35. Explanation of Android ADB commands

CMD common Console1. Clear screen command: CLS2. List the details of the current directory: Dir3. delete the file del xxx.txt. Common android ADB commands1) Create an sdcardMksdcard 50 m D:/sdcard. IMG --> Create a 50 m sdcard 2) Delete sdcardCd

In Android, open the browser to the specified Webpage Through intent

The android system has many built-in applications, including dialing, text messages, and browsers. Here we create a simple Android program and call the built-in browser to open the specified address. The interface is as follows: The corresponding

Android debugging on a real machine

Most android Developers can use the android Simulator for debugging. However, the simulator is too slow. It takes three or two minutes to start it once. Generally, the simulator is always on. You can only exit the program by using the back key to

TIPS: you do not need to connect the data cable to your Android phone for debugging.

Real-machine debugging is indispensable in Android development. It is inconvenient and unstable to plug and unplug data lines. In fact, WIFI can be used to connect to android phones. You can also read another article about debugging Android real

Solve the problem that the Mono for android xml editor cannot complete code.

These two days are for dark horse programmers. net training camp. net developed the Mono for Android technology for android, and found that the development tool used is particularly stuck when debugging is stopped. It can be stuck for dozens of

Android cannot be mixed up in the Orthodox Linux community

Http://www.kroah.com/log/linux/android-kernel-problems.html   To be honest, Google is indeed a very arrogant (or even more arrogant) Company. My personal opinion is:   Basically, it doesn't matter if you just separate them. Based on Google's

What is the most disgusting thing about android?

I don't want to mention anything. the most disgusting thing is that it will start several programs and background services that I don't even need for various reasons without knowing it. Sometimes it is even incredible, then these processes are still

Android journey-Handler and Multithreading

This article first explains what handler is used for, and then introduces its application in multithreading through examples.What is Handler? Handler is generally used to send data processing objects between processes. In any process, as long as the

After reading this figure, do you still want to use MonoDroid to develop Android applications?

  Many. NET programmers dream of using. NET to develop mobile terminal programs. Of course, this may also be a trend. MonoDroid is one of them. It is Microsoft. NET for Android and is an open-source implementation of Novell's MonoTouch project in

3. Display Unit in Android

Px (pixels) pixelsGenerally, HVGA represents 320x480 pixels, which is usually used. Dip or dp (device independent pixels) device independent PixelThis is related to the hardware of the device. It is recommended to support WVGA, HVGA, and QVGA,

17. Android cannot access the local server (localhost) Solution

When accessing the local server through localhost or in Android development, the exception java.net. ConnectException: localhost/ 8083-Connection refused is reported. Why is this exception reported? Because the Android simulator

19. Exploration of Android Activity

Activity is an application component that provides users with a visual interface for convenient operations, such as calling, taking photos, sending emails or browsing maps. Each activity provides a visual window, which overwrites the entire screen,

26. Android WebView Cache

The WebView control is often used in projects. When an html page is loaded, the database and cache folders are generated under the/data/application package directory, as shown in: The requested url record is saved in webviewCache. db, and the url

28th. Apply for the Android Google Map API key

1. First find the debug keystore path: Open Eclipse ---> Windows ---> Preferences ---> Android ---> Build Generally, the path C: \ Users \ Administrator \. android \ debug. keystore 2. Run the following command in cmd: 1) Open the cmd Console2)

24. Press the back key to exit the Android program.

The main purpose is to enable the program to exit when you press the back key. Implementation ideas:1. The event is triggered when the back key event is captured. @ OverridePublic boolean onKeyDown (int keyCode, KeyEvent event ){// If you press

Key-Value Pair usage of Android Spinner Control

I. dictionary table used to store key-value pairs Package com. ljq. activity;Import java. io. Serializable;@ SuppressWarnings ("serial ")Public class Dict implements Serializable {Private Integer id;Private String text;Public Dict (){}Public Dict

40. Differences between the Android home key and the back key

Back keyAndroid programs do not need to exit intentionally. When you press the back key of the mobile phone, the system will call the Destroy () method of the top Activity in the program stack by default to Destroy the current Activity, when this

. Android Notification Details

According to the lifecycle of the activity, when the activity is not displayed, the onStop function (such as pressing the home Key) will be executed. Therefore, you put the notification in the notification bar in the onStop function (except press

Android principle does not need to close the background running program

Don't worry about the remaining memory size. In fact, many people bring the habit of using other systems. Most android applications do not exit the design, which is related to the system's scheduling mechanism for processes. If you know java, you

. Android completely exits the application

In Android, if you want to exit the Android program, you generally call finish (), System. exit (0), android. OS. process. killProcess (android. OS. process. myPid () and other methods to exit the program, but in actual development, it cannot

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