jquery Ajax realizes the two-level linkage pull down effect of the city

jquery Code The code is as follows Copy Code $ (document). Ready (function () {$ ("#house_city"). Change (function () {var val=$ (this). Val ();$.post ("/ajax/city_ajax", {id:val},function (data) {$ ("#house_area"). HTML

jquery Ajax returns JSON data for front and back interaction instances

Let's look at the demo code first. The code is as follows Copy Code "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/ Xhtml1-transitional.dtd "" ajax json test ajax uses JSON for front and back interaction Get all user

The conversion of Chinese characters to pinyin in the AJAX implementation

$pinyins = Array ();When the phonetic ishead=0 of a string of Chinese characters is obtained, the output pinyin first letter when outputting the whole phonetic ishead=1function Getpinyin ($str, $ishead =0, $isclose =1) {Global $pinyins;$restr =

Ajax-Level Linkage menu code

Ajax-Level Linkage menu code Big class 1 Big class 2 Header ("CONTENT-TYPE:TEXT/HTML;CHARSET=GBK")//output encoding to avoid Chinese garbled$pid =$_get[' pid ']; $db =mysql_connect ("localhost", "root", "7529639"); Creating a database

Ajax Introductory Tutorials XMLHttpRequest and $.ajax usage instructions

For Ajax, the core object is XMLHttpRequest, all AJAX operations are inseparable from the operation of this object.Creating XMLHttpRequest ObjectsFor IE browsers: The code is as follows Copy Code XmlHttp = new

Ajax How to assign the contents of the Kindeditor editor to textarea when submitting a form

Kindeditor can not get the value of the TextArea text box under Firefox or other browsers. First, describe the Kindeditor error that I encountered here:1, under the IE8/FF are not the value;2, when the Click Kindeditor Full Screen button to switch

JS Ajax No Refresh load page program code

JS Original Ecological Writing The code is as follows Copy Code var mm;var nn;function MakeRequest (url,obj,b) {Mm=obj;Nn=b;Http_request = false;if (window. XMLHttpRequest) {Http_request = new XMLHttpRequest ();if

JQuery Ajax No Refresh data submission instance

jquery Ajax No Refresh data submission instance name "this field is required. return emailthis field is required. return phone"this field is required. You may notice that I have included an ID contact_form the div around the entire form of

Ajax loading effect code

Tip: you can modify some code before running : Ajax loading effect code :: Loading... Chargement de la page termin ?.. Tip: you can modify some code before running

Jquery creates simple ajax instance code

Function createXMLHttpRequest (){If (window. ActiveXObject ){XmlHttp = new ActiveXObject ("Microsoft. XMLHTTP ");} Else if (window. XMLHttpRequest ){XmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest ();  }} Function startRequest (url, returnfun ){CreateXMLHttpRequest ();

WordPress native Post AJAX thumb ups

How AJAX thumb ups are implementedYou can use custom fields to save the number of likes, and use cookies to disable repeated likes.WordPress does not use plug-ins to implement the AJAX thumb up processWe directly add the following code to your

Parameters used to add Ajax requests through the Parameter object

I have written many articles about JQueryElement. There are many Ajax calls in the JQueryElement control. To facilitate your understanding, I wrote this article to explain how the Parameter object adds parameters for Ajax.Sample Code Download: http:/

No response to jquery ajax submission

Example 1 The code is as follows:Copy code $. Ajax ({ Type: "POST ",Url: "/a. php ",Success: function (result ){// ToDo:} ) When we click submit, no results are returned, so no results are found in the test using the ff browser. Later, we found

Jquery ajax return value and no return value problems

Commonly used ajac in jquery includes $. ajax (), $. post, $. get (), $. load.Example The code is as follows:Copy code $. Post ("test. jsp ",{Name: "cssrain", time: "2008/01/21"}, // data to be transmittedFunction (data ){Alert ("returned data:"

Implementation ideas and methods for WordPress Ajax comments submission

Although the current access volume has been relatively low, there is no server pressure problem, but I have always paid attention to user experience, of course, cannot give up such an opportunity to improve user experience. I took a leave of time

How to implement the WordPress ajax comment reply function

First, put the comments-ajax.js and comments-ajax.php in the folder of the topic you are using;Comments-ajax.js The code is as follows:Copy code Var I = 0, got =-1, len = document. getElementsByTagName ('script'). length;While (I Var js_url =

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