An example of Android producing commodity barcodes

Brief introductionCommodity barcode, or EAN is the European standard barcode. The barcode is used as the unique identifier of the manufacturer of goods and commodities, and is the superset of the United States standard UPC. The EAN-13 consists of

Android Development Implementation Calculator example

Example The code is as follows Copy Code Android:id= "@+id/warpcontent"Android:layout_width= "Fill_parent"android:layout_height= "Fill_parent"android:orientation= "Vertical" > Android:id=

How the Android ListView adapter dynamically changes Data

After using Adpater and ListView bundles, sometimes you want to dynamically change the data displayed in the ListView during the program's use, how do you handle it? One, key code snippets The code is as follows Copy Code

Android Development making face switch tutorial

Software platform: Windows 7 + Eclipse + SDK Design ideas: Two pages: Mian and OK, there is a button on each page, click can switch to each other Source: Main.xml Source code: The code is as follows Copy Code XML

Debugging the Android app tutorial directly on your phone

In this tutorial, we will use the following tools on the Windows 64-bit platform: JDK1.7 Eclipse 4.2 Juno Sony Xperia Tipo In order to debug and run applications on real devices, the following steps are generally required: If you are using an

Android Five layout Tutorials linearlayout, framelayout, Absoultelayout, Relativelayout and Tablelayout

The Android interface has a layout and components that work together, and the layout is like a frame in a building, and the component is equivalent to the bricks and mortar in the building. The components are arranged in order according to the

lineargradient example of font gradient effect in Android development

Android uses lineargradient for font gradients, as shown in the following illustration:As shown above, a white light flashed, this effect is mainly using the LinearGradient class to carry out theLinearGradient is also called linear rendering, and

In-depth analysis of ListView display disorder in Android

Problem Recently encountered a very difficult problem in the project, is ListView in the slide after the inexplicable display of disorder, online access to information after the problem is very easy to solve, but for the cause of the problem is

How does Android implement a chart? Open Source Library Mpandroidchart tutorial [photos]

Mpandroidchart Effect Chart How to use Mpandroidchart Here we draw an example of a pie chart with the following steps: XML Layout Code The code is as follows Copy Code Android:id=

A brief analysis of the difference between Px,dp,dip and SP in Android

PX is a pixel width-independent pixel (device), device independent pixel (DIP) is the font size of the device you want to use, and device independent pixel for all things. Here the device independent

Android Network Programming tutorial, based on socket and HTTP protocol instance

Based on the use of socketsServer side:Start a server-side socket first ServerSocket svr = new ServerSocket (8989);Start listening for requests Socket s = svr.accept ();Get input and output DataInputStream dis = new DataInputStream

The problem of assigning value to WebView's password control using JS in Android

Use WebView analog login on Cnblogs's Android client, which will require the user's username and password to be uploaded to the WebView and then submitted, which tests all the normal mx3 Flyme3 and flyme4. However, on my htcG12 (MIUI4), and Samsung

PHONEGAP Packaging and error resolution for Android development

After I installed and configured all the dependencies on the PhoneGap project, I tried to execute $ Cordova Run Android command, the following error occurred. Error:/home/sam/front/redwine/platforms/android/cordova/run:command failed with exit

UTF-8 coding problem in POST request in Android

A bug was encountered today: a piece of data that was posted to the server by the client caused an unknown exception on the server side. The server side confirmation is a coded conversion error. This intercepts the network packet for analysis and

Android uses ListView to implement ARCS list example

Brief introduction Making a vertical list is very common and simple, as follows: But how do we create a list that can be arc-shaped? Just like the following effect: How to achieve it? Of course, we

Android uses Google Weather API to make its own weather applications

BackgroundWe need simple access to XML to parse XML documents. So you just have to know where the results are in the XML document code and then parse it. For example, in the following picture, we want to know about the weather in Sfax, Tunisia:

Android Gets the value of the label in manifest

Of course, we can also define a value by the meta-data tag inside the menifest. Then in our application directly to read it, so that the next time if you need to modify the value, we do not have to find our code, but in the revision of our version

Android phones view stored WiFi password method

1, in the mobile phone we install the "RE Manager" (Specific installation can be downloaded directly in the mobile phone installation can also use the mobile phone assistant to enter the installation, this is not introduced) 2. Now we open the RE

Android mobile phone more and more slow, how to speed up?

OS Updates and large applications The apps on your phone are almost entirely changed, compared to a year ago. If there is an Android update, or the update may not be optimized for your device, the result is that your device slows down, or

Android Handset Development Introductory article Environment configuration installation

In the second half of last year, three months of Android development, mainly to do mobile phone streaming media broadcast related content, involving TCP, UDP network communications, JSON transmission data, H.264 decoding and playback technology.

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