Analysis of Get post synchronization request problem in jquery with Ajax

Today you need to use the Ajax get method, encapsulated into its own custom function name, inside but found a problem, always will be the custom of the method inside the whole execution of the code to execute the GET, which led to a different step,

The use of the Ajax Post XML method

The use of the Ajax Post XML method function PostData (url,posteddata){var xmlhttprequest= createxmlhttprequest ();Call the encodeURI method two timesPosteddata = encodeURI (Posteddata);Posteddata = encodeURI (Posteddata);var url = URL;Sending a

How Ajax dynamically creates kindeditor text editors

Commonly used methods: var KE;Kindeditor.ready (function (K) {KE = K.create ("textarea[name= ' article_content ')", {Items: [' source ', ' | ', ' fullscreen ', ' undo ', ' Redo ', ' cut ', ' copy ', ' Paste ', ' | ', '' FontName ', ' fontsize ', '

Ajax Getjson Call JS to return the data and assign it to an HTML instance

Example: Load from Test.js, the name of the JSON data accessed from the returned JSON data $.getjson ("Test.js", function (JSON) {Alert ("JSON data:" + json.users[3].name);}); For example, loading JSON data from Test.js, and additional data

jquery $.ajax Instance Details simple

This article tells you to use the $.ajax to interact with the database tutorial or asynchronous transmission of data, update data, delete data, etc. using the jquery Ajax to the example is very convenient, a few simple code on the OK.Load JS$.ajax ({

jquery Ajax Ajaxsuccess Examples and detailed instructions

. Ajaxsuccess (Handler (event, XMLHttpRequest, Ajaxoptions))Returns jquery Description: Ajaxsuccess (Handler (event, XMLHttpRequest, Ajaxoptions)) Handler (event, XMLHttpRequest, ajaxoptions) The function to be invoked.Whenever an AJAX request

JS Getting Started Tutorial one (JavaScript's role paradigm in Ajax)

JS Getting Started Tutorial one (the role of web effects in AJAX example) New Document root node Sub-node 1 Sub-node 2 Sub-node 3 Sub-node 4 A simple multiplication table to add annotations to achieve the 99

Jquery $. ajax user logon example

Example 1: log on directly using $. ajax The code is as follows:Copy code $. Ajax ({// Submit the addressUrl :"",// Submitted dataData: {key1: value1, key2: value2, key3: value3, key4: value4 },// Events before submissionBeforeSend: function

How jquery ajax implements static html page logon and exit

For example, html code is very simple Here, the status information is displayed in html, because ajax will replace the content, to prevent loading delays, we can provide some logon instructions by default. The code is as follows:Copy code

$. Ajax async usage in jquery

Async is true by default, that is, asynchronous mode, $. after Ajax is executed, the following steps are continued after ajax is executed until the server returns data, triggering $. success method in Ajax. at this time, two threads are executed. 

What if the browser is suspended due to jQuery Ajax synchronization parameters?

The reason is that there are multiple similar asynchronous request actions on the page. Based on the principle of improving code reusability, I encapsulated a function named getData, which receives different parameters, only obtains data and returns

JQuery ajax XMLHttpRequest cannot load file

Solution:This is a cross-origin issue of javascript. It indicates that the domain name initiated by the request is not recognized by the server.To solve this problem, you can add Access-Control-Allow-Origin = '*' on the server's response or the

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