Android development simulated use of SD card

If you want to use SD card during development, you must specify There are two ways to create an SD card. One is to directly enter the size to be created and the ADT is automatically created. The other is the image file of the specified sdcard.

Use the proguard obfuscation source code that comes with Android

Android projects are not obfuscated for a long time, because even obfuscation cannot confuse activity, service, and broadcastreceiver classes, so they can be analyzed by decompilation. And your ownCodeThere is no reason for confusion. However, the

Virtual Device Construction and input System Based on the Android BSP growth plan

Due to work relationships, attention to Android will shift from FWK (Framework) to BSP, that is, Linux Kernel. In the five years at work, I have studied kernel several times, but I have never had the right opportunity or motivation to study it in

Deep understanding of the story behind Android writing

Originally published in programmer magazine, the results were edited into a book review, with the content and depth greatly reduced. Today, I post the original article, hoping to attract others.   The exact time for my formal access to Android

How does Android simulate the Home Key in its own application?

Today, when creating an application, you need to use a method similar to pressing the return key of QQ and not destroying the Activity (that is, do not call the Activity. finish (), the system does not call onDestroy), but is similar to pressing the

Android Notification usage

Recently, I have been researching android and using it. In this case, the program Notification must be resident in the Notification bar and cannot be cleared (just like android QQ. After research and implementation of its function, the use of

Remove the USB cable without a wireless router. Use a laptop (Win7 system) to quickly connect to your Android phone (requires Wifi support)

Are you still using a USB cable to connect your mobile phone to access sdcard ?, You are out. This article will tell you that if you connect your laptop to your mobile phone through wifi and quickly access sdcard, you certainly do not need a

Android 4.1 Audio system change description

Android 4.1, abbreviated as JB. In Chinese eyes, the word JB is also related to animals. Google modified Android so frequently, and finally launched a version that can be put on the mouth of JB all day long. In the future, my articles can also use

Android resource usage String

Android Allows defining multiple string resource files in res/values Hello World! App Name When a resource file is created or modified here, ADT will automatically update R. java and generate a unique identifier, such: public static final

Android 4.1 Surface system change description

Time is really clever. I didn't plan to write the Surface system (the difficulty after Surface change is really rough compared to AudioFlinger), but to celebrate the second masterpiece of yanze Luola, I decided to stick to it. Next we will continue

Layout for Android Resources

In Android applications, a screen view is usually loaded from an XML resource file, which is a layout resource file. A Layout resource is also identified by the ID in R. java. The layout resource used in the Code is as follows: @Override

XML resources used by Android Resources

XML files that need to be read as resources are usually placed in the res/xml Directory, which will be compiled into binary files during packaging. XmlPullParser objects are used to access these xml files. Resources res = activity.getResources();

[Original] a convenient tool for android to access http resources-HttpHelper

HttpHelper. java Package; import java. io. IOException; import java. io. inputStream; import java. io. outputStream; import java. io. unsupportedEncodingException; import *; import org. apache. http. util. byteArrayBuffer;

Android startup screen implementation

The startup screen is often used in applications. A background thread is started to prepare resources for running the main program. Android can enable the screen as follows: This is the code for the splash. xml layout file. Code Code highlighting

Android Handler Summary

I. Handler definition:It mainly accepts data sent by sub-threads and uses this data with the master thread to update the UI.Explanation: When an application is started, Android will first enable a main thread (that is, the UI thread). The main

Introduction to selector background selector in android

Both listview and button need to change the background of the original android control, and some information on the Internet is not very comprehensive, so let's summarize the usage of android selector. First, the android selector is configured in

Android TabActivity cannot work properly. bindService Solution

During Android development, we are likely to use TabActivity for development. If your program needs to bind a Service to each Activity in TabHost of TabActivity, we usually perform the bind operation in the onCreate () method of the Activity

How to submit a program to Android Market

How to submit a program to Android Market2011/04/02 Sign your programOverviewNote: All programs submitted to the Market must be signed. Unsigned programs cannot be installed.You can use a personal certificate to sign the program. It does not have to

Android uses custom AlertDialog (exit prompt box)

Sometimes we need to use a prompt box (AlertDialog) that matches our style in a game or application) The following is my summary in developing a small game. I hope it will be useful to you. First: The following figure shows the background image or

Implementation Scheme of translucent effect in Android Application Development

The mobile phone screen is too small, and the translucent effect is often used to increase the visible range. We will share with you the following translucent implementation methods! The following is an example of the effect of translucent custom

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