Android push Solution

This article describes the basic knowledge and related solutions for implementing push methods in Android. The application scenarios of the push function in mobile phone development are getting started. If we don't talk about anything else, the news

Android Push Notification for Information Push

This article describes how to use the AndroidPn project to implement push.   In the previous article, we mentioned how to implement the push solution in Android. One of the more mature solutions is to use the XMPP protocol. The AndroidPn project is

Obtain the System Application List using Android

This article describes how to obtain the list of system applications in Android.   The Android system provides many service management classes, including ActivityManager, PowerManager (power management), and AudioManager (audio management. In

Achieve the ListView rounded Corner Effect in Android

This article demonstrates how to implement ListView in AndroidRounded cornerEffect.   People like to see some novel view effects on websites and apps. Looking at the right corner, I want to see the rounded corner. In recent years, there has been a

Android sliding between left and right

This example shows how to slide between the left and right of an image in Android.     The sliding effect is used in Android. In this example, ViewFlipper is used to implement the sliding effect. Of course, other views can also be used to implement

Intent. Action for Android Development

This article describes the common functions of Intent in Android.   1 Intent. ACTION_MAIN String: android. intent. action. MAIN Identifies Activity as the beginning of a program. It is commonly used. Input: nothing Output: nothing     2 Intent.

Android uses gestures to drag images

In this example, Android uses gestures to drag and drop images. The running effect is as follows:     The Code is as follows: Package com. android. drag; Import android. app. Activity;Import android. content. Context;Import android. graphics. Canvas;

Principle of page flip for Android

This article introducesPrinciples and Examples of page flip in Android.   The first method is as follows:       Implementation principle: If the touch point of the current finger is a, the coordinate of Point a is (ax, ay). The coordinate between

Android development-calendar control implementation

This topic describes several calendar controls on the Android platform. Calendar controls have many solutions in Web development and are easy to implement. However, there are few and not easy to implement solutions on the Android platform. The

Android-based HTTP Communication with servers

This example uses Servlet as an example to demonstrate the communication between Android and Servlet.. As we all know, Android and servers usually use HTTP and Socket communication methods, while HTTP Communication methods are divided into get and

Use Android to draw and display charts

This article demonstrates how to draw and display chart examples on the Android platform. This example is based on RChart 2. Charts and statistical data are often used in a system. In WEB development, drawing charts is simple because there are many

Android visual effects design skills

This article describes how to improve visual effects in Android applications. When we join this field, every developer wants to make their applications better. In Android Application Development, style and design may not be the most critical element,

Android implements continuous sliding of images of gongge

  This article describes how to achieve continuous sliding of images in Android.     Before that, I wrote a few articles about the sliding effect in Android. After all, the sliding effect is also frequently used in Andriod development. If you are

GanttChart for Android

This article describes how to implement Gantt Chart effects and solutions in Android.   During this time, I have been busy with a project, which uses the Gantt chart function. You may know that you need to implement Gantt Chart on a PC, whether it

(Android practice summary) android's summary of html support Interfaces

Frontier: Projects usually need to display a piece of text. If you need a specific effect on the text, you need to write a custom span, which will increase the workload. Currently, android supports html text, the following is my summary of the

(Android map development) 1. Steps to configure the google map function in the Development Environment

This article describes how to configure the map function of android. Step One download google in android sdkAPI Note: In android, the maps function is not a standard api of google. google puts the API in its own library. Before developing the

(Android hardware Application Practice) camera photography implementation and summary

Two risks should be taken into consideration before camera photography can be used. [1] Not every android machine can use your application Main reasons: The camera takes pictures. The app calls the android system API, the system API, and the

(Android practice) customize the tab style of android-reprint

In the android project, you need to replace the default tabHost style: (Implementation principle: reconstruct the Indicator of the Tab) In order to achieve this effect, it took some time to take a note and give it to friends in need. Step 1: Create

(Android map development) 4. Map offset Solution

1Source of map offset problem: For security reasons, in order not to expose the geographic information of important locations, all electronic map service providers need to add offsets and encryption to map data, so we are using google, when you map

Install the Android Development Environment

Note: before installation, make sure that your logon SYSTEM account is not a Chinese account. Chinese account Eclipse cannot recognize folders of Chinese accounts Step One install Java and configure system variablesGo directly to:

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