Use ilmerge to merge Silverlight, windowsphone, or mono for Android assembly

As you know, ilmerge can be used to merge. netProgramBut how to merge the Silverlight, windowsphone, or mono for Android assembly? In fact, the targetplatform parameter of the ilmerge command has provided support for this function. Ilmerge: Http:

Index of famous Android series articles

[Download source code] Famous Android SeriesArticleIndex Author: webabcd IntroductionIndex of famous Android series articles: build development environment, layout, menu, dialog box, notification, activity, service, broadcast, broadcast

Early adopters of Android Studio v0.1

Yesterday, the Google I/O developer conference announced the release of the prospective version of Android Studio 0.1. This morning, we will download and try again. As follows: Https:// Obviously,

[Android] multiple Android APK data sharing

Android assigns a separate user space to each APK process. The userid in its manifest corresponds to a Linux User (the Android system is based on Linux. therefore, mutual access to data between different APK (users) is disabled by default. However,

My first Mono for Android app

Document directory Prepare the development environment Create a Mono for Android Application Summary My first Mono for Android app Mono for Android: Learn how to use Mono for Anrdoid to create an android app, how to use Intent to start an

Efficient Mono for Android navigation

The Android 4.0 system defines a series of efficient navigations, including tags, drop-down lists, and up and back, this article describes how to use Mono for Android to implement these navigation methods.Prepare the Android 4.0 ICS project to

Use Intel HAXM to accelerate Android simulators, comparable to real machines

Use Intel HAXM to accelerate Android simulators, comparable to real machines The Android simulator has always been known for its slow running speed. This article describes how to use Intel HAXM technology to accelerate the Android simulator so that

Famous Android (1)-build an Android development environment and a Hello World Program in Windows

[Index page] [Download source code] Famous Android (1)-build an Android development environment and a Hello World Program in Windows Author: webabcd IntroductionBuild an Android development environment and write a simple sample program Build an

[Blog garden client] the blog garden Android client is officially released

[Latest news] the Android client of the blog garden has been added to the official Market.Thank you! Https:// Id = com. cnblogs. android Let's start with a field: The IT product manager entered the blog Garden Restaurant

How to disable the camera sound of camera in mute mode in android

There are unwritten rules in the industry that phone companies must have a prompt when they click the photo and video keys for camera. Therefore, google also put the function of playing the photo sound in the cameraService to prevent developers from

Android obtains the path (URL) of the selected image in the SD card.

Recently, I am working on an image upload function. I need to provide the path for uploading images to the SD card. I have read some examples on the Internet. The code is very simple after debugging. The layout file is as follows: Copy codeThe Code

Android draws and saves the specific implementation code of the image

Canvas is a Canvas. You can create a blank Canvas and create a new Canvas object without parameters. You can also use BitmapFactory to create a Bitmap object as a parameter for the new Canvas object. That is to say, the Canvas is not blank, If you

Android reads Assets image resources and saves them to SD card instances.

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: public class ReadBitmap { Public void readByte (Context c, String name, int indexInt ){ Byte [] B = null; Int [] intArrat = c. getResources (). getIntArray (indexInt ); Try { AssetManager am = null; Am = c. getAssets

Parse the interaction between webview and js in Android

1. Use webview in android to call js Code on the webpage.In Android, you can use webview to achieve interaction with js. To call js Code in a program, you only need to set the attributes of the webview control that support js to true ,, then, you

How to set the position and transparency in the android dialog box

For example, the upper or lower part of the screen. To achieve this effect. You need to obtain the Window object of the dialog box. There are multiple methods to obtain the Window object. The easiest way is to directly obtain the Window object

Android code encryption

Since I started android development, I feel that the code is easy to decompile some tools, such as my own commonly used dex2jar + jdgui and others, so next we will introduce our solutions for practical application. 1. for the code to be encrypted,

How to download the source code of android sdk on linux and windows

This article describes how to download the source code of the android sdk on linux and windows platforms. Note that the source code of the sdk is not all the source code of android, this article also introduces how to add the sdk source code to

Use of the android game development framework libgdx (III)-Chinese display and Chinese Character drawing

The libgdx used in this article is version 0.92, which may be different from the latest version. The full text is for reference only. I wanted to write this article, but yesterday I talked to a friend in the group about how libgdx displays Chinese

Select an Http client on Android)

Most Android apps with network connections Use HTTP to send and receive data. Android contains two types of Http client classes: HttpURLConnection and Apache HttpClient. Both support HTTPS, streaming upload and download, configuration timeout, IPv6,

Android debugging tool DDMS

Android debugging tool DDMS 17:23:34 | category: Android | font size subscription Specific visible DDMS is a bridge between IDE, emultor, and real android devices. Developers can view

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