most annoying than the page refresh, the head was brushed dizzy, and he refreshed, but also triggered the server side of the event (solution:

Simplifying Ajax development with jquery: see how simple Ajax and Dom scripting can be

What is JQuery? JQuery was created by John Resig in early 2006 and is a useful JavaScript library for any programmer using JavaScript code. Whether you're just in touch with the JavaScript language, and want to get a library that solves some of the

Ajax QuickStart HTTP Protocol Basics

The key to a good grasp of AJAX technology is understanding the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), which is used to transfer Web pages, images, and other types of files on the Internet that are transmitted between browsers and servers. As long as

Using Dojo to develop AJAX Web applications in WebSphere Smash

Before you start This article assumes that you have downloaded WebSphere SMash and completed a concise tutorial, or have written a simple application. You should be familiar with the fundamentals of Ajax and how Dojo is used. You will also need

Ajax to achieve the changes in the style of NetEase albums

Common AJAX applications, combined with JavaScript's dynamic manipulation of HTML elements, combine to make a graceful effect. Or use Ajax.NET, set the same as the previous article, no longer tired.The code is as follows:163phototest.aspx.csUsing

The simple application of Ajax in VS2005

Ajax not to mention that we all understand, do not understand please Baidu or google some people than I said the professional, the author of this article is not to introduce many esoteric things, This is just a very simple example to guide everyone.

Ajax method for solving garbled characters when post Chinese

Plus the method of setting character encoding:Response.setheader ("CharSet", "gb2312"); ********************************************See the original note as follows: With Ajax to get back to a page, responsetext inside the Chinese will probably

The Chinese garbled problem of Ajax

Yesterday encountered the Ajax Chinese garbled problem, Google on the internet a bit, the results of a lot of search, but did not help me solve the problem of garbled. I encountered the garbled problem is very strange, in some machines are not

Ajax Framework ZK 2.2 releases

The ZK Development Group announces the release of the ZK 2.2 version. ZK is a Java framework based on XUL embedded Ajax event-driven to enrich the user Network application interface. The ZK Development Group announces the release of the ZK 2.2

Slimming scheme under Ajax+jquery frame

Friends who have used Ajax.NET know that using the framework, the release version generates more than 80K of script files. And the debug version is bigger. If the application of the scene is used in enterprise intranet, The problem won't come out,

Using jquery to simplify AJAX development--ajax development [1]

jquery is a JavaScript library that simplifies javascript™ and Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript + XML, asynchronous JavaScript, and XML) programming. Unlike other JavaScript libraries, jquery has his own philosophy that allows you to write code very

Ajax Makeover, part 3rd: Improving existing sites with jquery, Ajax tabs, and photo carousel

Ajax technology has changed the face of large commercial web applications, but many small Web sites do not have the resources needed to rebuild the entire user interface. The new features should be able to address real-world interface problems and

The implementation of JQuery Ajax directory browsing and editing

Author:shaoyun Date:2008-10-21 12:21 This section is implemented as part of the background to enable browsing of all folders and files in a given directory, without displaying disallowed formats and

File management System (jquery plugin +ajax)

Brief introduction: The main document is a management system, page script is written by the jquery (V1.3.1) plug-in way, all functions are through Ajax and back-end data exchange, and the combination of their own development of plug-ins and

JQuery Instance Learning Series (1) Ajax Login Verification

This article uses an AJAX login example to learn about jquery's application in Ajax. Front Code

Learn jquery from scratch (vi) AJAX fast Food

I. Summary This series of articles will take you into the wonderful world of jquery, with many authors ' specific experiences and solutions, even if you can use jquery to find some cheats in your reading. This article explains how to use jquery to

Use jquery to facilitate data query, sorting, and paging based on Ajax

JavaScript was rarely used to implement page functionality, but the idea changed when you learned about jquery; With such a script component you can easily and HTML isolate it when writing scripts, which makes it easier to write highly reusable

How to implement AJAX asynchronous load data in SharePoint

First to the company, from the original development turned to SharePoint (SP) development, personal feeling and before the difference is small, today with the implementation of the SP asynchronous load data encountered a problem, before the

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