Analog caller and SMS configuration on Android simulator

Analog calls on the Android simulator Project requirements to do a control caller ID android application, then we need to simulate the caller effect on the emulator, below to see how to implement the Android simulator on the analog calls The method

Installing the Android SDK prompts for no JDK

Error Tip: Can also create symbolic link if you don ' t want to copy the files. (Requires Administrator privileges):Mklink C:/windows/syswow64/java.exe C:/windows/system32/java.exe Mklink C:/windows/syswow64/javaw.exe C:/windows/system32/javaw.exe

Android prohibits horizontal screen switch program code

The android:screenorientation= "Landscape" attribute can be added to the configuration of Androidmanifest.xml activity (which requires an activity that prohibits steering) (landscape is horizontal, Portrait is a vertical screen). For example:

Android Bitmap and drawable usage detailed

I. Related Concepts1, drawable is a can draw object, it may be a bitmap (bitmapdrawable), may also be a graphic (shapedrawable), there may be a layer (layerdrawable), we based on the needs of drawing, Create the corresponding can draw object 2,

Android relativelayout Attribute Usage details

Relative to the given ID control The code is as follows Copy Code Android:layout_above Place the bottom of the control over the control with the given ID; Android:layout_below Place the bottom of the control under the

Android detects whether the package name and class name exist

1. For the evaluation of the package name, the exception indicates that it does not exist: The code is as follows Copy Code try {Packagemanager pm = Getpackagemanager ();Pm.getpackageinfo ("",

Android determines whether the current screen is full-screen or not full-screen

First look at an Android screen full screen implementation code The code is as follows Copy Code @Overrideprotected void OnCreate (Bundle savedinstancestate) {TODO auto-generated Method StubSuper.oncreate

Android SDK gets native phone number program code

Note: According to the Android security mechanism, when using Telephonymanager, you must add the Androidmanifest.xml in theName= "Read_phone_state"/> cannot obtain permission from the system. Android development platform, you can get the local

Android Read and write file operating procedures

The code is as follows Copy Code Data storage and access common ways:FileSharedpreferences (preference parameter setting)SQLite databaseContents provider (content Provider)Internet Activity (context)The Context.getcachedir () method

Introduction to the introduction of Android game Framework Lgame

Frame Download Address: The following explains how to introduce the game framework Lgame in the project: • Create a new Android project "LGameTest1", create a new folder in the root of the

The realization program of the automatic playback of the Android animation background image

Now I know there are three ways: The code is as follows Copy Code ImageView ImageView = (imageview) Findviewbyid (; method One: Use Runnalbe () to loadImageview.setbackgroundresource (R.ANIM.XXXXX);Final

Android Socket Communication Programming Implementation program

Java in the socket communication has been a good example, I just to introduce it into Android, the omission of the inevitable, many places are also worthy of reflection and consideration, master do not have to shoot bricks, can skip this article.

About the Android application APK program signature detailed

Certificates are not used to allow users to control which programs can be installed, nor do certificates require authorization centers to sign them. In the Android system, applications using their own signed certificates are completely permissible

Some free UI libraries and component resources in the Android platform

In just a few years the Android platform has formed a large and active developer community. Many community-developed projects are already at maturity and can even be used in commercial software production without worrying about quality issues.This approach to Android development

According to the relevant information to solve the following:1, the preparation of Sslsocketfactoryex to replace the original sslsocketfactory, The code is as follows: The code is as follows Copy Code Package

Android phone development generated XML code

The code is as follows Copy Code private static void Xmlfilecreator (list data) {File Newxmlfile = new file (environment.getexternalstoragedirectory () + "/new.xml");try{if (!newxmlfile.exists ())Newxmlfile.createnewfile ();}catch

Development of Android mobile phone file upload function implementation

File upload in B/S application is a very common function, then under the Android platform can be implemented like b/S file upload function? The answer is yes. Here is an example of a simulated Web site program upload file. Here only the Android part

Android KSOAP2 Access WebService, second call exception (turn) twice

1. The code is as follows Copy Code Webservice.getvcardbyuserno (String userid,string Userno); This is the encapsulated WebService interface.2. When the interface is invoked in succession twice in a program,

How to change the number of rows and columns of the desktop icon by the Android phone

Horizontal screen: Find this file The code is as follows Copy Code Froyopackagesappslauncher2reslayout-landworkspace_screen.xml Vertical screen The code is as follows Copy Code

What about the Android 5.0 system app that often reboots? Android 5.0 application Flash Restart solution

Android 5.0 frequent reboot in late application Many users report that the application in Android 5.0 appears to restart frequently in the background, and that if the device is not restarted for a long time, the performance of the system and the

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