Android Development notes how data is stored in Android (b) _android

In actual development, we sometimes need to store or back up more complex data. These data are characterized by many content, large structure, such as SMS Backup. We know that sharedpreferences and files (text files) can be very inefficient in

Android perfect for taking photos choose picture clipping and other code sharing _android

In the preface, the issue of version compatibility is mainly due to the errors caused by the different formats of URIs prior to 4.4 and 4.4. 1. Take photos and choose pictures① Select pictures Intent = new Intent (intent.action_get_content)

Explain the principle of thermal update in Android _android

This article is about the fundamentals of implementing thermal updates in Android. First, ClassLoaderWe know that Java loading the corresponding class at runtime is implemented through ClassLoader, ClassLoader itself is an abstraction, and Android

Android animation an app's ListView animation effect _android

Once you are familiar with the implementation of the underlying animation, you can try to implement the beautiful animations that appear in the common app. Today I mainly introduce an app's ListView animation effect: When ListView is displayed, each

Analysis of four activity loading modes of Android programming _android

This article analyzes four kinds of activity loading modes of Android programming. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Activity status Activity is generally considered to have the following four states: ① Activities : When

Android Custom Rounded Corners imageview_android

No more nonsense to say, directly to everyone paste code. The Java classes are as follows: Import Android.content.Context; Import Android.content.res.TypedArray; Import; Import; Import

Android to achieve photo capture function _android

This article will show you how to take a screenshot of the photo. First look at the effect chart: The screenshot is a little bit special, but now the Android smartphone's camera is millions of pixels and the pictures are very large. Therefore,

Android delivers bitmap objects between two activity _android

Through internal storage, the bitmap objects are passed between two activity and other Java objects that support serialization, and the key points are as follows: 1. HTTP client downloads picture, displayed by ImageView object 2. The bitmap object

Android Remove the status bar method Rollup _android

In real-world application development, we sometimes need to set the activity to a full screen display, in general, there are two ways to set the Full-screen display effect: One, by being able to set in code, Second, set the full screen through the

How does Android customize the EditText underline? _android

Once did a project where the interactive login interface was impressive. The interaction designer gives a very designed design that includes an underscore that can be discolored according to the situation, a variable icon on the left, and an input

Android tablayout (tab layout) Simple Usage Example Analysis _android

This example describes the Android tablayout (tab layout) simple usage. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: When we apply Viewpager, we often use tabpageindicator to work with them. To achieve a very beautiful effect. But

Android Programming Settings TextView Color SetTextColor usage Instances _android

This example describes the Android programming settings TextView color SetTextColor usage. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: There are methods for setting TextView colors in Android SetTextColor, this method is overloaded

Android Automatic test Tool monkey_android

Objective: Recently began to study the Android automated test methods, some of these tools, methods and frameworks to do some simple collation, including the Android test framework, CTS, Monkey, Monkeyrunner, benchmark, other test tool, and so on.

Android uses Drawerlayout to realize the Imitation QQ bidirectional sideslip menu _android

1. Overview Previously wrote an android high imitation QQ5.0 sideslip menu effect custom control to attack, Coincides with QQ5.2 and added a right menu, just look at the next drawerlayout, on the one hand, I am more interested in the official

How to use the Include file for Android programming _android

This example analyzes the use of the include file for Android programming. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Remember a long time ago, listening to a great God said that programmers are lazy, not lazy programmers are not

Android Development Imageloader Local Cache _android

Imageloader is a picture cache of open Source Library, provides a powerful image caching mechanism, many developers are using, today to introduce the Android development of the Imageloader local cache, the details are as follows: Local caching

Android Universal Imageloader Cache Picture _android

Project Introduction: One of the biggest headaches on Android is getting pictures, displays, recycling from the web, and any problem with a link may be directly oom, and this project may help you. The purpose of Universal Image Loader for Android

The cache processing mechanism of Android universal Imageloader from source code Analysis _android

Through this article, we have seen UIL the cache processing mechanism of the image cache class library which is sought after by Daniel both at home and abroad. See the UIL in the implementation of the cache, only to find that this thing is not

Android realize QQ grab red envelope plugin _android

Also think of the new year, and then do not know the group to send a lot of red envelopes, so I will be in the online outage of a micro-letter Rob Red Envelopes code modified a bit, realize the QQ Rob Red envelopes! Can support Rob QQ spell luck red

Android Memory Leak Ultimate Solution (next) _android

I. Overview In the Android memory leak Ultimate Solution (above) we described how to check whether an app has a memory leak, this article will summarize the typical memory leak code, and give the corresponding solution. The main problems with

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