Precautions for the loadData method of Android WebView

The html data in loadData () cannot contain '#', '% ','\','? '4th special character. If this character is displayed, A parsing error occurs, indicating that some html code is not found on the webpage. What should I do? We need to encode UrlEncoder

Simple use of parsing string-array data sources in Android

In Android, string-array is a simple method for extracting XML resource file data. Example: Put the corresponding data in the arrays. xml file in the values folder. Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Xiamen Fuzhou Quanzhou

In-depth explanation of how to use Android MediaPlayer

1) how to obtain a MediaPlayer instance:You can use the new method directly:MediaPlayer mp = new MediaPlayer ();You can also use the create method, such:MediaPlayer mp = MediaPlayer. create (this, R. raw. test); // you do not need to call

Parse the HELP, about, author, HELP, and other prompt pages in android

In android, the help, about, and author prompt pages are frequently used. Pages like this: This page can be designed through the AlertDialog dialog box.Design an AboutDialog class to inherit from AlertDialogCopy codeThe Code is as follows: public

Android boot auto-Start Program details

Background:When Android is started, it sends out a system broadcast with the content ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED. The constant of the string is android. intent. action. BOOT_COMPLETED. Just "capture" the message in the program and start it again You can.

Parse dip, dp, px, sp and screen density in android

1. dip: device independent pixels (device independent pixel ).Different devices have different display effects, which are related to the hardware of the device. We recommend that you use this function to support WVGA, HVGA, and QVGA without pixels.

DEMO of the Android ProgressBar progress bar and ProgressDialog progress box

During Mobile Phone development, some time-consuming operations are often encountered. At this time, the progress bar will start to work in handy. This demo shows the ProgressBar progress bar and ProgressDialog progress box. 1. ProgressDialog

Detailed explanation of how error messages are captured and sent to the server based on Android

The biggest headache for programmers is bug and debug. This debug lasted 20 days, and I made a failover. Tired, because of Android compatibility, different mobile phones may have different bugs, and it is difficult to reproduce, So I went online and

Overview of SD card scanning and system files based on Android

If you have used multimedia applications, you will be troubled by how to obtain multimedia files in the SD card. Android is still very powerful. If you know how to call the android api, everything will be okay. When a mobile phone or simulator is

How Android modifies the font of its own program

Android provides three fonts:" Sans"," SerifAnd Monospace". 1. Set the font in the Android XML fileAndroid: typeface can be used, for example, android: typeface = "monospace ". In this example, android: text = "Hello, World! Hello, there are four

Parsing android res running errors

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: W/ResourceType (756): Failure getting entry for 0x7f020004 (t = 1 e = 4) in package 0: 0xffffffb1 D/AndroidRuntime (756): Shutting down VM W/dalvikvm (756): threadid = 1: thread exiting with uncaught exception (group

Resolve the problem of horizontal and vertical screen switching for Android

During android development, the onConfigurationChanged event is triggered when the screen changes from Portrait evaluation to landscape evaluation by default. By default, the screen is reloaded and the screen is the same as the landscape evaluation,

Experience of android ImageView

I have encountered some problems in the display of images recently.1)You can use ImageSwicher and ImageView in combination, so that setfecloud () is used.The worst thing is that if the image size exceeds the screen size, it is difficult to implement.

How android judges horizontal and vertical screens

Android horizontal and vertical screens should solve two problems: one. Layout problem; 2. Reload.1. layout problems:If you do not want the software to switch between the horizontal and vertical screens, the easiest way is to do so in the

Android image scaling and rotation implementation

This document uses Matrix to scale and rotate images in Android. The sample code is as follows: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: package com. android. matrix; Import android. app. Activity; Import android. graphics. Bitmap; Import android. graphics.

Using matrix in Android to control image rotation, scaling, and movement

This article mainly explains how to use Matrix in android to control the rotation, scaling, and movement of images. For details, refer to the Code: Copy codeThe Code is as follows :/** * Use a matrix to control image movement, scaling, and Rotation *

The solution to simulating the GPS function on the Android simulator is always null.

We all know that we need to simulate GPS on the simulator during development, but the Location is always null. After checking the internet, we found the following solution: Solutions for online heroes:When obtaining GPS information on the simulator,

Android multithreading and asynchronous Processing

1. Question proposal 1) Why multithreading is required? 2) How to Implement multithreading? 3) What is the core of the multithreading mechanism? 4) How many implementation methods are there? 2. Problem Analysis 1) The essence of Multithreading is

How to Use Android to obtain information such as mobile phone model, system version, and App version

MainActivity is as follows: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: package cn. testgethandsetinfo; Import android. OS. Bundle; Import android. text. TextUtils; Import android. widget. TextView; Import android. app. Activity; Import android. content.

Example of capturing video frames and converting them to Bitmap by Android

MainActivity is as follows: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: package cn. testmediametadataretriever; Import java. io. File; Import java. io. FileOutputStream; Import android. media. MediaMetadataRetriever; Import android. OS. Bundle; Import android.

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