Android programming Dynamic Load Layout example detailed "with demo source" _android

This article illustrates the dynamic loading layout of Android programming. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Since the previous time the project needs to be loaded on one page depending on the different buttons loaded on

Ultra-accurate Android phone pedometer development _android

The advances is available on Huawei, the app uses back-office service meter, so as long as the app is not killed by the phone in the background can also be normal advances. Image above: 1. Need to add permissions in Androidmanifest.xml

How Android adds new resources to the framework _android

How do we sometimes want to add our own new resources to the standard framework?The idea is for us to try. Through Eclipse's connection, we can relate to whether it is simply putting strings in the various folders of Res. First to try, compile, the

Parsing the usage of ProgressBar in Android _android

The Example Description widget for Android is specifically designed to interact with the user, but it is also part of a program prompt that displays the running state of a program widget. The examples presented here are similar to those used

Android implements the method of adding a progress bar to the notification _android

The example in this article describes the approach that Android implements to add a progress bar to notification. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Package com.notification; Import; Import

The Android UI implements a multiline text folding expansion effect _android

This paper introduces the horizontal touch sliding effect of single line text, and realizes the horizontal sliding effect of textview text by EditText. This article continues to introduce multiple lines of text folding expansion, custom layout view

Android Custom Vertical Directional Seekbar multicolor progress bar _android

It's written in front. Because there is such a scene, you need to achieve the vertical color of the progress bar, and then found on the Internet, did not see the needs, and then customized a, the effect is as follows: Concrete implementation

Android file selector details and instance code _android

This article explains the use of the Android file selector. It is actually getting the path of the file or folder that the user selected in the SD card, much like the OpenFileDialog control in C #. The implementation of this instance is simple, so

Android Project Mobile phone defender Caller ID number attribution to _android

Yesterday realized 360 mobile phone Guardian's caller ID to display the function, the specific function is when the caller, display the current number of the place, after learning to find the operation Very simple, the specific implementation of

Demo of Android send get and POST request _android

4.0 after network access must be a separate child thread access, or can not run, there is a request to send the tool class Getpostutil Copy Code code as follows: public class Getpostutil { /** * Request to send the Get method to the

Android Imitation eleme Point Menu Page Two-level linkage list _android

This weekend, a lot of selling points, just like a copy of "Hungry" good. First of all, this order page is not very familiar: The ListView on the right, after the group, is indexed on the Left tab page. Can direct navigation, is not very

Android multi-touch technology for free scaling and mobile _android images

In the last article I took you all together to achieve the effect of the Android waterfall flow photo wall, although this effect is very cool, but in fact, it is only a semi-finished product, because all the pictures in the wall of the picture is

Android Waterfall Streaming photo wall implementation experience irregular arrangement of aesthetic _android

The traditional layout of the interface is always a clear line, located in an orderly manner, this layout is commonplace, in imperceptible everyone has been to it has produced aesthetic fatigue. This time the waterfall flow layout of the emergence

Implementation and compatibility processing of transition animation in Android _android

Objective Before Android 5.0, we had a overridePendingTransition() way to achieve some transitions. However, after Android 5.0, the transitions are more cool. For example, the following animation: A, Android L in the transition animation It

Android custom Sliding answering phone control group instance _android

Based on the idea of component development, this article first introduces the Android custom control and then encapsulates the custom control as a jar package. The most implementation of the sliding answering phone control group. First, directory

Android to achieve screen lock source detailed _android

Recently, a friend asked the problem of the screen lock, they are also learning, online look for the next not too detailed examples, look at the information book on the screen locking procedures, the next small determination to follow the official

Android imitation Alipay, jingdong password keyboard and input box _android

First look at the effect chart One: Layout code The keyboard consists of 0~9 numbers, delete keys, and completion keys, or it can be GridView defined by the adapter's method depending on the requirements getItemViewType . Click on the key when

Android implementation of local picture sliding Guide Effect Example _android

Today, the reason for the release of this article is a user requirements, is to achieve the local picture sliding guide effect. This effect is generally common on news clients, and its functions are: 1, the top of a single picture left and right

4 Kinds of Android screen adaptive Solutions _android

Android supports a multiple-screen mechanism that provides an appropriate way to manage and resolve application resources for the current device screen. This article describes the Android screen adaptive solution in 4. First, to elaborate

Android service startup process Complete Analysis _android

When you first started learning service, you thought it was a thread encapsulation, and you could perform time-consuming operations. In fact, service is run in the main thread. Direct execution of time-consuming operations can block the main thread.

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