Using AJAX open source projects to play video implementation in Web pages _ajax related

1. Refer to > > > Download Videobox to extract it to the directory of the project and use "ADD new item" To create a new HTML file to play

Use AJAX technology without refreshing dynamic call stock information _ajax related

Copy Code code as follows: ajax test Stock code Stock name Current price Today opening Yesterday closing Current price difference Degree Highest price Lowest price

The simplest Ajax callback library ever _ajax related

First I think of the CS in the Ajaxmanager, I just simplify it, remove unwanted and many more suitable for our habits of some methods. I named him ajaxlite, because he only needs two classes to achieve AJAX functionality, in order to put the JS file

A word to solve the AJAX Chinese garbled problem [recommended]_ajax related

Here's my program. Html: Copy Code code as follows: Untitled Page Please enter your name: REQUEST.ASHX: Code Copy Code code as follows: Using System; Using System.Web; public

Ajax Cache Problem Requestheader_ajax related

This is to reduce the frequent access to the server caused unnecessary burden on it, but also brought some special business logic can not meet the problem. For example: You need a select Drop-down list at the front desk as an AJAX trigger entry,

Js+ajax asynchronous favorably cool albums capture all video and information _ajax related

Http:// Personally feel not very satisfied, because in the. NET environment to perform the collection, the resulting network connection and regular matching consumption is too large, and my final application is

Ajax implementation of the article before submitting the sensitive Word audit Code _ajax related

The idea is to return the Boolean value of the Ajax pass at the time of submission. In fact, Ajax-passed function Get2 () is a child function of Chkfull (BT) and cannot be passed to an external function, alert () does not work. So simply cancel the

JavaScript Ajax functional Function _ajax related

Copy Code code as follows: Ajax test var xmlHttp; function Createxmlhttprequest () { if (window. ActiveXObject) { Xmlhttp=new ActiveXObject ("Microsoft.XMLHTTP"); } else if (window. XMLHttpRequest) { Xmlhttp=new XMLHttpRequest (); } }

Using AJAX to achieve the mouse suspension to get the value of code _ajax related

Client code mouseover.php Copy Code code as follows: Mouse Suspension Test Server-side code: mouseover_check.php Copy Code code as follows: Header

Ajax synchronous and asynchronous XMLHTTP code Analysis _ajax Related

In Web script programming, you should use asynchronous mode in most cases; synchronization mode will suspend the current scripting engine, so when you use sync mode, you should know what you want. In C + + development, synchronization mode should be

AJAX User Uniqueness authentication Implementation code _AJAX related

Verify from the Username user table in the database my: Checkusername.html: Copy Code code as follows: Untitled Document Name: check_it.php: Copy Code code as follows: $username

Ajax call back-end method Everyone can discuss the next _ajax related

There are three kinds of methods I have used: 1 Add a hidden button to the page, define the event, and then execute the $ ("#隐藏btnID") of JS. Click () to perform the background method 2 Use Ajaxpro to perform 3 using the Ajax URL: page

Uncover Ajax Mystery Veil (Ajax personal Learning Notes) 1th/5 page _ajax related

Ajax technology is the crystallization of a variety of computer technology, its name comes from: asynchronism (asynchronous), JavaScript, and, XML, the first letter of 4 words, that is, asynchronous JavaScript request processing XML technology. The

AJAX Validation Framework 13 _ajax related

a AJAX Framework 1, Validatorcallout is a member of the AJAX Control Toolkit, an old bottled new wine that provides a nice pop-up hint for's validation controls through an extended approach. The disadvantage is that the

FAQ _ajax related to Ajax program development

Eclipse Debug does not enter an action when the XML document returned by response in 1.ajax,action is malformed. 2.ajax cache problem, you need to join Xmlhttp.setrequestheader ("If-modified-since", "0″"), you can solve. 3. If not AJAX submission,

Non-frame Ajax Paging (original) 1th/2 page _ajax related

Using the above method can really achieve Ajax paging effect, but I always feel not concise enough to study the afternoon, finally a little something O_o first create the foreground page myajaxpager.aspx Copy Code code as follows:

Ajax Timeout Check script _ajax related

Copy Code code as follows:

Yii framework combined with Sphinx,ajax to implement search paging function example _php instance

This article illustrates the method of implementing the search paging function with the YII framework combined with Sphinx,ajax. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Effect Chart: Controller: get (' sou '); $p

Register JavaScript namespaces with MS Ajax and create class _ Practical Tips

First, add a ScriptManager control to the page. Second, the registration namespace: Type.registerNamespace ("Demo"); Add constructors, properties, methods to the class. Demo.sample=function () {} Iv. Registration

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