Ajax Application _ajax Related

web tools--ajax Version Weather forecast: Value= Beijing > Id=disp_weather> Ip address query: Value=> Id=disp_iparea> Mobile phone Attribution query: Id=disp_mobilearea>Get the specified ID object for a different browserfunction Getobj (

Ajax Auto-complete dropdown box automatically prompts position problem _ajax related

Copy Code code as follows: function Divposition () { var clx,cly; Clx=event.clientx; cly = Event.clienty; Objouter.style.top = clx+10; Objouter.style.left = cly+20; Objouter.style.width= Getabsolutewidth (Objinput) } The problem is

How to become an AJAX master _ajax related

When it comes to JavaScript, many programmers feel dismissive, always thinking that he is low-level. If in the C/S product development mode, JS does not have any great use. But after Google launched the map search overnight, the world began to make

Ajax according to city name, automatically complete the corresponding city information _ajax related

I used to meet this kind of demand in my project. Users want to be able to directly enter the city's name, they can get the city's corresponding information. You used to generate a few JavaScript arrays when the page was open, and then contrast that.

AJAX Common functions _ajax related

Creating XMLHTTP objects, distinguishing Ie,mozilla browsers Copy Code code as follows: function Getrequest () { Http_request = false; if (window. XMLHttpRequest) { For browsers such as Mozilla﹑netscape﹑safari, create XMLHttpRequest

Live to learn the old Ajax cross-domain (iii) _ajax related

Learning Ajax In fact has a very important application, is to perform several other sites of ASP, return the results. Really use up, found 2 problems, always do Delphi, contact ASP Not many of me, indeed a lot of problems. First question: VBS

JS implement simple and practical Ajax complete instance _ajax related

This article describes the JS implementation of a simple and practical Ajax method. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Copyright Wujxping//ajax 1.2//Update 2012-2-20//1, asynchronous data loading can be loaded get,post

Ajax technology produced online lyrics search function _ajax related

Copy Code code as follows: Untitled Document 100,000 lyrics online free enquiry Please enter a song name:

Ajax chat Room V1.0 release _ajax related

Plugin Name: Chatroom Plugin version: v1.0 Plugin Author: Clear Plugin Support blog version: PJBlog2 v2.5.0125 Version Description: Enable PJBLOG2 to support users to communicate immediately; Ajax no refresh, can be instant communication in any

Ajax Practice DWR Article _ajax related

DWR (Direct Web Remoting) is a Web remote call framework. Leveraging this framework makes it easy to develop Ajax. Using DWR, you can use JavaScript directly to invoke the Java method on the server side and return the value to JavaScript as if it

Robust AJAX Source Learning application Example _ajax related

This sample mainly demonstrates how to manipulate xmlhttprequest ... XMLHttpRequest Introduction To truly realize this magnificent miracle, you must be very familiar with a JavaScript object, that is, XMLHttpRequest. This small object has actually

Ajax reads data on demand generate subordinate menu _ajax related

Jilian.htm Copy Code code as follows: " manager's Office " Development Department Jilian_data.asp Copy Code code as follows: Playpos=request ("Playpos") if playpos=

Ajax first experience above hand posts _ajax related

Ajax is a hot thing in the past two years, I also join the fun, some days to find some tutorials to learn, the following is the whole process of learning to write their own things, but, because it is a beginner, so Please forgive me if you have a

Ajax Request Class _ajax related

Copy Code code as follows: Ajax classesfunction Ajaxrequest () {var xmlobj = false;var cbfunc,objself;Objself=this;try {xmlobj=new XMLHttpRequest;}catch (e) {try {xmlobj=new ActiveXObject ("MSXML2. XMLHTTP "); }catch (E2) {try {xmlobj=new

Ajax-based infinite-level menu _ajax related

Non-flash commit for form (a bit stupid)Supports the MVC framework, which supports traditional Web page architecturesMultithreading concurrent requests (for language support threads)Dynamically loading files, loading only useful! Handled the AJAX

Ajax Rollup and preliminary evaluations of _ajax related

Ajax contact soon, I just to select an AJAX library, collected data, and testing, my test is very simple, directly to see their site on the online demo page speed, slow on the elimination!Auxiliary JS:www.formassembly.com\wforms 44k (compressed

Ajax first experience above hand posts _ajax related

Ajax first Experience Hand posts Ajax is a hot thing these two years, I also join in the fun, some days to find some tutorials to learn, the following on the whole process of their own learning to write, but, because is a beginner, so there are

Ajax Good application _ajax related

    style= "cursor: pointer; Text-decoration:underline "     onclick=" makerequest (' test.html ') "          make a request &L T;span onclick= "makerequest (' Test.xml ')" > Make a request [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the

Ajax detects if user name is occupied _ajax related

Copy Code code as follows: Detect if user name is occupied function Geto () { var Ajax=false; try { Ajax = new ActiveXObject ("Msxml2.xmlhttp"); catch (e) { try { Ajax = new ActiveXObject ("Microsoft.XMLHTTP"); catch (E) { Ajax = FALSE;

Ajax Primer XMLHttpRequest _ajax Related

Before you can use the XMLHttpRequest object to send a request and process a response, you must first create a XMLHttpRequest object with JavaScript. Since XMLHttpRequest is not a standard for the consortium, there are several ways to use JavaScript

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