Android Development Viewpager Picture preview picture zooming in zoom, move, toggle Tutorial

1, enlarge and shrink freely 2. Double click Zoom in and Zoom out 3. Can be free to move after amplification 4. Handling of conflict of events with Viewpager The points of knowledge that need to be used 1.Matrix (Image zoom in, zoom out to use

Implementation of the Android standard, fixed and immersed status bar

Today summed up the status bar color settings, common to have a fixed color or immersion implementation, nonsense not to say, directly above the figure. Standard: Fixed

Dynamic face recognition in the research of Android OpenCV

The implementation steps are as follows: 1, first we need to go to OpenCV's official website to download the SDK, this is the address: 2, and then create a new project I am here in

Example of an Android custom layout calendar

The system has a calendar that works, but does not meet the needs of some projects, so you need to customize the layout, look at many custom view on the Web to complete the custom calendar, Admission level is not enough, can not control, so use the

Android Slide and click Conflict Resolution

Reason Recyclerview item enables sliding listening, allowing the user to swipe left and right to disappear and allow the user to click on the item. You need to overload the Ontouch and OnClick methods, but the time will be conflicting, onclick will

An overview of Scrollby and Scrollto of Android development

Just in learning listview sliding Delete, to use the view of the Scrollby and Scrollto, on the study, the following share: First say Scrollto, Scrollto (int x, int y): incoming x,y coordinates, move view to (-x,-y) position Scrollby (int x, int y)

Android can slide up and down ListView example

Have not used this kind of demand before ListView, the recent project needs, so write a bit, very smooth, the following code 1, Activity_test Android:layout_width= "Match_parent"android:layout_height= "Match_parent"android:orientation= "Vertical" >

Android Development gets phone's screen width, density value, PX wide, DP wide, and PX and DP Mutual

Directly paste Code Tvmodel.settext (Android.os.Build.MODEL)/Mobile phone model Get screen density (Method 1)int screenWidth1 = Getactivity (). Getwindowmanager (). Getdefaultdisplay (). GetWidth (); Screen width (pixels, such as: 480px)int

Android Developer photo and photo album selection examples

Android has two ways to choose a picture, but the return value is different, and this article will guide you through how to unify the return values in both ways. Critical code@Event ( void onbtnphotoclicked (view view) {Intent

Introduction to the method of downloading and automatic installation of apk in Android

Mobile phone file download is divided into the background of automatic download and foreground download, I summed up the implementation of these two code, where the foreground download and realize the download progress bar implementation. The first

Android SDK implementation path planning via latitude

Let's take a look at the effect chart: 1, just enter the time:, the default for Beijing 2, click the "Bus" button: 3, click the "Car" button: 4, click the "Walk" button All right, let's get

Android Development using Gesturedetector gesture sliding interface

People accustomed to Apple know that in the app only need to swipe left and right to make the page conversion, but most of the software in Android is only using the return key to change the interface, in fact, Android has long ago to support

Android App Image caching solution

This article provides three caching strategies: (1) LRU algorithm, fixed cache picture number (max_num), when the number of pictures exceeds max_num, delete the least recently used picture in the cache. (2) FTU algorithm, fixed each picture of the

Android parsing JSON format data implementation code

Ordinary form of:The JSON data returned by the server side is formatted as follows: The code is as follows Copy Code {"Userbean": {"Uid": "100196", "ShowName": "U75afu72c2u7684u7334u5b50", "Avtar": null, "state": 1}}

Android uploads files to Web server via HTTP

The code is as follows Copy Code If you have an upload file, you receive if ($_files) { $target _path = $target _path. basename ($_files[' file1 '] [' name ']); try{if (move_uploaded_file ($_files[' file1 '] [' tmp_name '],

Android Development solves listview asynchronous loading picture disorder problem

The code is as follows Copy Code : Import;Import;Import;Import;Import;Import;Import; Import

Example of cookie usage when Android interacts with Web server

Here is the specific code/** * Send a GET request to the website, the URL should be written according to API requirements, return the information obtained. *//This is dedicated to the public comment on incoming cookie parameters for the purpose of

The nested GridView in the Android ListView does not exactly show how to resolve

The project needs to display more than one picture in the ListView, using the GridView, but if the use of ordinary gridview,item just show a part, beyond the first line will not be able to show, this is very silent, So we have to inherit the

How do Android phones change fonts? Replace Font method

Android phones because of the open source of its system features, users can make a lot of personalized customization, to create their own unique one of the mobile phone. Font replacement is a lot of people often use a personalized modification, on

Android (Android) phone screen lock password forgot to retrieve the method

Preparatory work A computer, a mobile phone Solutions 1. First installed in the computer "Brush Machine Master", if you do not know Baidu search download "download immediately." 2. After downloading installs in the computer, I click the

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