Android movie import player gif image file exception Ioexception.reset

When you use movie to play an GIF picture, you can normally import a GIF file in assets, such as: The code is as follows Copy Code Is=context.getresources (). Openrawresource (R.drawable.mygif);Movie = Movie.decodestream

Android spinner realizes three-level linkage program code in provincial urban area

Provincial urban three-level linkage, using the SQLite local database, you need to use the Simplecursoradapter class to cooperate with the Drop-down list spinner implementation. For a combination of spinner and simplecursoradapter, see, Android

TextView set Android:ellipsize=marquee do not scroll

To make text in TextView scroll, you must meet the following factors: 1,textview text width over textview width2,android:ellipsize= "Marquee"3, scrolling only occurs when TextView gets the focus. So add Android:focusableintouchmode= "true"

An example of Android update module and Automatic Update module

This article introduces the principle of implementation, in order to use conveniently, a simple encapsulation of a class updater. The usage is very simple. Well, in order to support multiple languages, it's still a little cumbersome. Usage:

Android uses service to play music instance code

Use of the Android service: We can create an Android program that creates an activity in the SRC directory, a service class that inherits from the services class, and creates a raw folder in the Resource folder res directory to store audio files,

Android Registration Interface Instance Code

1: Code Implementation switching operation2: Another acitivity is declared in the configuration Let's look at the first step, here is a piece of code in the touch-screen process: The code is as follows Copy Code public

Tablelayout-tablerow Layout of Android layout

The code is as follows Copy Code Android:layout_width= "Fill_parent"android:layout_height= "Fill_parent" >android:text= "Column1"android:padding= "3dip"/>android:text= "Column2"android:padding= "3dip"/>android:text= "Column3"android:

Android phones How to upgrade the system Android Phone upgrade system

First, through the music service inspection upgrades1. Find "le service" (or Lenovo Service) in the application list and click on it, as shown in Figure 1-1;2. Click "Check firmware version" in the lower left corner and follow the prompts (if the

Android message mechanism Simple explanation

First, the principle 1. Message Message, understood as a data unit for communication between threads. For example, when a background thread needs to update the UI after processing the data, it can send a message to the UI thread that contains the

Android (Android) time stamp simple transformation

First, the principle The time stamp principle is to convert the time format into decimal format, so that the time calculation is convenient. Good ~ directly into the subject. (The following package of a class, the need for students can refer to or

Audiomanager Sound Management usage in Android (Android) development

The Audiomanager class is located on Android. Media package, this class provides access to control volume and sound mode operation The following are the Audiomanager ways to set the sound mode and adjust the sound size. How to get the Sound

Android Development call system camera photo and clip

Call system camera to take pictures and clip In the Android development process, many times we need to call the camera to take pictures, especially when it comes to posting tweets. Inheriting the camera class to write a photo function is obviously

Android gets phone IP program code

Instance The code is as follows Copy Code Public String getlocalipaddress () { try { for (enumeration en = NetworkInterface . Getnetworkinterfaces (); En.hasmoreelements ();) { NetworkInterface intf = En.nextelement ();

Android Message Push Implementation program

1. Message push mechanism server-side needs to be passive for active, informing customers of information that some developers deem important, regardless of whether the application is running or shutting down. I thought of a word: Don t call Me,i

Android Layout_weight attribute detailed

When the control itself layout_width set to Fill_parent, the smaller the layout_weight value, the larger the space, but the limit is as large as possible, that is, fill_parent. When the control itself layout_width set to Wrap_content, the smaller

Android component Development with a label text input box (EDITTEXT)

In Android development, our activity will inevitably use a lot of view parts, and for each view we have to Findviewbyid, set up listeners, get the results of user input and so on. If we think carefully, do these trivial operations not have much to

Android uses application objects to access public data

When running each application, the Android system creates a application object that stores the public variables associated with the entire application. An Android application generates only one application object, and the Application object is the

Android common layout of the linear layout

The more common layouts in Android are linear layouts (linearlayout), table layouts (tablelayout), relative layouts (relativelayout), and frame layouts (framelayout). A linear layout is one in which the components are arranged in a linear,

Android Gets the native number problem and gets the system version information

1, using the method provided by Telephonymanager, the core code: The code is as follows Copy Code Telephonymanager TM = (Telephonymanager) this.getsystemservice (Telephony_service);String IMEI = Tm.getdeviceid (); Take

Set the Android ImageView style when clicked

Imageview.setxxx can setSetbackgroundresource background,Layout Setlayoutparamsand Setscaletype,The source picture cannot be changed. Don't worry. If the picture is rotated, only another bitmap is generated Solutions First, create an XML file

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