Android photo save in system photo and photo not show solution

System already has something, if we do not have new requirements, direct call is the most direct. Here's how to call a system camera to take pictures and save pictures and how to call a system photo album. First look at the core method of calling

Android Development ImageView gesture scaling via matrix

There are many ways to imageview gesture scaling, and most open source custom scaling is accomplished by modifying the OnDraw function. However, the ImageView itself has a scaletype attribute, and by setting android:scaletype= "Matrix" you can

An example of multi-interface switching for Android learning notes

Used VB, vc# friends know that in VB or vc# in the window (interface) to switch is easy For example, in VB, C #: There are Fom1, Form2, FORM3, if you want to switch. () () Quite simply, it was really "difficult" to do so

Android mobile phone development environment configuration diagram

Recently started to learn about Android, so I started using Android. If you want to use it, then there is no need to build a language development environment. Let's start with the explanation, it's very simple, but there may be a little problem, so

Android Studio installation Method Graphic Tutorial

First, Introduction Android Studio is Google's newly released Android application development environment, and Android Studio is based on IntelliJ idea development. In the Android Studio development environment, Android developers can easily debug

Android Custom title bar (titles bar) instance

The first step is to implement a custom title bar that needs to be written in the OnCreate method Requestwindowfeature (Window.feature_custom_title); Setcontentview (R.layout.main); GetWindow (). Setfeatureint (Window.feature_custom_title,

Android set Full-screen and Cancel Full-screen method

Android offers two ways to achieve no title bar and Full-screen effects, either declaratively through an XML file or dynamically controlled in a program. Android Set Full-screen method First, through the program settings: The code is

Android TextView Text Center and vertical left center

There are 2 ways to set the center of TextView text: One: In the XML file settings: android:gravity= "center" II: In the program set: M_txttitle.setgravity (; Note: The difference between android:gravity and Android:layout_gravity

Android removes the default focus on EditView

Looking for a long time on the internet, a bit of listening to soft keyboard events, a bit called Clearfouse () method, but the test has not! The corresponding property could not be found in the XML to turn off this default behavior Solution: Find

Android Custom Pop-up dialog box interface detailed

In Android development, you often encounter the need to play window reminders. And the system comes with pop-up dialog box is not very beautiful, you can inherit the dialog box Class (Dialog), and set the custom layout file, to beautify the pop-up

Android Development does not display solutions correctly in response style

Note the recent development of mobile hybrid applications, a problem encountered: Android cannot be displayed correctly according to the specified response style. First of all, two times you've encountered this problem:1. When using the jquery

Android ant command Line compilation and APK signature detailed

Recently, when doing Android development, you need to refer to a third party code into the project, in general, directly under Eclipse to set the code to be imported to the library can be compiled, but a lot of code in eclipse to compile a lot of

EditText limit in Android can only enter phone number letter email address

The following is an example of a number, a telephone to tell EditText how to set the input type, other types can refer to the InputType class. 1) can only enter the number The code is as follows Copy Code EditText et = (

Android movie import player gif image file exception Ioexception.reset

When you use movie to play an GIF picture, you can normally import a GIF file in assets, such as: The code is as follows Copy Code Is=context.getresources (). Openrawresource (R.drawable.mygif);Movie = Movie.decodestream

Android spinner realizes three-level linkage program code in provincial urban area

Provincial urban three-level linkage, using the SQLite local database, you need to use the Simplecursoradapter class to cooperate with the Drop-down list spinner implementation. For a combination of spinner and simplecursoradapter, see, Android

TextView set Android:ellipsize=marquee do not scroll

To make text in TextView scroll, you must meet the following factors: 1,textview text width over textview width2,android:ellipsize= "Marquee"3, scrolling only occurs when TextView gets the focus. So add Android:focusableintouchmode= "true"

An example of Android update module and Automatic Update module

This article introduces the principle of implementation, in order to use conveniently, a simple encapsulation of a class updater. The usage is very simple. Well, in order to support multiple languages, it's still a little cumbersome. Usage:

Android uses service to play music instance code

Use of the Android service: We can create an Android program that creates an activity in the SRC directory, a service class that inherits from the services class, and creates a raw folder in the Resource folder res directory to store audio files,

Android Registration Interface Instance Code

1: Code Implementation switching operation2: Another acitivity is declared in the configuration Let's look at the first step, here is a piece of code in the touch-screen process: The code is as follows Copy Code public

Mobile phone How to set call Forwarding (iphone/android)

How Android phones set up call forwarding 1. First in the mobile phone's "program list" to find and click the "Settings" icon. 2. Click "Call settings" → "Call forwarding" in the Open Settings window. 3. In the Open "Call Forwarding Settings"

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