(Android practice) released the first application, "Guo Kao Tong!

Function Description: Guokao is a free mobile National Civil Servant software that combines Unit exercises, answer analysis, simulated tests, and scores, perform the national examination anytime and anywhere for friends who need the National

(Android practice) use library to reference Projects

ArticleDirectory Original requirements Set platform project to is Library Reference the platform library in the app Project Original requirements We are going to put the common functions suchUser Management, updates, and feedbackTo form a

Practical development problem summary (Interface Design) -- how Android applications adapt to mobile phones with multiple resolutions

PrefaceAndroidDiverse mobile phone resolutions,In this way, our applications must be adapted to devices with multiple resolutions.. There are three main considerations for applications: 1)Interface Configuration  Create mobile phone interface

(Android map development) 4. Map offset Solution

1Source of map offset problem: For security reasons, in order not to expose the geographic information of important locations, all electronic map service providers need to add offsets and encryption to map data, so we are using google, when you map

(Android practice) implements the shake Function

// Sensor ManagerPrivate SensorManager mSensorManager;// VibratorPrivate Vibrator vibrator;// Activity ManagerActivityManager activityManager; // 1 obtain hardware informationMSensorManager = (SensorManager) getSystemService (SENSOR _SERVICE

(Android Control) page to configure the perspective effect button

1. Implementation results Button normal effect   Button-click Validity Period  2. Now the pivot effect button The button for implementing the perspective effect focuses on two points: 1. Button background implementation 2. Button font color

(Android Control) interface layout for GridView (grid effect)

1Effects to be achieved: To meet the business needs, you need to achieve the mesh effect. Specifically, the screen is divided into two rows, with one picture centered in the middle. Additional requirements: when considering the interface design,

(Android practice) solves the problem of TableLayout layout and control width failure in the dialog box.

First, let's look at a question. Page configuration source code Android: id = "@ + id/but_gotogame"Android: layout_width = "wrap_content"Android: layout_height = "wrap_content"Android: gravity = "center"> (In the dialog box, in the TableLayout

How to install the apk file on the Android Simulator

1. Run SDK Manager, select a simulator, and run the simulator. SDK Manager Application   Open Simulator 2. Copy the apk file to the platform-tools directory (default: C: \ Program Files \ Android \ android-sdk-windows \ platform-tools ). To

(Android practice) Solve the Problem of failed running of WeChat development platform instances

1. If your project uses code obfuscation, the solution is as follows: Q: Why can't the confirmation box for sending third-party messages pop up after code obfuscation? A: Add the following two lines of code to the configuration

(Android plugin) Get the resource summary in the jar package

Document directory Requirement Description: Package Resources 1. Read the resource files in the jar package through the AssetManager class   Use the ClassLoader class to read resource files   Requirement Description: During project

(Android Control) uses the background attribute to select images

1Effects to be achieved: To implement the business, select the image effect.   Implemented:   2Solution: The background attribute and padding attribute in the ImageView control are used to display the border outside the image, and the border

(Android practice) ListView style implementation Summary

1. Set the horizontal line color and height between items in listview. android:divider="#8E8E8E" android:dividerHeight="1px" 2. Set ListView to black when multiple items are selected android:scrollingCache="false"   3. Set ListView to select

Summary of actual development issues (Development Environment)-android development and testing on a real machine

After Android was developed for a period of time, it was unable to simulate gravity or cell phone card numbers. Therefore, an android mobile phone was used for testing. The mobile phone model was HTC A8181, the following describes how to configure

(Android practice summary) Implementation Summary of third-party android Components

Frontier: During android development, you often need to create third-party packages at the component level. The following describes the types of third-party packages supported by android, their trial scope, and their advantages and disadvantages.

(Android practice) Speech Recognition: performs operations based on speech

After the release of iPhone 4S, siri voice functions have become a hot topic for the moment. In the past few days, I want to write an android Application similar to siri. The following are two key technical points: 1. Speech Recognition: Private

(Android practice) How to Adapt relative layout of interface elements without Overlap

In the RelativeLayout layout of android, how does one make the screen adaptive and not overlap with each other? Generally, the interface layout can be divided into two directions according to business requirements. Horizontal:In the order of

(Android practice) thread pool implementation, and feedback processing through CompletionService

ImportJava. Util. concurrent. Callable;ImportJava. Util. concurrent.CompletionService;ImportJava. Util. concurrent. ExecutionException;ImportJava. Util. concurrent. ExecutorCompletionService;ImportJava. Util. concurrent. ExecutorService;ImportJava.

(Android practice system II) Android interactive network transmission solution selection and implementation

Preface: As described above, the implementation of login and account registration based on the dialog box is not detailed about the interaction between Android terminals and Internet services, In the following section, I will describe the selection

Android development UI library and component resources

This article describes some free UI libraries and component resources on the Android platform.   In just a few years, the Android platform has formed a huge and active developer community. Many community-developed projects have entered a mature

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