The use method of Sparsearray performance optimization in Android _android

The previous article looked at the horizontal level two menu and found that it used Sparsearray to replace the hashmap. So I looked up some relevant data, and I have some tests on the performance. First of all, say the principle of sparsearray.

Simple example sharing _android for making progress boxes and circular progress bars in Android

Progress Box Import Android.content.Context; Import; Import; Import; Import Android.util.AttributeSet; Import Android.view.View; Import Java.util.Random;

The realization method of acquiring and reading short message verification code by Android _android

Today, verification code is very common on Android clients. Register the application account information directly through the mobile account and the authentication code. Many applications are registered in this way. A brief introduction. Android to

The implementation code for the round/rounded corners of the Android custom control _android

A. Where is the problem? The problem comes from a very common scenario in app development--the user avatar to be displayed round: Two, how to engage? Wit me, the first idea is, cut a middle round transparent, with the same background, size and

Android app writes data to internal storage and external storage sample _android

File storage (internal storage)once the program is installed in the device, the data/data/package name/That is the internal storage space, external confidentiality.The context provides 2 ways to open an input, output stream FileInputStream

Android implementation to support the progress bar display of SMS Backup tool class _android

The uses content providers to read SMS content, write XML files, progress bar ProgressDialog update backup progress. New knowledge Point: How Child threads update the UI without using handler /** * SMS Backup tool class, support progress

Android phone number attribution to the query _android

A simple demo, from aggregation data to apply for mobile phone number attribution to the data interface; Enter the query number in the EditText, get the number and use HttpURLConnection to get the JSON data in the child thread, then parse; After

Android Dialog dialog box detailed _android

No more nonsense to say, directly to everyone paste code. Layout file xml: Activity file: The ordinary dialog: private void Plaindialogdemo () { button plainbtn = (button) Findviewbyid

Android app uses fragment examples in Viewpager to explain _android

It is said that the most recommended Android is the use of fragment in Viewpager, that is, Viewpager in the page is not like the previous use Layoutinflater directly from the layout file loading, but fragment. Pay attention to the fragment here. It'

Android fillet ImageView class can set radians (simple code) _android

Nonsense not to say more, directly to everyone to paste the code, the specific code as follows: public class Roundimageview extends ImageView {private Paint Paint; private int roundwidth =; private int roundheight = 50; Private Paint Paint2;

Viewpager and Viewpager indicators are used in Android applications to make tab tags _android

First, the basic usage of Viewpageindicator open source frameworkwe have to go to GitHub to download this library, download the address:, download down after you can run the example, To see

Android high Imitation Jing dong vertical loop scrolling News bar _android

Implementation of the idea is actually very simple, is a custom linearlayout, and TextView can loop vertical scrolling, and entries can be clicked, display area display up to 2 entries, and the alternating properties of the vertical movement of

Android uses the bitmap class to turn a rectangular picture into a circular method _android

Generally to do a circular picture, can only be based on the square can be achieved, otherwise it becomes an ellipse, the following say how to make a rectangular picture of a circular pictureDon't say much nonsense, no picture no truth, first on the

Collaborative use of Android Studio and SVN version of the Program Guide _android

Androidstudio SVN Installation and usage of the other IDE I used to have a big difference, feel special trouble, online information is very small, seemingly now Git more popular, before the use of GitHub but he can only be open source project free,

For example, Pagertitlestrip child controls in Viewpager in Android _android

First look at a simple, first effect map, to attract everyone to the eyeball. Three sliding between pages, this time with the title of the above slide.Take a look at Android's official explanation for Pagertitlestrip: Pagertitlestrip is a

Android realizes student management system _android

This example for you to share the Android implementation of the student management system of key code for your reference, the specific content as follows Local Effect Chart: Implementation code: 1, layout

The Viewpager in Android realizes the sliding indicator and the matching with fragment _android

Self-implementing sliding indicator BarFirst up Effect chart: 1. XML layoutThe layout code is as follows: With a linear vertical layout, add a small horizontal bar above the sliding page. 2, Java codeGive all the

The Android app uses viewpager+fragment to implement sliding switching effects _android

In Android applications, multiple-screen sliding is a very common style, not using Viewpager code implementation will be very long, if the use of Viewpager, the code will be much shorter, But the use of Viewpager also has drawbacks: need to import

An example of multi-page sliding switching effect using Viewpager in Android applications _android

1, add Android Support packagesince the above classes are available in the Android support package, we add the package first.In Eclipse->window->android SDK Manager, select the Extras->android Support Library in the list to install. After

Android Asynctask full parsing takes you from the source perspective to thoroughly understand _android

As we all know, the Android UI is thread-safe, and if you want to do UI operations on the Chengri, you'll need to take advantage of the Android asynchronous message processing mechanism. I have also written an article from the source level analysis

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