Android Application Development Engineering Directory role Introduction _android

1, Src:java source files, write their own. 2, Gen: Automatically generated Java files, package name and the main package name, ADT automatically generated. (1) Buildconfig: Configuration file, cannot change(2) R: Resource files, index management

The realization method of the Android return key function _android

This example describes the implementation of the Android return key function. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: In the development of Android applications, often by pressing the return key (that is, keycode = = Keyevent.

Android integrated Sina Weibo third-party login method _android

This article describes the Android integrated Sina Weibo Third-party login method. Share to everyone for your reference. The implementation methods are as follows: 1. Download microblogging SDK, import Micro Bo jar package two

Android Application Claim Summary _android

Recently, a company's products submitted to the domestic market, found that some domestic market prompts need to apply for the claim. The reason is that others (or market crawlers) have already submitted the application to the market before us.

Android Delete Preference Detailed _android

The Android Setup interface is simple to implement, and sometimes it just needs a simple XML file. The declaration is simple, But how to remove a preference from a preferencescreen or preferencecategory is easy. Why do some people write can not

The method of implementing WebView top with progress bar in Android _android

Write this article, make a memo, simply show a webview example with a progress bar, the progress bar is located above the WebView. The sample diagram is as follows: Main Activity code: Copy Code code as follows: Package

Android scanning multimedia file operation detailed _android

This article from the System source code analysis, describes how to add the multimedia files created by the program to the system's media Library, how to remove from the Media Library, as well as most of the program developers often encounter

Android Alertdilog ways to display simple and complex lists _android

The examples in this article describe the ways in which Alertdialog displays simple and complex lists in Android. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Alertdialog displays a simple list setitems Import

Use the TextView in Android to implement verbatim display animation _android

Objective Android TextView can only set the entire TextView animation, but not the animation of each text. Even with Textswitcher, it's hard to achieve the results I want. So choose Custom One. The general idea is: inherit ViewGroup, set text,

Two ways to realize the overlay effect of the Android image _android


This paper illustrates two ways to realize the overlay effect of Android image. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Effect Chart: First type: The second type: The first is the effect that is drawn through the canvas:

How to properly use Android thread details _android

Objective For mobile developers, "putting time-consuming tasks into child threads to ensure the fluency of UI threads" is the first rule of threading programming, but this iron is often the main cause of the slow flow of UI threads. While we are

Android some tool class rollup _android


A Paint, Canvas public class Drawview extends view{ private Paint paint1; Public Drawview (Context Context,attributeset set) { super (Context,set); } public void OnDraw (Canvas Canvas) { super.ondraw (Canvas);

Android Check if the phone has a way to install an application _android

This article is an example of Android checking that the phone has a way to install an application. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Mobile phone users are particularly tired of manual input of a large number of information,

Various methods for image data conversion in Android _android

Dealing with images in Android is a very common thing, and it's a way to keep track of some of the things you've used to handle picture data. Switch to bitmap. The RGB value turns bitmap Copy Code code as follows: Private Bitmap

9 Common bugs and solutions for Android development _android

After a variety of finishing, as well as and enthusiastic netizen discussion, finally sorted out nine kinds of Android development of the most common problems and solutions to share with you again!! Useful words, please top posts, common progress.

Android realizes listview asynchronous Load network picture and dynamically updates the method _android

This article describes the Android implementation ListView asynchronous loading of network pictures and dynamic update methods. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Application Example: Parsing the data returned in the

Several web issues to be aware of in Android programming _android

The first one:Android more than 4.4 of the webview, that is, the APP's built-in browser does not support Input[type=file] so when you do upload pictures should pay special attention to this point, to tell the customer clearly AH. (Depressed ...)

Android Learning Summary Gets the data _android the activity returned by the activity that was started

Current activity: Contains a button and a textview for starting another activity and displaying the returned data, where the Onactivityresult () method is rewritten. public class Mainactivity extends Appcompatactivity { private TextView

Android reads all the pictures in the assets directory and displays the method _android

This article illustrates the way Android reads all the pictures in the assets directory and displays them. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific methods are analyzed as follows: Files in the Assets folder are kept in the original file

Android photo, photo album get picture clipping error resolution _android

This is the call camera public static File Getimagefromcamer (context context, File camerafile, int reque_code_camera, Intent Intent) { Intent = new Intent (mediastore.action_image_capture); File Filedir = helputil.getfile (Context, "/tour/

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