Android uses the matrix to control the rotation, scaling, and movement of pictures _android

This article mainly explains the use of Android matrix control graphics rotation zoom movement, see the code specifically: Copy Code code as follows: /** * Use matrix to control picture movement, scaling, rotation */ public class

Android 3D rotary animation effect decomposition _android

This article mainly describes how to achieve the view of the 3D rotation effect, the main principle is to rotate around the y axis, while the z axis has an in-depth scaling. Demo Demo mainly has the following key points: 1, custom rotation

Android activity and service for data interaction _android

① from the design point of view: The Android activity is designed to be very similar to Web pages, from the page's jump through the link, and from the location of the page through the URL, from the individual packaging of each page can be seen, it

Android Custom View write random verification code _android

A lot of Android Getting Started program apes may be more fearful about Android custom view, but this is the only way to get to the master's level, all ready to spend some time on custom view and write more articles. To summarize the steps for

Android to modify its own program font method detailed _android

Android offers three different fonts: " Sans”,“ Serifand monospace”。 1. Set fonts in the Android XML fileYou can use Android:typeface, such as android:typeface= "monospace". In this example we are in the activity of android:text= "Hello, world!

Android keyboard input language setting default to open Myanmar Burmese step _android

Locale is through the system settings of the region and Latin input language through the merger out, so in the system locale and input language support can be in the input language settings Languagelist is read from the Latin_preferences.xml file

Android cannot automatically select the appropriate application when it is opened via Bluetooth receive file _android

Receive files via Bluetooth, open from history transfer record, unable to automatically select the appropriate application However, to open this newly received file from File Manager, you can select the corresponding application (such as video

Analyze the acquisition of system date time in Android _android

Copy Code code as follows: Import Java.text.SimpleDateFormat; SimpleDateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat ("YYYY year mm month DD Day HH:mm:ss"); Date curdate = new Date (System.currenttimemillis ());//Get current time

Android encryption decryption String detailed _android

Encrypted and decrypted string: Copy Code code as follows: Package Eoe.demo; Import; Import Javax.crypto.Cipher; Import Javax.crypto.KeyGenerator; Import Javax.crypto.SecretKey; Import

Android Custom LinearLayout Implementation Taobao details page _android


1. Simple description Taobao details page does not need me to introduce, yesterday Taobao see this effect, let me think of last year just learn Android will use ready-made time, at that time on the Internet to find a use of this effect, do not know

Android GPS Positioning and example code _android

GPS positioning is a more interesting function of smart phones, lbs and other services are effective use of GPS positioning function. This article will share with you the knowledge of GPS positioning in Android development. First, Android Basics

Android 7.0 Nougat has 11 new features to know _android

Google has recently released the new Android version of 7.0 nougat (beef rolled sugar), believing that Android phone users will receive upgrades from Third-party handset makers in the coming months, whether you're a lucky person who has already

The difference between Android system NET and WAP access point _android

When we use the Android device to connect to the network, if it is a WAP access point need to set up agents, and telecommunications and mobile unicom agent is not the same, mobile and Unicom WAP agent is, Telecom WAP agent is

On the interaction between Android activity and service _android

The ability to implement updates to download progress 1. Interactive via broadcast The server side will present the download progress, broadcast the way out, the client side registers this broadcast listener, when obtains this broadcast, the

Android Get Verification Code Countdown display effect _android

The front for you to talk about the two clockwise method of the timer, in the recording of video and other operations quite use, today brings you the countdown to achieve two ways. Although the recent writing is relatively simple and basic, but the

Android Animation (view animation, frame animation, property animation) Detailed Introduction _android

0. Foreword Android Animation is a frequently asked topic during an interview. We all know that Android animations fall into three categories: view animations, frame animations, and property animations. Make an overview of these three animations

Android Imitation QQ avatar custom intercept function _android

Look at the Android version of QQ custom Avatar function, decided to achieve their own, casually familiar with the Android drawing and image processing this piece of knowledge. First look at the effect: Thinking Analysis: This effect can be

Android app uses custom fonts to implement the method _android

Android System built-in fonts The Android system itself has built-in fonts that you can use in your programs and support the style of modifying fonts when XML configuration TextView. Support Fields Android:textstyle, Android:typeface,

Android back click two times to exit application details and implementation method summary _android

Idea: Android Capture user button is in the OnKeyDown method, just to determine whether the user button is keycode_back that is the back button, the rest is to judge two times click the time interval problem The first way to implement Package

Android access to mobile phone records method _android

Android how to get phone records, this article for everyone to announce. Get mobile phone call recording process: 1, to obtain contentresolver; Contentresolver resolver = Getcontentresolver (); 2, Resolver.query (*);

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