Analysis of Android push technology (1)-Overview

In today's age of information explosion, people are almost numb to all kinds of information and information that are everywhere. A large number of irrelevant or even junk information constantly harass people's nerves, so personalized and social

Android API Chinese (50) -- SpinnerAdapter

Preface This chapter content is android. widget. SpinnerAdapter, version for Android 2.2 r1, translated from "de rod", welcome to visit his blog:, thank you again "de rod "! I look forward to your participation in

Android uses ActivityGroup to set android: windowSoftInputMode to invalid

  Preface When you use ActivityGroup to set the android: windowSoftInputMode of the Activity to stateHidden to hide the keyboard, the hiding failure may occur. This problem has not been found in the simulator and in MOTOi899 (Android

Android Chinese API-android. widget collection (medium) (50 articles) (chm format)

  Preface Keywords: Android Chinese chm, Android Chinese API chm, android Chinese api The Android Chinese translation group ushered in the second chm format collection, collecting and sorting android. A collection of 46 translated articles in the

[Difficult for Android] The problem of dynamic change of the Padding after the Background is invalid

Preface After the background and padding are specified in Layout, the dynamic modification of the background in the program will render the padding invalid. It seems to be a BUG. Here I found an English article to share it with you. StatementWelcome

Android API Chinese (51) -- ZoomButtonsController

  Preface This chapter is about android. widget. ZoomButtonsController. Its version is Android 2.2 r1 and translated from "zookeeper". You are welcome to visit his blog: thank you again for "zookeeper "! I look forward

[Difficult to handle Android problems] Gallery default and landscape screen switching selection status problems (2.3, 2.3 System)

Preface Gallery's Item uses an ImageView + TextView and sets selector for it. The Item status will not change when setSelection is used and the screen is switched horizontally and vertically, this currently exists in systems 2.2 and 2.3. a later

Android API Chinese (52) -- ZoomButtonsController. OnZoomListener

  Preface This chapter is about android. widget. zoomButtonsController. onZoomListener: Android 2.2 r1. It is translated from "zookeeper". You are welcome to visit his blog: thank you again for "zookeeper "! I look

# Weekend classes # In-Service Training [recruit senior Android/HTML5 lecturers and senior Android game development lecturers (on-the-job )]

Weekend classes     Introduction In-service training, founded by the farmer's uncle, provides short and precise courses with strong pertinence, high timeliness, and low cost, helping developers of different levels quickly advance to the level.

[Android FAQ] Dynamic Replacement of Fragment full screen

Preface   Record A abnormal problem encountered when dynamically replacing Fragment. StatementWelcome to repost, but please keep the original source of the article :) blog Park: Farmer's uncle:

Use Vitamio to build your Android universal player-New Vitamio beta SDK released

PrefaceThe Vitamio series of articles has received the attention of many Android Developers and entrepreneurs. The new version of the SDK is also released in a long-awaited manner. Although it is in the beta phase, it has obviously improved and met

Android Learning Series (6)-App modularization and engineering extension

This article is a must-have knowledge for android Developers. It is specially compiled and summarized for everyone. It is not perfect but useful. 1. RequirementsWhether on the. net or java platform, a reasonable layered architecture is one of the

[Difficult for Android] setting the width of TextView dynamically does not work.

  Preface To achieve the subtitle effect by dynamically changing the width attribute of TextView, the result shows that setWidth is not self-occupied. Here we will share the solution. StatementWelcome to repost, but please keep the original source

Use Vitamio to create your Android universal player (7)-Online playback (download video)

PrefaceThis chapter provides a very practical function-download online videos. We also need to think about the product design and how to better integrate the newly added functions into existing products when it comes to multithreading, thread update,

Use Vitamio to build your Android universal player (1) -- Preparation

PrefaceAlthough Android has built the VideoView component and MediaPlayer class to support the development of video players, the supported formats, performance, and other aspects are very limited, here we will use free Vitamio to create our Android

Use Vitamio to create your Android universal player (5)-Online playback (playing Youku videos)

PrefaceIn order to ensure the progress of each Monday article, and because the new Vitamio version is not released, it is decided to delay some local playback functions (, video time, size, etc.), skip the section that directly writes the online

[Android] simple calculator using Stack

  Preface It took some time to help a friend develop a calculator, which may be useful in the future.   StatementWelcome to repost, but please keep the original source of the article :) blog Park: farmer UNCLE: http://over140.

Use Vitamio to create your Android universal player (4)-local playback (quick search and data storage)

Preface Keywords: Vitamio, VPlayer, Android player, Android audio and video, and Android open-source player This chapter Android universal Player Local playback of the main functions (Cache playback list and A-Z quick query function) completed, and

[Android] use the run-as command to read data under data without root

  PrefaceDuring this period of time, the skin swap function has encountered many problems and there are new problems after the solution. Here we will share with you that you want to achieve multi-APK Resource Sharing without using your userid, we

Use Vitamio to create your Android universal player (3)-local playback (main interface and playback list)

Preface Creating a complete and available Android player requires many functions and details, and involves a variety of knowledge and content. This chapter will combine Fragment and ViewPager to build the main UI of the player, and implement the

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