Use the proguard obfuscation source code that comes with Android

Android projects are not obfuscated for a long time, because even obfuscation cannot confuse activity, service, and broadcastreceiver classes, so they can be analyzed by decompilation. And your ownCodeThere is no reason for confusion. However, the

Android TabActivity cannot work properly. bindService Solution

During Android development, we are likely to use TabActivity for development. If your program needs to bind a Service to each Activity in TabHost of TabActivity, we usually perform the bind operation in the onCreate () method of the Activity

How to submit a program to Android Market

How to submit a program to Android Market2011/04/02 Sign your programOverviewNote: All programs submitted to the Market must be signed. Unsigned programs cannot be installed.You can use a personal certificate to sign the program. It does not have to

Android uses custom AlertDialog (exit prompt box)

Sometimes we need to use a prompt box (AlertDialog) that matches our style in a game or application) The following is my summary in developing a small game. I hope it will be useful to you. First: The following figure shows the background image or

Implementation Scheme of translucent effect in Android Application Development

The mobile phone screen is too small, and the translucent effect is often used to increase the visible range. We will share with you the following translucent implementation methods! The following is an example of the effect of translucent custom

How to Make TextView automatically scroll vertically in Android

In progressAndroidDuring application development, it is very easy to scroll horizontally or make a marquee,TextviewThe attributes are supported. As long as the settings are accurate, they will scroll and be relatively simple to develop.

Android unit details 2 (small translation)

Document directory Terms and concepts Http:// and concepts Screen size Actual physical size, measured as the screen's diagonal. For simplicity, Android groups all

Android obtains the screen size and density

In some cases, we need to obtain the physical size of the screen of the Android mobile phone or Pad to facilitate the interface design or other functions. The following describes how to obtain the physical size of a screen:I have found a lot of

Backup: Commonly Used mimeType tables for Android

Transferred from:Http:// 1. mime type description Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extension(MIME,Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) Is an internet standard that extends the email standard to

[Android layout] sets the attributes of android: gravity and android: layout_Gravity in the program.

Android: gravity and android: layout_Gravity attributes may be frequently used during UI layout. Many people have explained the differences between these two attributes on the Internet. (Materials are from the Internet) LinearLayout has two very

Bitmap, byte [], and Drawable in Android convert each other

1. Related Concepts 1. Drawable is a printable object. It may be a BitmapDrawable, A ShapeDrawable, or LayerDrawable ), based on the drawing requirements, we can create corresponding printable objects. 2. Canvas, the target area of the drawing, used

Android uses code to implement RelativeLayout Layout

You only need to copy the code to the oncreate method to run it.Java code RelativeLayout rl = new RelativeLayout (this ); Button btn1 = new Button (this ); Btn1.setText ("----------------------"); Btn1.setId (1 ); RelativeLayout.

Android Image Processing (image synthesis, image rounded corner, image flip, image scaling)

Image Synthesis /*** Image Synthesis* @ Param bitmap* @ Return*/Private Bitmap createBitmap (Bitmap src, Bitmap watermark ){If (src = null ){Return null;}Int w = src. getWidth ();Int h = src. getHeight ();Int ww = watermark. getWidth ();Int wh =

Android Adapter Usage Details

You can use this statement 100 times: the adapter is used to bind data to each display control on the entry interface.--------------------------------- Split line -------------------------------------1. The getview () method encountered an exception

Android gravity attributes (Note: This attribute is a linearlayout attribute)

Value Description Top Put the object at the top of its container, not changing its size.Place the object on the top of the container without changing its size. Bottom Put the object at the bottom of its container, not

Android-event trigger mechanism

Summary: The returned values here have a concept of "consumption. if the put event (down, move, up) is imagined as a commodity, it is easy to understand. true indicates that I have consumed the service. (If I want this product, you can't, so I will

Selector in Android

Android Selector is a background Selector and can be used to change the interface status. In short, you can change the special effects you want. AD: Recently, both listview and button have to change the background of the original Android control. I

Android boot broadcast and shutdown Broadcast

Sometimes we need our program to run automatically after the system starts up. At this time, we can use the Broadcast Mechanism in Android to compile a class that inherits BroadcastReceiver and accept the system to start and stop broadcasting. The

Summary of use of android surfaceView and view

The two methods are to draw a circle that gradually increases, and the custom view needs to sleep to see the effect. surfaceView is not needed. It may be related to its two-level cache._____________________________________ Most beautiful split line _

Android 2D plotting Summary 1

1. Overall summary: Use "button painting" as an example.Public class MyButton extends Button {---> inherits the Button. Generally, we inherit the View without a style.Public MyButton (Context context ){Super (context );}@ OverrideProtected void

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