How to Use ant to compile the android open-source VOIP code sipdroid

Reproduced 1.1 ant tool IntroductionApache ant is a Java library and command-line tool that help building software are introduced on the official website.You can refer.1.2 use ant for

VLC-android compilation process

Operating System: ubuntu10.10Ndk: android-ndk-r5bAndroid SDK: 2.2Compilation process:1. Cd ~ | Mkdir codeCd ~ /Code2. Git clone git: // cd vlc-android/extras/contrib/4. Export android_ndk

Android APK program Signature

[Preface]We usually develop Android applicationsProgramGenerally, the integrated development environment of eclipse is used, so the generated APK has the signature permission for the debug version. However, if we want to release an application, if

Add root certificate on Android phone

Add the root certificate to the ndroid mobile phone In the Android system, the CA certificate file is located at:/system/etc/security/cacerts. BKS. Note: The cnnic ssl certificate does not exist in the official Android 2.2 system. This is because of

VLC on Android

A lot of people are asking about the status of VLC Media Player on Android. we usually answered that we are working on it. now that some good progresses has been done, lets look at the current status of VLC Media Player for Android. Current Status

Solve the Problem of exiting an HTTP video from VLC-android playback.

Previously, we used VLC-android to play HTTP videos,ProgramThe system automatically exits and uses ndk-GDB for debugging.   /Home/Administrator/code/VLC-android/extras/package/Android/VLC-android/obj/local/armeabi/GDB. Setup: 4: Error

VLC-android port live555 to Android

Download the VLC-android source code and compile it successfully. For more information, see VLC-android compilation process. 1. Compile live555 in the contrib directory Modify ~ /Code/VLC-android/extras/contrib distro. Mak added. Live   ALL:.

Build a development environment in Android Linux

Development Environment-this does not require you to develop under any system. You can use any environment you are familiar.If you are used to Windows, develop it in windows. If you are familiar with Linux, use Linux.But in other words, Linux

Building an android development environment in Linux --- centos

Building an android development environment in Linux --- centos I am also a newcomer to Linux. It takes about half a year to get Linux, and I am also a newcomer to the android team.Since I recently used centos 5.5 every day, I chose centos5.5 as

An implementation scheme of Android Network Radio Station

With the rapid development of electronic products, radio stations have almost moved away from people's entertainment life. With the rise of radio stations, Radio Stations gradually become available in the market and mobile phones If there is a

Android alertdialog instance

  Public Boolean Onkeydown ( Int Keycode, keyevent event) { If (Keycode = keyevent. keycode_back) { Alertdialog. Builder Alert = New Alertdialog. Builder (cxt ); Alert. settitle ("Exit prompt "); Alert. setmessage ("are you sure you want to

Difference between Android sysout. Exit (0) and finish ()

Finish is the activity class. It only applies to the activity. When finish () is called, the activity is pushed to the background, and the memory is not released immediately. The activity resources are not cleared; when system. when exit (0), the

Android basics: What is Android?

Android is a software stack for mobile devices that has des an operating system, middleware and key applications. the android SDK provides the tools and APIs necessary to begin developing applications on the Android platform using the Java

Android system)

ThisArticleVery good. I have a detailed introduction to the Android system structure. Link:   Android is a platform developed by Google for mobile phones.Code, Most of its

How to start the android SDK 1.5 simulator)

References Article To set up Android simulator Env. The new SDK 1.5 requires an android Virtual Device ("AVD") runtime environment before starting the simulator.The following are the specific steps: Download Android 1.5 SDK r1Download Android

Android platform development job recruitment requirements Summary

Requirements: Android/iPhone mobile terminal software development proficient in Android development platform and framework, more than one year of practical development experience; proficient in Android Gui Program More than 1 year of development

What does Android ndk bring ???

From: 1. PrefaceIn June 26, Google Android released ndk, which aroused the interest of many developers. Ndk stands for Native Development Kit.

How to build an android development environment in Windows)

How to build an android development environment in Windows) I have been busy changing my project API to an API on the Android platform recently. So I want to learn more about Android. I will repost this article first.ArticleWe need to learn about

Android debug bridge (ADB)

ADB(AndroidDebug Bridge) YesAndroidProvides a common debugging tool that enables you to manage devices orMobile phone SimulatorOfStatus. You can also perform the following operations:1. quickly update devices or mobile phone SimulatorsCodeSuch as

Skype for Android wireless network calls

Skype mobile edition is an instant voice communication tool. Other functions required by IM, such as video chat, multi-user voice conference, multi-user chat, file transfer, text chat, and so on. The Skype mobile phone version can be used for free

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