Android Survival Guide: A detailed explanation of the problem of solving bug strategies and ideas _android

Now the need to maintain and customize Android more and more, do more and more people, and Google directly released the source code has a lot of bugs and unreasonable places, especially native applications, such as Mms,browser, Email, contacts and

Deep into Android threads related issues FAQ _android

One application has only one threadBy default, it is more accurate to say that there is only one thread in a process, which is consistent with other languages, such as C/c++,java. That means there's only one thread in the Android application, and

Android Development Notes: Deep understanding of cursor-related performance issues _android

When there is a large amount of data in the database, it is possible to raise performance problems when using cursor queries. Database query cursor will be a cursorwindow for data management, including the application of memory space and data

Android Development Notes: Deep understanding of multithreaded Asynctask_android

Understanding AsynctaskAsynctask is a class of Android 1.5 Cubake to implement asynchronous operations, which can only be multithreaded asynchronously using thread in the Java SE Library, Asynctask is the Android platform's own asynchronous tool,

Android Development notes: ListView Refresh Sequence of questions detailed _android

BackgroundA typical ListView, each item displays a TextView, represents a task, needs to implement two edits: one is to use a checkbox to identify the task has been completed, another to implement the edit is delete task. The completed checkbox is

In-depth analysis of the Android viewstub application detailed _android

When you develop an application, you often encounter situations where you can dynamically determine which view or layout is displayed based on criteria at run time. The most common idea is to write all of the views you might use on them, first set

Based on Android, read the A.txt file in the assets directory and analyze it deeply _android

Android reads the contents of the assets file, usually using the () method, and passing the path of the file as a parameter, and when we parse the file in a directory when we need to parse it, for example: the contents of the A.txt

An example method for the implementation of image looping by Android _android

Most of the time, we need to show the pictures on the client, but also the dynamic display, that is, constantly switching pictures. Now let's take a look at the specific implementation methods. First, we need to be in the XML ...Most of the time, we

Android MMS: Receive information flow (text) _android

The information receives the work is completes by the bottom, when has a new information when the bottom completes receives the intent way to inform the upper level application, the information related content also includes in intent, The

Android MMS: The application analysis of contact management _android

The contact person is important to MMS because each recipient of the conversation is a contact, and when you create a new message, you can enter any information about the contact, such as the number or name, and MMS can send the information to the

Android frame animation, motion tween, attribute animation usage _android

In Android development, you often use some animations, so how do you use them in development? Frame animation: Not for view to make some changes in shape, but to play a picture, such as some boot animation, similar to movie playback, using

The usage summary of the Android Development debugging tool _android

Android Debugging Tools, here is a summary of the finishing. DDMS --Dalvik Debug Monitor Service Configure the emulator. ADB process Android Debug Bridge establishes a connection between Eclipse and Android devices CMD into the DOS

Android uses Jsoup to crawl page data _android

Jsoup is a Java HTML parser that can directly parse a URL address, HTML text content. It provides a very labor-saving API for fetching and manipulating data through dom,css and jquery-like operations. Jsoup's official Chinese address:

Explain the two kinds of event handling mechanism of Android _android

UI programming is usually accompanied by event handling, and Android is no exception, and it provides two ways of event handling: callback based event handling and listener based event handling. For listener-based event handling, the main purpose

Android uses Recyclerview to create a real drop-down refresh pull load effect _android

Objective Some time ago need to use to Recyclerview, just want to find a package of good drop-down refresh, pull the load of the library, the results Leng did not find, they wrote a. Note: I'm talking about "pull up", not sliding to the bottom of

Android Custom Button control implements buttons Click Color _android

The effect diagram looks like this: Shape Style: ( New in drawable--"new--" drawable resource file Add item in parent label selector) Second, style style: Three, Button control calls the style style:

Android Imitation News reader Menu Pop-up effect example (source demo download) _android

After encountering problems in development, I think that maybe some developers use or want to be independent of a small function demo, so the release to such a demo. Originally felt is the final completion of the site after the client, but this

Android serial communication programming and serial protocol analysis _android

Android Serial Communication programming: Embedded programming and wearable devices and smart devices will be used in the serial port, here to take you analysis, One, Android serial communication Serial communication using a Third-party open

ANDROID+HTML5 hybrid development of imitation micro-trust friend Circle _android

Before developmentabout the beginning of last year, it may be the Html5 of fire, it is not ... Can always hear from the Internet to the mixed development of XXX, in order to keep up with the trend (although a bit late), we also look at ANDROID+HTML5

Android Analog Login Comment CSDN implementation code _android

Sometimes, as an unofficial developer, the app integrates all the official information, but now it needs to implement another feature that is to log in and comment to the official website, while the unofficial app doesn't know how the official web

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