Android dynamic Load Layout file Example _android

First, the layout file Part.xml: Copy Code code as follows: Xmlns:tools= "Http://" Android:layout_width= "Match_parent" android:layout_height= "Match_parent" android:paddingbottom=

Android implementation notification bar download update app sample _android

1. Design ideas, use Versioncode definition for version upgrade parameters.Android provides 2 properties for our defined version: Copy Code code as follows: Android:versioncode= "1" Android:versionname= "1.0" > Google

Android is stored in sqlite3 database via JXL read Excel _android

Copy Code code as follows: Package com.demo.day20140228; Import;Import java.sql.Connection;Import Java.sql.DriverManager;Import java.sql.PreparedStatement;Import java.sql.SQLException;Import java.sql.Statement; Import JXL.

Android read SMS Sample share _android

Copy Code code as follows: Package com.homer.sms; Import Java.sql.Date;Import Java.text.SimpleDateFormat; Import;Import Android.database.Cursor;Import android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException;Import

Asynctask usage examples sharing _android in Android

* Asynctask It appears that the modified connect () method is available, but the way of this anonymous thread is flawed: first, the thread is expensive, and if each task is to create a thread, then the application is much less efficient; second,

Android edittext Detailed and sample code _android

The structure of EditText in the API Java.lang.Object Android.view.View Android.widget.TextView Android.widget.EditText  Known Direct subclass: Autocompletetextview, Extractedittext Known indirect subclass: Multiautocompletetextview

Android uses ImageView to enable gesture scaling _android

Touchimageview inherits all the functions of the ImageView with ImageView, in addition to scaling, drag, double-click Zoom, and other functions, support Viewpager and ScaleType, and accompanied by animation effect. sharedconstructing private

Android imitation Taobao, Jingdong product Details page Drag to view details control demo _android

First, Taobao Product Details page effect The effect of our Second, the realization of ideas Using two ScrollView, two scrollview are arranged vertically, and a custom viewgroup is used to control the vertical arrangement of two scrollview,

Android Screen Lock window in the correct posture demo detailed _android

In the previous article to introduce the Android program to develop imitation of the new version of QQ lock screen under the window function. Today we share the correct posture of Android lock screen window. Recently in doing a screen lock screen

Android ProgressBar Instant Display download Progress detailed _android

Here we use ProgressBar to display the download progress instantly. Problems encountered on the way: 1, the main thread can not open the URL, and only in the main thread to use Toast, etc. 2. Child threads Cannot modify UI 3. Allow network

Explain the distribution, interception, and execution of Android events _android

In normal development, we often encounter events such as clicking, sliding, and so on. Sometimes there are all kinds of sliding conflicts between different view. For example, both inside and outside the layout can be sliding, then there will be

Android Fingerprint recognition Call implementation method and sample code _android

Activity_main.xml Source code Source code Package Com.liu.finger; Import Android. Manifest; Import; Import Android.content.Context; Import android.content.Intent; Import

Android imitation netease One-dollar treasure pull the animation effect of a client Drop-down (i) _android

Last week to write a demo, modeled on NetEase a dollar of the drop-pull refresh effect. The original effect is (part one) a little sun pulled down and then loosened up and bounced back up, (Part II) drop another coin to rotate in the middle axis.

Android design Model of the single example mode detailed _android

This is our most common type of pattern, and one of the common features of this type of pattern is: Encapsulates the way and process of creating. The so-called encapsulation is hidden meaning, the object creation method and process is not visible,

Android fingerprint identification and implementation method _android

Recently, the project needs to use the fingerprint identification function, after consulting the relevant information, organized into this article. Fingerprint recognition is a new feature after Android 6.0, so it is necessary to determine whether

An example of fingerprint identification demo development in Android _android

Fingerprint recognition is a new feature after Android 6.0, so it is necessary to determine whether the system version of the user's phone supports fingerprint recognition when it is used. In addition, in the actual development scenario, there are

Android Debugging Tools adb command Daquan _android

I. Introduction of ADBThe SDK's Tools folder contains important commands for the Android emulator Operation ADB,ADB is called (The Android Debug Bridge is the function of the debugging bridges.) Through the ADB we can debug the Android program

Simple example of implementing Runnable interface in Android _android

This lesson is about how to implement a runnable to run the () method on a separate thread. Runnable objects perform special operations sometimes called tasks.Thread and runnable are basic classes that depend on themselves and have

Android background thread and UI thread communication instance _android

This section shows you how to send data to the UI line Chengri objects in a task that allows you to work in a background thread and then display the results on the UI thread. Defines a handler in the UI thread Handler is part of the Android system'

Avoid the use of unresponsive methods in Android development (application not responding, ANR) _android

The worst thing that happens in the app is the pop-up application no response "application not Responding" (ANR) dialog box. This lesson is about how to keep application responses and avoid ANR.What triggers ANRTypically, the system displays ANR

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