Android save simple Web pages to local (including simple picture link conversion) Implementation code _android

Recently in doing a project involves a simple web page containing pictures to download to the local, convenient to watch when offline, share here, you can make a simple change to use their own projects. (The Aquery library is used here.)

The Android development Tutorial framework adds resource resources such as string resources and images _android

Add string Add a string to the Android Frameworks/base/core/res/res/values, for example, add a string to the String.xml Copy Code code as follows: service was enabled for: You also need to add a public.xml file in the

Androidstudio uses Android-support-multidex to solve all kinds of anomalies in 64k _android

64k of various anomalies When your application and library references reach a certain scale, you encounter build errors that show that your application has reached the limits of an Android application build architecture. Earlier versions of the

Android detailed nohttp most basic use (no encapsulation) _android

Nohttp is a dedicated framework for Android network requests and downloads, Nohttp basic usage is as follows This article demo source download address: ( rar The example in this article

Android dynamic Gaussian blur effect tutorial _android

It's written in front. Recently has been doing the preparation of the project, considering the possible use of a fuzzy effect, so I learned some Gauss fuzzy effect of the implementation. More famous is the Fastblur and its derivative of some of the

Android Tutorial Service Usage examples detailed _android

Service Lifecycle (applies to 2.1 and above) 1. The StartServiceRegardless of whether any activity is bound to the service, it runs in the background.  OnCreate (if required)-> onStart (int id, Bundle args). Multiple StartService, the onstart is

Android Development Tutorial Using ListView display QQ Contact List _android

First or the XML layout file, where you add the ListView control: Master Layout Layout_main.xml Copy Code code as follows: Xmlns:tools= "Http://" Android:layout_width= "Match_parent" android:layout_height=

Android Create services started service detailed introduction _android

Create started Service An application component (for example, an activity) invokes StartService () to start a service, passing the required parameters through intent to Service,service will get intent in the Onstartcommand function. There are two

Android uses Webwiew to load page usage examples (Hybrid app development) _android

Hybrid APP is the acronym for mixed-mode applications, with the advantages of Native app and web App two models, low development cost, and a cross-platform feature of web technology. At present, the middleware-based mobile development framework is

Android Press Surface analog ListView and Viewpager applications _android

Simulation of the News APP interface 1 write the layout before writing ListView: Here are two kinds of Item layouts: activity_item &l T TextView android:layout_width= "wrap_content" android:layout_height= "wrap_content"

Several possible summaries of the Android memory leak _android

Java is a garbage collection language, the advantage is that developers do not have to deliberately manage memory allocation , reduce the application due to local failure (segmentation fault) caused by the crash, while preventing the release of the

Android ListView Universal Adapter Instance Code _android

ListView is the most commonly used control in development, but it always writes repetitive code, wasting time without meaning. Recent reference to some information, found a universal ListView adapter, less code, save time, summed up to share to

Android easy to implement image reflection effect instance code _android

Main activity Copy Code code as follows: Package com.mj.myweather; Import; Import; Import; Import Android.os.Bundle; Import Android.widget.ImageView;

Android resolution and screen adaptation _android

Why does Android have to be resolution and screen fit The biggest reason is fragmentation, because Android's open source measures and the individual manufacturers ' own subtle changes, the result becomes this kind of There are so many screen

Several uses of the Android intent detailed analysis _android

Intent should be considered something peculiar to Android. You can specify in intent the action to be performed by the program (for example, view,edit,dial), and the data that the program needs to perform to the action. is specified, the Android

Using LAMBDA to replace anonymous classes in Android _android

Lambda is the 11th Greek letter, uppercase λ, lowercase λ, amount, digress ... Lambda expressions are one of the new features of JAVA8: Lambda expression Function-Type interface Streaming API Default method The new date Time

Android phone to get phone number implementation method _android

Recently do a project, need to get mobile phone number. The mobile card used in the project is a telecom card, so take this as an example. The method of not meeting the requirement on the Internet Google a bit, the online practice is as follows:

Android Custom Titleview Title Development Example _android

Android development process, often encountered a project needs to repeat the definition of the same style title bar, Android has launched Actionbar, ToolBar, believe that useful friends will also encounter some bad times, such as the title bar

Ubuntu connection to the Android debugger with WiFi _android

Note: If you do not have root permission, you can try it, in general, you need root permission to connect successfully. 1. Make sure your PC and Android phone are connected to WiFi and under the same network segment;2. Turn on USB debugging and

Android Development tutorial clears the Android data caching example (clears the local data cache) _android

Copy Code code as follows: * * File Name: * Description: The main function is to clear the internal/external cache, clear the database, clear the sharedpreference, clear the files and clear the custom directory * *

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