Android Custom Popupwindow Small Case _android

The  popupwindow is one of our frequent customers, and it is easy to use.   wrote the simplest custom Popupwindow, recorded, easy to use later on the above changes can be. /** * @param * @author LDM * @description Custom Popupwindow * @time

Design _android of Android imitation micro-letter voice Chat interface

A period of time did not watch the video, last night smoked a little time, and saw the next big God video tutorial, and took time to write a study record. The code is basically the same as the teacher said, and there are many similar blogs on the

Android ListView Add header layout and foot layout examples detailed _android

Android ListView Add header layout and foot layout Before learning Himalaya A small demo, posted out for everyone to learn the reference; If our current page has more than one interface, a variety of layouts, our general choice is nothing more

Android uses xUtils3.0 to implement file uploads _android

A few months ago wrote a blog "xUtils3.0 Framework Learning Notes", there are records through the xutils implementation of File upload method, the code is as follows: private void Uploadonclick (View v) { String upurl =

Android Push principle (Android push Notification) detailed _android

Android Push principle Since the recent project involved Android push, I saw something about Android push, and we know that the Android push can come down to 3 kinds of implementations: 1, POLL, pull. The general idea is to send the request to the

Detailed introduction to the Android application class _android

Android Application class: Detailed explanation for the application class in Android: In peacetime development, we may sometimes need some global data, so that all the activity and view in the application can be accessed, when you encounter this

Android Development-a variety of ways to monitor button click events _android

Under Android, events occur under the listener, and the Android system responds to keystroke events and touch-screen events, and this article mainly introduces the button click event Method. One, the realization button clicks the event the method

The implementation of the No-trace transition Pull-down Control for Android Development detailed _android

I believe everyone has been familiar with the Drop-down refresh can not be familiar with the market on the Drop-down refresh dazzling, but there are many in my opinion slightly flawed, then I will explain the existence of defects, and then provide a

Android File download progress bar implementation Code _android

Main.xml: Copy Code code as follows: android:orientation= "Vertical" Android:layout_width= "Fill_parent" android:layout_height= "Fill_parent" > Android:layout_width= "Fill_parent" android:layout_height= "Wrap_content"

Android again press the return key to exit the program implementation ideas _android

It is necessary to give a hint before the user exits the application. Because the user may not really want to quit, but only accidentally pressed the return key, most of the application is in the application to quit before giving a dialog, I think

Android image Drawing (iv) Customizing a Surfaceview control _android

Customize a Surfaceview for use with custom controls, such as buttons. such as a piece of dynamic diagram (custom appropriate), or similar to the UC browser toolbar below. The following diagram example: Custom Class Code: Copy Code code

Android 2.3 dial-up Access process from the source point of view analysis _android

Typically, if we want to use the SIM card Dial-up feature, we need to do a simple configuration in the setup, steps are as follows: Settings-"Wireless and network-" mobile network-(enabled data/data roaming/access point name/2G network/network

Android Table effect ListView interlace Color to achieve code _android

First Inherit Simpleadapter Copy Code code as follows: Package; Import java.util.List; Import Java.util.Map; Import Android.content.Context; Import; Import Android.view.View; Import

Android Custom RadioButton Style three implementation methods _android

Three kinds of methods 1. Use XML file for definition Res/drawable/radio.xml Copy Code code as follows: Android:state_checked= "false" android:drawable= "@drawable/tabswitcher_long"/> Android:state_checked= "true"

Discussion on Click event Handling of Parent view and child view in Android _android

The type of event in Android is divided into key events and screen-touching events, and touch events are the underlying events of screen-touching events, and it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of them. One of the simplest screen touch

Android graphic image and animation (v) layoutanimationcontroller detailed _android

First of all, we need to introduce the following layoutanimationcontroller: * 1.LayoutAnimationController is used for a layout inside the control, or a viewgroup* Inside the control set animation effect (that is, the entire layout)* 2. Each control

Graphic image and animation for Android Development (iv) Animationlistener introduction _android

Just like the button control has the listener, the animation effect also has the listener, only then realizes the Animationlistener to be able to realize to the animation effect listens, in which needs to overload three functions, is the following

The Android control uses ListView to achieve the timeline effect _android

Realize the idea: This view is implemented through ListView, showing each listitem with content and time of the entity two fields The timeline is assembled using a line (20DP) above and a middle circle (15DP) and a line (40DP) below. In ListView,

Android Imitation Sina microblogging oauth2.0 licensing Interface Implementation code (2) _android

oauth2.0 licensing interface, approximate flowchart: Prerequisite Preparation: Apply for Appkey and appsecret: Sina open platform.Familiar with oauth2.0 agreement, relevant knowledge:

Android Imitation Sina microblogging launch interface or landing interface (1) _android

This article for everyone to share the Android imitation Sina Weibo launch interface & Landing interface of the specific implementation code for your reference, the specific content as follows Start interface There are two main functions: 1. Load

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