Android Judgment SIM card is the _android of China Mobile \ Chinese Unicom telecom (mobile operator)

The first method: Get the IMSI code of the mobile phone, and judge that China Mobile \ Chinese Unicom Telecom Telephonymanager Telmanager = (telephonymanager) getsystemservice (context.telephony_service); /** gets the SIM card's IMSI code *

Android development of the Diffutil use of detailed _android

It's written in front of you. Diffutil is a collection of changes to find a tool class, is used with Recyclerview, if you do not know Recyclerview, you can read some information, this is not introduced. First place Effect chart: As you can see,

Android solves the problem of build path errors _android

After you create a new Eclipse-android project, such as Test2, copy several packages from other items into test2.The following errors always occur at compile time: ? mainly see article Three: The project cannot is built until build path errors

Using Rxjava and Viewpager to implement the Carousel diagram in Android _android

Objective Many people want to implement the Carousel diagram will think of using Viewpager + handler to complete the effect of the carousel diagram. But with the rapid development of Rxjava, Rxjava can be used instead of handler to accomplish such

Android realizes a simple multiplication code _android

Development environment: android4.1.Experiment function:Enter 2 digits in the 2 multiplier inputs in the first interface, and press the result button to automatically skip to the second interface and display the result of entering 2 numbers. If you

Android ListView Item Background Color setting and item click Unresponsive Solution _android

The following are some of the most common problems when using ListView.1. How to change the background color of the item and press the colorListView By default, the background color of item is black, which is yellow when clicked by the user. If you

Android phone Bug (sample code) _android

In my last article, the Android SMS Listening tool (sample code), developed a "SMS Listening Tool", is based on the broadcast receiver, there are some defects (such as: not hidden deep, can not start automatically running ...) ) In this example,

Android Client Implementation Registration, login details (1) _android

We are in the development of Android app will inevitably have to deal with the server, especially for user account information registration and login is every Android developers must master skills, this article will be the client registration/login

WAC launches the Android emulator transfer error:read-only file system error Resolution _android

These two days when the widget was developed with the WAC SDK, Eclipse's Consle encountered the following error while starting the Android emulator: Copy Code code as follows: [2011-11-27 22:08:49-ddms]transfer error:read-only File

Android to modify the source to solve the Alertdialog Touch dialog box Edge disappearing problem _android

When studying its parent class, it is found that you can set such a property and then call the two methods after AlertDialog.Builder.create () Method One:Setcanceledontouchoutside (false); When this method is invoked, it does not work where it is

Android string ASCII code instance code _android

Copy Code code as follows: Package; public class Stringtoascii { private static String tohexutil (int n) { String rt= ""; Switch (n) { Case 10:rt+= "A"; Case 11:rt+= "B"; Case 12:rt+= "C"; Case 13:rt+= "D"; Case 14:rt+=

Android shows a small example of a SDcard file list with ListView _android

Copy Code code as follows: FilePath = Environment.getexternalstoragedirectory (). GetAbsolutePath () + "/adasitemaps/sigrecord"; File File=new file (FilePath); file[] files = file.listfiles (); Structural adapter, Copy

Solve the problem of Android mobile phone upload image after camera is rotated _android

Demand: To do Sina Weibo project, can upload pictures and two foreign projects used to take pictures of mobile phones, both need to upload pictures to the serverEncountered problems: Some mobile phone pictures rotated 90 degrees, and some pictures

Android drawing a Taiji diagram instance code _android

Today practicing, together to draw a Taiji The final effect is as follows: Final effect Generally speaking the principle first, I will go against the road, first speak to achieve it. 1. Inheritance implementation Initialization method Inherit

A solution to the problem of Onactivityresult incorrectly fragment in Android when multiple layers are nested _android

Objective: Fragment can also use the Startactivityforresult method to open an activity and then process the result in its Onactivityresult method, but when fragment is nested, Because fragmentactivity bugs cause a Onactivityresult method that only

Android Viewflipper Simple Usage Resolution _android

Viewflipper and Viewpager are very similar, are a view container. You can add more than one view inside, but Viewpager can toggle view by sliding left and right, while Viewflipper does not have this function, so it is necessary to listen for

Android Open Source project Pulltorefresh Drop-down Refresh features detailed _android

First look at the effect chart: Open Source Item Address: Https:// Drop-down Refresh This feature we are more common, today is the introduction of this feature implementation. I will follow the example

Android 6.0 calls perfect solution for Camera Atlas crash _android

Recently, the customer update system found that the previous project in the call to the camera, Flash returned, very strange, later found that Android 6.0 after the need for program authorization camera permissions, the default will give a hint, let

Android implementation clicks two times back key to exit application _android

Idea: Android Capture user button is in the OnKeyDown method, just to determine whether the user button is keycode_back that is the back button, the rest is to judge the two times click the time interval of the button. The first implementation

Design a simple Android image loading frame _android

The current Android development has so far excellent picture loading framework too many, such as: Volley, picasso,imageloader,glide and so on. But as a program ape, understand the principle of implementation is still very important, only understand

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