Simple use of layoutinflater in Android

. Some background boxes are often used in the project, but the prospects are different. In this case, you can use layoutinflater. CodeAs follows: Main. xml Inflater. xml Inflater2, XML Background. xml

Android real machine ddms no log output

When we use a real machine for Android Application debugging, we cannot obtain the debugging information. The error message is as follows: Unable to open log device '/dev/log/main': no such file or directory. This is because our mobile phone has

Android Contact Analysis (II): Read contacts in actual practice, perform fuzzy queries, and return pinyin through Chinese Characters

Part 1Article《Android contact analysis (1): Relationship between data, rawcontact, and contactThe relationship between contact tables has been explained clearly. This article will illustrate some examples to help you better understand them. 1.

Important attributes of Android listview

FirstYesStackfrombottomAttributeThe list you prepared after this attribute is displayed at the bottom of your list. The values are true and false. Android: stackfrombottom = "true" SecondYesTransciptmode attributeYou need to use listview or

Android contact analysis (1): Relationship between data, rawcontact, and contact

I. Preface: Recently, the task has been completed temporarily. There is one or two days of idle time. Therefore, I want to sort out the android contact to facilitate myself later. All database tables of Android contact have contacts2.db

Full Screen without title bar for Android

This post is reproduced, not prepared by myself.   During the UI design, we often need to set the screen to no title bar or full screen. It is also very easy to implement. There are two main methods: Configuring XML files and writingCode.

Android selector usage

This post is reproduced, not prepared by myself.   Selector in Android is mainly used to change the default background of listview and button controls. You can follow the steps below to design the method:(Take mylist_view.xml as an example) 1.

Android development 05: linking and passing parameters between activities

Linking and passing parameters between activities are mainly implemented through an object of intent android. First, create a mainactivity:   Package COM. example. androidtest; import android. app. activity; import android. content. intent;

Understanding Android Gesture Recognition

For touch screens, the native messages are nothing more than pressing, lifting, and moving. We only need to simply reload ontouch or set the touch listener setontouchlistener for processing. However, to improve the user experience of our apps,

Android learning notes: getting mobile phone screen size

The screen size of Android mobile phones has always been a headache for developers. Because the screen sizes used by mobile phone manufacturers are different, the presentation and layout of user UI interfaces are naturally different. Therefore, when

GitHub Android open-source project compilation and running

Many new friends sometimes cannot understand how to import eclipse when searching for open-source projects on GitHub. Indeed, sometimes those projects only have the source code. If you want to package your own jar files or connect to the library,

For example, DP and SP in Android

There are a lot of SP and DP online in AndroidArticleI have talked about it all, but there is always a feeling that I am not doing anything. Now, let's talk about DP and sp. Let's talk about it. If you are not interested, please click it. 1. DP

After the headset is removed during Android FM playback, the FM app displays a prompt box "unplug the headset and stop the FM", and then automatically closes

Customer requirementsAfter the headset is pulled out during FM playback, FM appAppears"Unplug the headset and FM stops"Prompt box, And thenAutomatic close Modify fmradioservice. Java 1. Add the following import to display the toast /// AAAAA

Summary of problems caused by compilation of all android Projects

1. The error log is not compiled. Frameworks/hwext/Android. mk: 167: Frameworks/hwext/haplv1/src/COM/Huawei/Android/hardware/fmradio/libfm_common_halFrameworks/hwext/Android. mk: 168: local_path =

Three-Level Cache Policy (memory, file, network) for images in android I

1. Introduction Currently, images are inevitably used in Android applications. Some images can be changed and need to be pulled from the network at each startup, there are many such scenarios in advertising spaces and pure image applications (such

One of the accumulation of Android audio architecture on the Samsung platform

The overall Android audio includes the android layer and the underlying ASLA driver. Recently, I started to call the 3G Function and then began to access the android audio architecture. I had some experience debugging the sound card before.

How to call system email to send emails in Android Development

We all know that calling otherProgramAlmost all intent is used for related processing. Therefore, email is no exception. In Android, there are three types of intent for calling Email:Intent. action_sendto send without attachmentIntent. action_send

Android HTTP implements communication with the server

This post is reproduced, not prepared by myself.     This example uses Servlet as an example to demonstrate the communication between Android and servlet.. As we all know, Android and servers usually use HTTP and socket communication

GitHub-client (Android) Open-source journey (II) -- Analysis of actionbarsherklock

  Next blog: It mentioned that GitHub-client uses many open source third-party libraries. The first one is actionbarsherklock. As we all know, actionbar has been provided since android3.0,

Android Local Video Player Development-FFMPEG decoding audio in video files (1)

In the previous chapter, Android Local Video Player Development -- ndk compilation of FFMPEG can obtain the compiled FFMPEG library. Next, we call FFMPEG for decoding. Here we first decode the audio and then play the audio, at the same time, in

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