JSONP Solution Ajax Cross-Domain code example

There are two subdomains, a.xx.com and b.xx.com, now I send an AJAX request in a.xx.com a page b.xx.com a method in a controller, want to get the return data, but return state 302, should be a cross-domain problem unresolved. One way to solve the

jquery $.ajax detects if a user name exists

In many cases, we have to make users feel good for the user experience, today we provide a jquery $.ajax detect the existence of a user name, is to provide authentication user to register user name is available, this function must also be

jquery Ajax detects if a user's name exists while registering

This file requires the introduction of two file Jquery.js (jquery framework files) and grade.js (validated individual files). The following input is used to enter the user name, and id= "Gradeinfo" is used to display the hint information.

jquery Ajax JSON data send back and request instance

insert title here name Sex Home Address JSON file: [ { "Name": "Xujun", "Sex": "Male", "Home": "Nanjing" }, { "Name": "Jack", "Sex": "Male", "Home": "Beijing" } ] The $.ajax of this method, inside the datatype:

jquery Ajax Example Tutorials and detailed instructions (1/2)

Description $.ajax ({type: "post", url: "Handler1.ashx", Data: {username: "admin", Password: "123"}, Success:successhandle}); Function Successhandle (Rep) { $ ("#msg"). HTML (REP); } Tell us more about jquery Ajax examples

JQuery Ajax POST Request detailed description and example

Jquery.post (URL, [data], [callback], [type]) Load information through a remote HTTP POST request and use Post to make asynchronous requests. This is a simple POST request function to replace the complex $.ajax. Callback functions can be invoked

jquery $.post $.ajax Detailed usage instructions

$.ajax () This is the underlying AJAX implementation of jquery. Simple and easy-to-use high-level implementation see $.get, $.post, etc. Here are a few Ajax event parameters: Beforesend, Success, complete, error. We can define these events to deal

Example analysis of Ajax asynchronous invocation

Ajax more focused on the front page asynchronous display of the Background database field, the main idea is similar to the previous article, focusing on the DAL layer to get stored in the process of the table collection dataset, in general stored

Ajax implementation of no Refresh page acquisition function code

The code is as follows Copy Code var url = "B.aspx";var param = "a=1&b=2";var ret = getremotetext (URL, param, ' post ');This ret is what b.aspx returns, use it.   //Create XMLHTTP Object Function Createxmlhttp () {     if window.

Ajax capture Whole page implementation code

The code is as follows Copy Code Rest and Rest

Ajax post-pass and get-pass-value instances

ajax Post pass value and get pass value example                     

Ajax Post Get garbled solution


When you use "get", the page that you crawl finally adds the encoding type Server side: Servletactioncontext.getresponse (). setcharacterencoding ("Utf-8");Client page Special effects p/jsp.html target=_blank >jsp Tutorial:

Ajax reads XML documents

Welcome to Www.111cn.net. The development of this site can not be separated from your support. Thank you! Ajax files simple ajax effect We prepare an empty div. Fill in the returned data! All code for this instance is complete.

Ajax Password Strength Verification code

Ajax Password Strength Verification code HTML code:Copy Code Additional Jquery.pstrength-min.1.2.js plug-in source code:Copy Code (function (A) {a.extend (A.fn,{pstrength:function (B) {var b=a.extend ({verdects:["very weak", "weak", "General",

jquery Ajax post picture streaming to server for image upload

Pure Ajax image upload, Ajax to post pictures streaming to the server. FormData can change post data to stream transfer. Ajax upload$ ("#upload"). Click (function () {var url = "http://mm.com/ajaxupload.php";var formData = new FormData ($ ("#frm")

Example of how to implement ajax get and post in original ecological js

With jquery, ajax has become quite simple.However, for simplicity, you may not need to load a huge js plug-in such as jquery in the project.But what should I do if I want to use ajax?Before implementing ajax, you must create an XMLHttpRequest object.

About Ajax caching in Javascript

AJAX cache is intended to improve AJAX efficiency and reduce the pressure on the server. However, improper use may lead to unexpected results. There are several solutions to disable Ajax caching:1. Add the header ("Cache-Control: no-cache,

Implement the forward and backward functions under AJAX

This problem is always plagued during the process of making this BLOG .... There are three methods to make a big difference:1. Each time the client interacts with the server, it must change the URL value. In this way, IE will record the historical

DropDownList implementation of Ajax without refreshing three-level linkage error solutions for new provinces and cities

Solution:(Change the dropdownlist to the client-side html control select and store it using ajax. There will certainly be no errors.But here the form has a lot of data to be submitted, so do not consider using the client html control)1. Codefile =

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