MF RC522 RF Card Reader based on ARM and linux, mfrc522

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MF RC522 RF Card Reader based on ARM and linux, mfrc522

Abstract: In this design, the embedded technology of ARM and linux is combined with RFID technology, which is of special significance for realizing low power consumption, portable and networking of mobile payment terminals. The first is to use the MF RC522 chip to design and create a reader to read and write the Mifare card. The second is to use the S3C2440A chip and linux to build an embedded system, which serves as the hub for communication and processing between modules; finally, the development software is used to compile the program of the server and the MFC and Qt interface clients, so that each module works collaboratively through SPI and wifi communication. Combined with the design, production and debugging of physical objects and software, a mobile terminal system with stable performance and flexible use is realized.


Design and Implementation of RFID-Based Mobile Payment Terminal


Server program:

MFC client:

Qt client:

What is the working principle of RC522 and RF?

Send and receive data through the 13.56M carrier;
The card space is determined by the card type;
The principle is electromagnetic induction.

Connect the non-contact IC card reader to the arm Development Board. The system is embedded in linux. What products are suitable?

I am a non-connected IC card reader. What I want to say is that the card reader does not care about the system of the host computer. As long as the communication is normal, it can comply with the agreed communication protocol. Generally, the card reader supports the serial port or USB port, so you can select one that can be used on the development board. We recommend that you use the serial port for a large range of applications.
For specific products, I can only say that you only need to buy a universal card reader. Remember to buy a communication protocol and then change your communication program according to the protocol.
Of course, you 'd better understand some knowledge of non-connected IC, we recommend you look at ISO14443-3, ISO14443-4
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