Android UI implements AD banner Carousel effect _android

This blog to share an effect is to achieve the advertising banner carousel effect, this effect is also more common, some video class applications are often, take 360 film encyclopedia to give examples: The effect of living with the red box is the

Android Micro-trust SDK implementation sharing _android

Use the SDK provided by the micro-mail to achieve sharing: Download the Android-related jar package from and add Libammsdk.jar to the project. The core class of micro-credit sharing, part of the code is as follows:

The solution to the EditText setting imeoptions invalid problem in Android _android

Sometimes we need to set the Android:imeoptions property in the lower right corner of the keyboard when the EditText output is turned to go or to search. Android:imeoptions values include Actiongo, Actionsend, Actionsearch, Actiondone, etc. But

Android imitation Alipay in the balance Treasure profit progress bar _android

First, see the effect Second, on the code Package com.framework.widget; Import; Import Android.content.Context; Import Android.content.res.TypedArray; Import; Import; Import

Android Use EditText Click Select All again click Cancel All select Feature _android

Recently in the development browser encountered such a demand: Click on the Address bar, you need to select all and bring up the keyboard, click again to cancel the full selection of the display cursor. Click on the screen in addition to other

Android interview notes frequently asked by context_android

Objective Context, which can also be interpreted as an environment, is the basic information that provides the operating environment for some programs. Basically in the development of the project, there is always contact. Android is not like Java

The realization of Gaussian blur _android with Android Renderscript

Yesterday read the official document of Renderscript, found that renderscript this fellow is a bit of a kick. Accidentally found Scriptintrinsic this abstract class, some very useful subclasses. One of them is called the Scriptintrinsicblur class,

Five kinds of data storage forms of Android system (II.) _android

Previously introduced three kinds of data storage forms of Android system, Today, there are two other types of content providers and networked storage, respectively. Some people may think that the memory

Android jump to system contact and dial-up or SMS interface _android

Now the development of the function needs to jump directly to the dial-up, contact, SMS interface and so on, looking for a lot of information, I organized a bit. 1, jump to the Dial-up interface, the code is as follows: 1) Direct dialing

The Android data store's Android 6.0 thinking about file storage under runtime permissions _android

Objective: File storage is pretty familiar to us in the process of doing app development, but since the Android 6.0 release, access to external sdcard based on runtime permissions is required to dynamically request permissions, So the previous

Android micro-Credit automatic grab Red Envelopes plug-in optimization and implementation _android

Another series of hobbiesThere are many examples and codes of automatic strong red envelopes on the Internet, and the author also makes some optimizations.Let's talk about your two strengths.1. Can be in the chat interface automatically strong not

Android Custom view realizes alarm clock ringing function _android

First, look at the effect of the alarm clock page Features to implement: 1: Turning pictures According to weather conditions change 2: Turning time can be set, the end of rotation, alarm sound on the end 3: Aperture Color Gradient effect

Android Add random-drag desktop hover window _android

With a new version of Android 360, all of the iphone assistants are envious of the 360 only on the desktop showing a tiny hover window? In fact, there are two main steps to achieve this function: 1. Determine if the current display is for the

Android realizes fillet picture solution _android

Now we come to see how to turn the four corners of the picture into a circle, why do that, if so the interface will be very beautiful, let's look at the code below. Java code: Copy Code code as follows: public static Bitmap

Two ways to parse JSON data using Gson in Android _android

JSON is a common XML-like data interchange format that has a higher transmission efficiency than XML. Structurally, all data can eventually be decomposed into three types: The first type is a scalar (scalar), a separate string or number (numbers),

Android phone access to GPs and base station latitude and longitude address implementation code _android

Copy Code code as follows: Android:layout_width= "Fill_parent" android:layout_height= "Fill_parent" Android:background= "#FFD3D7DF" android:orientation= "Vertical" > Android:id= "@+id/location" Android:layout_width= "Fill_parent"

The use resolution of WebView components for Android development _android

A high-performance webkit kernel browser is built into the Android phone and is encapsulated in an SDK called the WebView component. The WebView class is the view class of the WebKit module's Java layer, where all Android applications that need to

Android Bitmap Detailed Introduction _android

Copy Code code as follows: Package Com.testbitmapscale; Import; Import; Import; Import; Import; Import Java.util.Iterator; Import

Android Imitation millet lock screen to achieve the nine Sudoku unlock function (no picture resources) _android

Recently, the company asked to do a nine Sudoku unlock, I used the millet cell phone, watching him that set the lock screen nine Sudoku very good-looking, did the component, do not use picture resources, pure code to achieve. Respect each hard

Android Slidingmenu use and sample detailed _android

Many apps have the function of Sideslip menu, part of the app is sideslip menu ~slidingmenu This open source project can help us to achieve sideslip, if the slidingmenu is not very familiar with the children's shoes, you can refer to the next blog.

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