Android shortcuts 2-add shortcuts to Launcher

When we are applyingProgramWhen the blank head of the launcher desktop is pressed, a dialog box is displayed, prompting you to select the Desktop component to be added, as shown in After selecting a shortcut, a dialog box is displayed, showing

Exploring ScrollView of Android controls

ScrollView a rolling view is a view that needs to be displayed by scrolling and jumping when there is a lot of content that cannot be displayed on the screen. ScrollView only supports vertical scrolling. The following are examples Main. xml layout

Android control: ListView 1

In android development, ListView is a commonly used component that displays specific content in the form of a list and can be automatically displayed based on the length of data. Main. xml layout File android:layout_width="fill_parent"

Android control: Exploring AutoCompleteTextView and MultiAutoCompleteTextView

Android provides two types of smart input boxes: AutoCompleteTextView and MultiAutoCompleteTextView. Their functions are roughly the same. The display effect is the same as that in Google search. When you enter some characters in the search box (at

Handle class usage in android

If we directly put the processing function in OnCreate or OnStart of Activity when processing download or other tasks that require long execution, the entire Activity will not respond during execution, if the time is too long, the program will be

Exploration of TabHost in Android Control

The following uses TabHost to implement the android tab. Main. xml layout File Android: layout_width = "fill_parent"Android: layout_height = "fill_parent">Android: layout_width = "fill_parent"Android: layout_height = "fill_parent"Android: gravity = "

Exploration of Android control's Spinner

Usage of the following simulated drop-down list Layout File android:layout_width="fill_parent" android:layout_height="fill_parent" android:orientation="vertical" xmlns:android=""> android:id=

Android mobile phone battery usage

Principle Overview: The acquisition of cell phone battery power is also frequently used in application development. In Android systems, messages that change cell phone battery power are broadcast using Intent, and commonly used Intent actions

Exploring the ImageView of Android controls

The ImageView control is an image control that displays images. The following simulated mobile phone Image Viewer Directory structure Main. xml layout File Android: orientation = "vertical"Android: layout_width = "fill_parent"Android: layout_height

Real-time folder for Android

A Real-time folder is a desktop component used to display data information provided by a ContentProvider. To create a real-time folder, you must have two support options. On the one hand, you need to define an Activity for creating real-time folders.

Android shortcuts 1-create shortcuts through applications

Android shortcuts are the most basic components on the desktop. It is used to directly start a component of an application. In general, you can create a shortcut to change an application on the left side of the Launcher Application List by

Android control's ProgressBar

The ProgressBar is located under the android. widget package, which inherits from the View and is mainly used to display the progress of some operations. The length of an application can be modified to indicate the completion of the current

Check box for Android

Main. xml layout File Android: orientation = "vertical" android: layout_width = "fill_parent"Android: layout_height = "fill_parent">Android: id = "@ + id/editText"Android: layout_width = "fill_parent"Android: layout_height = "wrap_content"Android:

Android-based volume adjustment

Main. xml layout File Android: orientation = "vertical" android: layout_width = "fill_parent"Android: layout_height = "fill_parent">Android: layout_width = "fill_parent"Android: layout_height = "wrap_content"Android: text = "playing music"/>Android:

[Android] call common uri & intent settings of System Applications

[Android] call common uri & intent settings of System Applications Reposted from the tree and Joe finally edited the tree and Joe A considerable part of this article is from the document. I hope that some of my friends can continue to

Ten open-source application projects that Android Developers should learn in Depth

Document directory Ten open-source application projects that Android Developers should learn in Depth Ten open-source application projects that Android Developers should learn in Depth Android Developers should thoroughly learn 10 open source

Android sdk Basic Package

Android sdk Basic Package These are basic packages. They are the foundation for compiling applications through the Android SDK. Here we will list and describe them from the bottom to the top. * Android. util contains some underlying auxiliary

Android Learning Series (27)-App Cache Management

For large or small applications, flexible caching not only greatly reduces the pressure on servers, but also facilitates users with faster user experience.Android apk can be said to be a small application, 99% of which do not need to be updated in

Android source code structure analysis

Android source code structure analysis Frameworks directory (core framework-java and C ++ language).| -- Base (basic content)| -- Api (? Are all xml files that define java APIs ?)| -- Awt (AWT Library)| -- Build (empty)| -- Camera (camera service

3D engine-an Open Source engine that can be transplanted to Android

Document directory Horde3D OGRE3D Irrlicht jmonkey Catcake jPCT-AE min3d gamine Alien3D With the popularity of android in the world, more and more people are focusing on mobile devices equipped with android. However, due to the limitations of

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