How to set the background color and border in Android textview

1. Create setbar_bg.xml under the drawable folder CopyCodeThe Code is as follows: 2. Set the textview SequenceCopy codeThe Code is as follows: Android: Background = "@ drawable/setbar_bg"

In-depth explanation of Android unable to resolve target "Android-xx"

When using eclipse to import an existing project, you will often encounter:Unable to resolve target 'android-xx' similar error. This is because the imported project CodeThe project target setting of Project. properties is inconsistent with that of

Discussion: Considerations for overall development of android Projects

I. Application plan:※Determine the function.※Required interface and page Jump process.※The source and format of required data and data.※Whether server support is required.※Whether local database support is required.※Whether special permissions are

How to enable flashlight for Android

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: public class HandLightActivity extends Activity implements OnClickListener { Private ToggleButton toggleButton; Private Camera m_Camera; @ Override Protected void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState ){ // TODO

How to obtain the size of installed apps in Android

How can I obtain the size of the installed application at the application level? There are two ways to search online:1. directly obtain the corresponding package under the data Directory and use the File. length () method. Then we will find that

How to achieve sliding between the left and right sides of the fade button in Android

First, let's look at the running effect: Program structure: Code in the MainActivity file:Copy codeThe Code is as follows: package com. android. buttonpageflipper;Import android. app. Activity;Import android. graphics. PixelFormat;Import android.

How to modify the SeekBar style in Android

SeekBar configuration file:Xml Code Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Android: id = "@ + id/player_seekbar" Android: layout_width = "245px" Android: layout_height = "25px" Android: progressDrawable = "@ drawable/seekbar_style" Android: thumb = "@

How to achieve the Guiding Effect of sliding left and right in Android

The purpose of this article is to achieve the Guiding Effect of sliding left and right. So what is the guiding effect? In order to have a better user experience, the current application usually displays some guidance help pages at the beginning of

Android styletheme-based details

Similar to CSS styles, Styles in android are used to define display styles for interface elements. They are a set of one or more view control attributes. For example, you need to define the font color and size. In CSS, it is defined as follows: You

How Android achieves sliding between left and right

This example shows how to slide between the left and right of an image in Android. The sliding effect is used in Android. In this example, ViewFlipper is used to implement the sliding effect. Of course, other views can also be used to implement the

How Android permanently saves data

Background:In Android, data is stored in the following ways: Content Provider (implemented using SQLite), SQLite, SharedPreferences (implemented using XML), files, and networks. In today's project, you need to save a permanent data to your local

Parse the use of include tags in android

In a project, we may need to use the same layout design. If they are all written in an xml file, the code is redundant and the readability is poor, therefore, we can write code with the same layout into a single module, and then use the label to

Details about the differences between dip, dp, sp, pt, and px in Android

1. OverviewIn the past, programmers often designed computer user interfaces in pixels. For example, the image size is 80x32 pixels. The problem with this processing is that if you run the program on a new display with a dot (dpi) higher per inch,

Differences between Android dip, px, pt, and sp

Dip: device independent pixels (device independent pixel ). different devices have different display effects, which are related to the hardware of the device. We recommend that you use this function to support WVGA, HVGA, and QVGA without pixels. Px:

Role Analysis of android: scaleType in ImageView attributes

I checked a lot of information on the Internet, which is roughly the same. Everyone copied each other. It was very difficult and hard to understand. I would like to summarize it myself and find it if I needed it.The example in the Code is as follows:

DEMO explanation of GET and POST requests sent by Android

After 4.0, the network access must be accessed by a separate sub-thread; otherwise, it cannot be run. Here there is a request tool class GetPostUtil. Copy codeThe Code is as follows: public class GetPostUtil { /** * Send a GET request to a specified

Usage Summary of selector Based on android background selector

1. Create an xml file at drawable/xxx. xml. Remember to put the relevant images in the same directory. Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Android: state_selected is selected Android: state_focused is the focal point Android: state_pressed:

Android selector background selector

In the development of applications, the background of listview or button control should be designed in many cases. The following summarizes the usage of android selector:1. Configure Android selector in drawable.Save the following XML file as your

Theme usage and page timed jump on the Theme of the app interface in Android

Theme is used to set the UI style of an application or an Activity. The following Theme is built in the Android SDK, which can be classified by Title Bar and Status Bar: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: android: theme = "@ android: style/Theme.

In Android, you can enter a URL in the address bar to browse the source code of the address page and access the network.

First, implement a simple layout: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Android: id = "@ + id/et_url" Android: layout_width = "wrap_content" Android: layout_height = "wrap_content" Android: layout_alignParentLeft = "true" Android: layout_alignParentRight

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