Android control table, enrich your uidesign

Home Page> Android development> text Android control table, enrich your uidesign Release date: Author:Original Android Development Network The Android platform provides you with many rich controls. Designing a beautiful UI is the

New book content serialization (1): Custom Android components with image TextView

This article is original. If you need to reprint it, please indicate the author and the source. Thank you! This article is serialized in the new book Android/OPhone development handouts. The complete handout for Android/OPhone development has been

Use of Android TabWidget/TabHost

2010-06-07Android TabWidget/TabHost usage Article category: Java programmingAndroid TabWidget/TabHost can be used in either of the following ways: First, use the built-in TabHost (and inherit from the TabActivity class) Code as follows:Java

[Android UI] combination of ListView and arrays. xml

From: I want to create a ListView that combines icons and text. The icon data is also written in xml (see arrays. xml below ). However, the output shows that@ Drawable/latest is not the id value, but

Android custom View and layout attributes

Home Page> Android development> full introduction to custom View and layout attributes of Android Release date: 2010-08-10 Author:Original Android Development Network You may be familiar with the custom View of the Android system. Many

Android development error points

Home Page> Android development> Summary of errors in text Android Development Release date: Author:Original Android Development Network For Android programmers, we need to pay attention to the development of Android applications in many

Custom Android component with image TextView

Custom Android component with image TextView Android10:55:52Reading 51Comment 0 Font size: large, medium, and small subscriptionsAddress: In this example, You need to implement a

Android Network Connection Processing

From:   In Android, network programming can be implemented in multiple ways: Create a URL and use URLConnection/HttpURLConnection Use HttpClient Use WebView Create a URL and use

Five data storage methods in Android

Five data storage methods in Android Data storage is most frequently used during development. Here we mainly introduce five Data Storage Methods on the Android platform: 1. Use SharedPreferences to store data; 2. File storage data; 3. The SQLite

Android framework Handler \ HandlerThread \ logoff \ Message \ MessageQueue \

Logoff and Handler Analysis] As far as application programs are concerned, Java applications in the Android system are the same as those in other systems, and work by messaging. Their general working principles are as follows: A. There is a message

Explanation of common measurement units (xdpi, hdpi, mdpi, and ldpi) on Android

Terms and conceptsScreen SizeThe physical size of the screen, based on the diagonal length of the screen (such as 2.8, 3.5 ).In short, Android simplifies all screen sizes into three categories: Large, normal, and small.The program can provide three

Batch download of Android source code in Windows

Google opened the Android source code. The source code uses Git for version control. 1. First, goHttp:// git-xxx.exe and install Git after the download is complete. 2. Address of the Android code

Android 2D Graphics

Android provides an image library for Drawing Images and animation 2D. The two packages are android. graphics. drawable and android. view. animation, you can find the same class in the two packages to present two different aspects of the drawing and

Android scaling and rotating Images

This document uses Matrix to scale and rotate images in Android. The sample code is as follows:Package com. android. matrix; Import android. app. Activity;Import android. graphics. Bitmap;Import android. graphics. BitmapFactory;Import android.

Android 3D Rotation

The following example shows how to rotate Images 3D in Android.   OpenGL is generally used to implement 3D effects, but OpenGL can be used not directly on the Android platform, but on Camera. The original principle of Camera is OpenGL, but it is

Android uses gestures to drag images

In this example, Android uses gestures to drag and drop images. The running effect is as follows:     The Code is as follows: Package com. android. drag; Import android. app. Activity;Import android. content. Context;Import android. graphics. Canvas;

Principle of page flip for Android

This article introducesPrinciples and Examples of page flip in Android.   The first method is as follows:       Implementation principle: If the touch point of the current finger is a, the coordinate of Point a is (ax, ay). The coordinate between

Android-based HTTP Communication with servers

This example uses Servlet as an example to demonstrate the communication between Android and Servlet.. As we all know, Android and servers usually use HTTP and Socket communication methods, while HTTP Communication methods are divided into get and

Use Android to draw and display charts

This article demonstrates how to draw and display chart examples on the Android platform. This example is based on RChart 2. Charts and statistical data are often used in a system. In WEB development, drawing charts is simple because there are many

Android visual effects design skills

This article describes how to improve visual effects in Android applications. When we join this field, every developer wants to make their applications better. In Android Application Development, style and design may not be the most critical element,

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