A detailed tutorial on the communication tool Eventbus between Android components

Overview and Basic concepts**eventbus** is an Android-optimized Publish/subscribe message bus that simplifies communication between components, components, and background threads within an application. such as the request network, when the network

Android uses Keytool and Jarsigner to implement signature

1, generate the official version, and find the path to the unsigned file, write down demo-unsigned.apk 2. Generate signature KeyStore file with KeytoolKeytool-genkey-v-keystore .keystore-alias -keyalg -validity : The signature file name to be

Android application completely exits the current four methods and implementation code

1. Local method of Dalvik VMAndroid.os.Process.killProcess (Android.os.Process.myPid ())//Get PIDSystem.exit (0); Normal Java, C # Standard Exit method, the return value of 0 represents a graceful exit2. Task Manager MethodThe first thing to say is

Android NDK calls Third-party library files and cannot find a third-party library solution

how to invoke a third party library file (. So) in the Android NDK1. Create a prebuilt subdirectory under the Project/jni directory (directory name customizable).2. Put the third party. So in the prebuilt and create the ANDROID.MK, as

Android Development set desktop background map to fit resolution

Android Set desktop background image to fit screen sizeToday, set the desktop automatically update the background every day, but the desktop background is the system has cropped the picture, and then found this outdated method, the improvement is

Android Simple chat room instance based on socket client

In this article we share a simple chat room instance source under Android based on socket clientEstablish an Android client: package Com.example.mysocketclient;import Java.io.BufferedReader;Import Java.io.BufferedWriter;Import

How Android Viewpager and ScrollView nested scrolling solve

The innermost viewpager will always trigger the outermost viewpager scrolling when scrolling horizontally, requiring a custom viewpager.Import Android.content.Context;Import Android.graphics.PointF;Import Android.support.v4.view.ViewPager;Import

MD5 and SHA1 encryption examples in Android development

First, let's share the functions of MD5 and SHA1 encryption.public class MD5 {private static String key = "a6u&1$ip[jr/sed]rfvn=o>mz+}lxn*%-glcgd|0";MD5 Encryption Instancepublic static string getMD5 (String str) throws NoSuchAlgorithmException

Android application import static database accelerated start

An android In addition to the good creative and beautiful interface, performance is also a key part of this article is the first time to start the speed issue. The Android app's startup process does not allow users to wait too long, and individuals

Detailed analysis of Android virtual machine ART Run-time Library

At the latest Google I/O conference, Google released information about the latest runtime libraries on Android. This is the Android RunTime (ART). ART will replace the Dalvik virtual machine and become the executing tool for Java code on the Android

Android SDK tips on Ubuntu./emulator:no such file or directory to resolve

Run Android emulator on the Xen or KVM guest a few days ago to simulate the Android system. The 64-bit Ubuntu 12.10 System was used as guest, and the "-bash:./emulator:no such file or directory" error message was encountered while running emulator

How to get the memory/cpu information of the Android phone

Occasionally to dump some of the phone's memory, CPU information, see for themselves or to provide information to Rd, so for Android some basic adb command or familiar. To view memory with commands: 1, Top2, PS3, Procrank4, Dumpsys Meminfo All four

Introducing the Android Test Tool espress and installation use

Espresso is a new tool, and the API is more accurate relative to other tools. and smaller, simpler and easier to learn. It was originally launched at the 2013 Gtac Convention, with the goal of getting developers to write more concise UI test code

Android SDK under Widnows and Linux adb cannot find a device solution

Typically, after you have installed and configured the environment variables for the Android SDK, you will not see your device immediately after you successfully enter the ADB devices on the command line (Terminal). This eliminates the problem of

The Android 5.0 SDK cannot open the companion tool solution

As a daily job, you often use tools such as the Hierarchyviewer, Uiautomatorviewer, DDMS, and so on that come with the Android SDK, which happens to be on the Android L release and updates the Android Stutio 1.0,SDK is also accompanied by a

Android packaging Jar (post SDK) considerations and problem solving

During the Android development process, we often have this need to package ourselves a class library as a jar package for others (other people generally referred to as developers), rather than packaging apk files directly for end users to use. After

UXSS Stage Summary and automated test course for Android development

0x00 Science WebView (Network view) Android loads important components that display Web pages and can be viewed as a browser. KitKat (Android 4.4) used the WebKit rendering engine to load the display page before using Google's own kernel chromium

How Android develops access to Google Map API Key

Map applications use Com.google.android.maps this package. Used by the Mapview control. But before you need to apply for a development API key, this key will be tied to the current computer user. And then through the key to the official application

Detailed steps for how to build Android development environment in Windows

The development environment of Windows Installer Android is not simple or complicated, this article wrote to the first time I want to build Android development environment on their Windows Android wave of friends, in order to ensure that everyone

7 common open source free Android UI components and official download addresses

Android Development is currently one of the hottest mobile development technologies, and with the continuous effort of developers and the progress of the Android community, Android Development technology is maturing, and of course, there are many

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