Analysis of several examples of the cors of Ajax across domains in JS

Because of security restrictions (homology policy, where JavaScript or cookies can only access content under the same domain), two scenarios for Ajax Cross-domain requests Scenario One: Jsonp (JSON with Padding)But one drawback of JSONP is that it

Dynamically execute the JS code in the AJAX request

Index.html The code is as follows Copy Code )/ig; var srcre =/ssrc= ([' "]) (. *?) 1/i; var typere =/stype= ([' "]) (. *?) 1/i; Var match; While match = re.exec (html)) { var attrs = match[1]; var srcmatch =

jquery Ajax Instance Application usage instructions

Often used to jquery+ajax/"target=" _blank >jquery Ajax, but sometimes forget how to write, take a note below. jquery Ajax Example: The code is as follows Copy Code Post method $.ajax ({ URL: ' test.php ', Type: ' Post ',

jquery's Ajax Load () application example

The full format of the call load method is: Load (URL, [data], [callback]), where URL: Refers to the address of the file to be imported.Data: Optional parameters, because load can not only import static HTML files, but also import dynamic scripts,

jquery authentication username (Ajax verifies user name exists)

jquery Verify user name (Ajax verifies user name exists) protected void Page_Load (object sender, EventArgs e) { String username = request.querystring["username"].tostring (); if (username = "James Hao") { Response.Write

jquery Ajax parsing XML File data method

First scenario: The code is as follows Copy Code The second option: The code is as follows Copy Code The general steps are as follows: The code is as

jquery Ajax.getscript Caching Problem Solving method

Add a cache switch for $.getscript () The code is as follows Copy Code Add cache control to Getscript method(function ($) {$.getscript = function (URL, callback, cache) {$.ajax ({type: ' Get ', Url:url,

Ajax Display Load Effect

The following code implementation AJAX is submitting effect: Loading .... Onchange= "Selecte (this.options[this.options.selectedindex].value)" > Please select CssRain1 CssRain2 CssRain3 CssRain4 You chose Region 2.

DEDECMS Ajax Download Statistics code

Require_once (DirName (__file__). "/include/");Require_once (dedeinc.) /channelunit.class.php "); $aid = (isset ($aid) && is_numeric ($aid))? $aid: 0;$rand =mt_rand (10,80);$query = "SELECT count (*) as DD from #@__downloads where id=

Solution to ajax window. open interception in Js

Form test or interception --> Var w = window. open (); $. Ajax ({Async: false,Url: baseUrl + 'AAA'Success: function (data ){If (data! = Null ){// Window. open (baseUrl + path );// Return false;// $ ('# Loginform'). submit ();// Form.tar get = "_

Detailed analysis of global ajax parameters in jquery

The problems analyzed in this article are amazing. It may be unavailable in general projects. Therefore, you must first understand this application scenario. After analysis, I found that jquery's global $. ajax can be used like this!1.

Page Ajax method $. load in jquery

Load syntax$ (". Selector"). load ("url", function (responseText, statusText, xmlhttprequest ));When loading a page, if an error occurs, the corresponding prompt is displayed based on the status given by statusText, which is very important to the

Analysis and solution to Ajax page cache problems

1. What is the Ajax cache principle?After Ajax successfully sends the data, it stores the request URL and returned response results in the cache. When Ajax is called to send the same request, it retrieves data directly from the cache to improve the

Example of passing a special string using jQuery ajax

When you use ajax to pass a value to the server, if the value contains special strings such as + and &, the results obtained on the server may be different, these characters are used for other purposes. For example, "+" indicates a connector. After

JQuery Ajax and $. ajax jqXHR implementation tutorial

A general ajax event may have already written a success during the development process. In subsequent development, I may not want to change the success method I wrote earlier. I want to restart a success, for example, the following code: The code

JQuery serializes Ajax cross-origin serialization requests $. ajax

The most commonly used jquery + ajax method is $. post, which is a second encapsulation of $. ajax. Next let's take a look at the use of $. ajxa: The code is as follows:Copy code $ ('# Ajax'). click (function (){$. Ajax ({Type: 'post ',Url:

JQuery asynchronous request Ajax application $. get $. post $. getScript $. getJson method introduction

When jquery and ajax are used together, they should be $. get and $. post. The usage is simple: url + parameter + callback function + return value type.Before that, summarize the differences between. load and $. get $. post:. Load: local effect ,.

Use of jQuery asynchronous request Ajax application $. load

Jquery encapsulates three layers of ajax:Layer 1: $. ajax, Layer 2:. load $. get, $. post, Layer 3: $. getScript, $. getJsonFirst, let's learn how to use. load:Format: load (url [, data] [, callback])  The simplest get method to get text content

Jquery ajax eval processing returns js code

We have always used the string sharding method to process the data returned by AJAX. Today, baidu finds that eval () can be used.For example: eval (http_request.responseText );Eval () functionJavaScript has many tips to make programming easier.One

Error returned by error in jquery ajax solution

Enter Baidu to search for the problem and find someone saying thisThe default value of async in Ajax in Jquery is true (asynchronous request). If you want to execute another Ajax after Ajax is executed, you need to set async to false.At that time, I

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