A few ways to implement native Ajax in JavaScript introduce _javascript skills

Since JavaScript has a variety of frameworks, such as jquery, using Ajax has become quite simple. But sometimes in order to pursue simplicity, it is possible that the project does not need to load jquery such a large JS plug-in. But what about the

JavaScript Ajax JSON implementation of superior and subordinate dropdown frame linkage effect Instance Code _javascript skill

Recently tried to make a department and personnel of the Drop-down box linkage function, department and personnel of the corresponding relationship is 1:n Copy Code code as follows: Department Please select ">

Solution JS data contains plus + + through Ajax to the background when the connection error _javascript tips

Yesterday someone proposed a bug, said "B + Detective" and "Detective c+" can not see, I was very depressed, because other resources can be played, why this can not play, and the name of the movie I have been converted, in constant debugging, found

Methods to prevent the AJAX cache from getting the latest data from the program _javascript tips

Today to do the project, almost all of the submissions are submitted through AJAX, I tested the time found that each submission after the data are the same, debugging can eliminate the background code problems, so the problem is definitely out in

Perfect solution to Ajax Cross-domain problem _javascript Skills

Since the day Ajax was born, the problem of XMLHttpRequest objects that cannot be requested across domains persists. This seems to be a very classic question. is due to JavaScript's homology strategy, which is not discussed in depth here. There are

JS implementation of AJAX requests every 5 minutes _javascript tips

A page seems to have only one window.onload=function () {}, so there are multiple events, so it's good to write. Copy Code code as follows: Window.onload=function () { Let's say we run the test function every five minutes. Publicbusi ();

JavaScript ajax imitation Baidu paging function _javascript skills

Copy Code code as follows: /** * Ajax Paging function * Add * As a paging component container element. * PageCount Total Pages * CurrentPage Current Page * Container an OL container element with pagination class * LoadData functions

Ajax synchronous and asynchronous transfer of sample code _javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: Synchronous transfer Mode function Requestbyget (nproducttemp,ncountrytemp) { var xmlhttp if (window. XMLHttpRequest) { Isie = false; XMLHTTP = new XMLHttpRequest (); } else if (window. ActiveXObject) {

The difference summary _javascript skill of Ajax request get and Post

Get if the request URL does not change, take out the cache, improve efficiency; The request is cached in the browser, the user information can be viewed through the history record, the security is low; Post transmission changes in data display,

Implementation method of Ajax cross-domain request JSON data _javascript tips

As we all know, one of the big limitations of Ajax is that Cross-domain requests are not allowed. However, it is accomplished by using JSONP. Jsonp is a way of scripting markup injection, which is a JS script that can reference Cross-domain URLs,

Fast solution to Ajax caching problem in IE (get way) _javascript skills

After a while, the program uses the jquery load method to request, and it's strange why the request cannot be sent for the second time. Baidu A, who knows the load is to use get way to request, so IE browser to It is cached. Online Search a lot of

The difference between Ajax submission and traditional form submission _javascript tips

Ajax submission is through JS to submit the request, the request and response by the JS engine to deal with, the page will not refresh, the user does not feel the actual browser issued a request. For example, we want the page to always show the

JavaScript Simulation Implementation Ajax loading box instance _javascript skill

This article describes the JavaScript simulation implementation of Ajax loading box method, shared for everyone to reference. The specific methods are as follows: Copy Code code as follows: function loading (P_VALUE,STR) { if (P_value)

A solution to the problem of repetitive triggering of JS events by Ajax local updating _javascript tips

If you include a list of Ajax updates in your page, you need to be careful about event handling in the Inactive Update section. Take the example of a list interface with a common toolbar: | Menu1 | Menu2 -------------------------------------------

Implement AJAX encapsulation Samples yourself share _javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: JavaScript Object:ajax Object Created by Rexlee function Ajax (url,data) { This.url=url; This.data=data; This.browser= (function () { if (Navigator.userAgent.indexOf ("MSIE") >0) { return "MSIE";//ie browser

_javascript Techniques for solving the problem of IFRAME adaptive height in jquery ajax application

The IFRAME adaptive height itself is a very simple method, that is, after the page load is completed, recalculate the height can be. The code is as follows: Copy Code code as follows: Public method: Set the height of the IFRAME to ensure

Implementation of Ajax-like page without refresh _javascript technique based on IFRAME

This method is based on the IFRAME implementation, the requirement is the form form submission with file upload input tag, so can not use Ajax to submit First of all: Copy Code code as follows: ... ... The property value at

A summary of several usages of JS jquery Ajax (and its advantages and disadvantages) _javascript skills

This article is a journey that I don't know what Ajax is to skillfully use Ajax. One, the most primitive way to use Ajax Copy Code code as follows: Personal Analysis: This method is very good, simple and flexible, but a little

Ajax Request garbled solution (Chinese garbled) _javascript tips

Today encountered a problem, the AJAX request in the transmission of Chinese, encountered garbled problems. The following code: Copy Code code as follows: function Updatefolderinfobycustid (FolderID, FolderName, CustID) { $.ajax ({

Using script src to implement _javascript techniques for Cross-domain and similar Ajax effects

Scene If there are two different domains of servers, a.com and B.Com, in the b.com/b_return_js.php interface, you can get some data. Of course, if it is a B.Com page, you can use Ajax to directly request this interface, but if you are requesting it

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