A simple Ajax request class _ajax related

In addition to the blog without refreshing search and instant verification detection, and looked at the code, feel too troublesome, the XMLHttpRequest request package into a class inside, use it more convenient, do not remember so much code, what

A universal class _ajax related to AJAX development

Name:ajaxrequest Author:hotheart (Xujiwei) site:http://www.xujiwei.cn/ blog:http://www.xujiwei.cn/blog/ Copyright (c) 2006, all Rights Reserved Class Name: Ajaxrequest Version: 0.3 Date: 2006-12-18 Introduction: Ajaxrequest is a convenient AJAX

Using Ajax method to solve the problem of Web advertisement display _ajax related

Sometimes Google or other ads do not show up, resulting in a very slow page access, how to solve this problem? We can use the AJAX approach to do this: Place the following code in the original location: 〈div id= "Googlead" 〉〈/div〉 At the end of

Ajax technology framework and development tools _ajax related

The common Ajax frameworks are: Dwr-web Remoting Buffalo-web Remoting (based on prototype) Prototype-js OO Library Openrico-js UI component (based on prototype) DOJO-JS Library and UI component Qooxdoo-js UI Component (c/S Style) Yul-js UI

Ajax Responsexml return to accept Asp_ajax related

First file index.asp A second Login.asp Response.contenttype= "Text/xml" Response. Write (" ')" Response. Write ("") Response. Write ("love you") Response. Write ("") %>

Ajax agent, automatically judge character encoding _ajax related

Because Ajax has problems with Cross-domain access, the best way to do this is to act as an agent. wrote an agent program and experience In order to do Ajax agent, studied the server-side XMLHTTP and the client's Ajax in the XMLHTTP made a

Ajax Hacking_ajax Related

This is a glimpse of Ajax attacks, but this is only the beginning. Baidu opened the July Baidu space, although no indication is the application of web2.0 technology, but from the web2.0 symbol of beta and page template architecture, etc., you can

AJAX implements tag navigation _ajax related

main functions: Copy Code code as follows: function GetObject (objectId) { if (document.getElementById && document.getElementById (objectId)) { The Consortium DOM return document.getElementById (OBJECTID); } else if (document.all &&

Using AJAX to read XML-formatted data _ajax related

Copy Code code as follows: "Http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd" > ajax Hello world Onclick= "Startrequest ();"/> Server.xml Copy Code code as follows: hello world!

Input, button, different type value the trap that results when the Ajax submits the form _ form effects

Today in doing the use of connection as a form submission process found that the label "input" and "botton" in the Type attribute setting is also a learning. In the development process, to make the HTML code cleaner, I first submitted the form using

Ajax error Debugging analysis in jquery _jquery

The Ajax package is very good in jquery. But in daily development, I occasionally encounter Ajax errors. Here is a simple analysis of the AJAX error The general jquery usage is as follows: Ajax submits "Tom and mouse" data to the xxx.php file by

Ajax caching problem Solving approach _php skills

I use PHP and Ajax combined to add data, refresh the foreground page, the data has not changed. I changed php dynamic script, only to find the Internet Explorer and then enter the address to see the effect. These are not the reasons for caching ah?

Smarty combined with Ajax to achieve no refreshing message _php instance

Read the title you may want to say, message book, very basic Dongdong Ah! Who will not ah, but also to use smarty, this does not look tired? Don't worry, I want to express the idea and structure of a program, not to prove what I do more meaningful,

Ajax File Upload application simple implementation _jquery

This plugin supports multiple file selection functions, very good, and the code is simple Copy Code code as follows: $ ("#fileUpload"). FileUpload ({ ' Uploader ': ' style/uploader.swf ', ' cancelimg ': ' Style/img/cancel.png ', '

jquery plug-in web2.0 pagination script, available for Ajax without refreshing paging _jquery

Generate JS page footer No Sword (2008-03-05) * * * Modification Date: 2008-3-12 Add two parameters: Displaynum,displaylastnum can freely customize the number of page numbers displayed Parameters: Pagesize:10//page number of pages displayed , count:

$.ajax JSON data transfer method _jquery

Front desk Copy Code code as follows: Untitled Page Click Receive background Data hello Background Copy Code code as follows: protected void Page_Load (object sender, EventArgs e) {

jquery $.ajax Getting Started application two _jquery

Front desk Copy Code code as follows: Untitled Page Click Receive background Data hello Background Copy Code code as follows: protected void Page_Load (object sender, EventArgs e) {

jquery $.ajax Primer Application A _jquery

Front desk Copy Code code as follows: Untitled Page Click Receive background Data Backstage Copy Code code as follows: Using System; Using System.Data; Using

Standard method of passing parameters (Jquery.ajax) _jquery

Front desk Copy Code code as follows: Untitled Page Click Receive background Data hello Backstage Copy Code code as follows: public partial class Ajax:System.Web.UI.Page { protected void

JavaScript jQuery $.post $.ajax usage _jquery

Jquery.post (URL, [data], [callback], [Type]): Asynchronous request using POST method Parameters: URL (String): The URL address where the request is sent. Data (MAP): (optional) The information to be sent to the server, expressed as a Key/value

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