Using AJAX to implement a script that loads a DIV layer under a click event _ajax related

I want to do a similar function of QQ space comment I don't know if you've found no  qq. The editor will not be loaded until the text box is clicked. is not the kind of   that hides   clicks before it is displayed; Untitled document

Ajax set weather \ip\ multi-language translation MP3 (synchronized LRC lyrics display) Calendar query pass _ajax related

' Please keep this declaration information when forwarding, this statement does not affect your speed! ' * * * * days Maple Ajax set weather \ip\ multi-language translation MP3 (can be synchronized LRC lyrics display) Calendar Query pass ******** '

Ajax Learning resources are _AJAX related in China and abroad

Compilation mode for AJAX developers: XMLHttpRequest Tutorial: "Dynamic Web Interface": JavaScript Performance Benchmark:

Ajax message Source provides download _ajax related

I was not going to put this source on the table, after all, very long, and has not been perfect, but found that there are many netizens to me to this code, I this person is a lazy person, do not want to send the past by email, so moved to my blog,

Also write a ajax.request class attached code _ajax related

Objective: Because some modules in the blog program need to use AJAX, the direct use of prototype.js volume is relatively large (more than 40 k), and only use the AJAX function, so in order to reduce the burden of downloading, It is not possible to

Ajax blocking and cross domain resolution _AJAX related

Blocked Ajax requests Let's confirm the blocking of the request first. We use the following code: Three consecutive requests launched function Simplerequest () { var request = new XMLHttpRequest (); ("POST", "script.ashx"

IE7 the description of the Ajax open method new _ajax related

Open method assigns method, destination URL, and optional attributes of a pending request. Syntax XMLHttpRequest . Open ( smethod , surl [ , Basync ] [ , suser ] [ , Spassword ] )[/pre]

Ajax verifies the registration name to see if it exists in the database _ regular expressions

This is a mistake I saw on the Internet Ajax I changed the correct, but can not find that post. Verify with servlet: Copy Code code as follows: Package Servlet; Import*; Import java.sql.*; Import; Import

Use Ajax and data island to achieve no flush binding _ practical skills

The first thing we need to use today is Ajax.NET Professional, where you can get information about from Second, you need to know the relevant knowledge of XML data island. Let's take a look at a simple

Using Ajax in thinkphp to implement a method without refreshing paging _php instance

Create a new AjaxPage.class.php in the lib\org\util\ directory of the thinkphp directory, and write the contents: //+-------------------------------------------------------------------- --//$Id: Page.class.php 2712 2012-02-06 10:12:49z

Struts2+jquery realize Ajax Login instance detailed _jsp programming

Text instrument An example of the implementation of struts2+jquery implementation of Ajax landing method, the following steps: First, create a new Web project, name test. Configure the STRUTS2 environment and import jquery's JS files to the project.

Ajax Blog Several functions used in the 1th/3 page _javascript Tips

class Name: AJAX Copy Code code as follows: /* Class Name: AJAX Create method: var ajaxobj=new AJAX; returns false if the creation fails Properties: Method-Request methods, strings, post or get, default to post URL-Request URL,

jquery realizes Ajax timed refresh local page instance _ajax related

Method One: Local refresh we are talking about Ajax, of course, we can not use Ajax to refresh the page, we can use the append in jquery to add something to the specified content, of course, the most practical Ajax loading data. example, timed

Extreme experience Ajax local and global refresh _ajax related

This article will show you how to use the jquery load method for local refresh, the load method itself is very simple, but want to integrate into the jfinal and bootstrap public projects, we need to work harder. First, I'll start with the plan.

jquery obtains information from the background via Ajax and displays the implementation class _ajax related on the table

In the previous article to introduce jquery through Ajax from the background to get information displayed on the table and Support row selection, now, take a moment they processed, so that no need to write code every time, you can save a lot of time,

Ajax shows a simple implementation of progress in the request process _ajax related

Ajax is used more and more frequently in Web applications. In the process of making Ajax calls, it is common practice to display an animated GIF picture showing that the background is working, while preventing the user from manipulating the page

Ajax debugging steps under jquery are _ajax related

Here is an illustrated way to introduce the Ajax debugging steps under jquery In the use of Ajax, the most comfortable is a step of success, the most headache is not successful, but do not know where to see the error, and then see where the error

Ajax asynchronous request JSON data (graphics and text) _ajax related

The previous article on the AJAX request data text type, text and HTML are processing a relatively simple data, and in the programming process using AJAX call data, it is inevitable to do logical processing, the accepted data also become complex

Ajax request JSON data case detailed _AJAX related

Today there is such a demand, click on six continents, there are some corresponding request information, shown below, request request, the second click will not need to request.As shown in the picture: Click on some of the data that appears below

JQuery Ajax returns JSON when Chinese garbled how to resolve _ajax related

Use jquery Ajax call return JSON, Chinese garbled problem The JS code is as follows: $.ajax ({ URL: '/test/ ', type: ' POST ', dataType: ' json ', timeout:5000,

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